Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 739 - The Best Brother

Chapter 739 The Best Brother

However, after seeing Xia Wanyuan’s first “Morning Mist Painting”, no one dared to easily guess that Xia Wanyuan had submitted her paper so early because she did not know how to draw.

That meant that this person had finished painting again. Their mental abilities were relatively weak to begin with, and they were dozens of years older than Xia Wanyuan, but they had yet to finish painting his first draft. Their mentalities instantly collapsed. Li Na, who had only just begun to notice Xia Wanyuan with the “Morning Mist Painting”, looked at her in surprise. She had thought that her opponent this time was those older painters, but it seemed that this little celebrity from China was not a small threat.

The judges wanted to take a look at Xia Wanyuan’s painting. After all, they had already seen how amazing Xia Wanyuan was in the preliminaries. However, being sealed in the box, the judges could only be secretly anxious.

Seeing Xia Wanyuan walk out of the competition room, Wei Zimu greeted the judges and left.

Wei Zimu stood behind and looked at her from afar. He felt that Xia Wanyuan’s figure looked no different from when he had left. Knowing that Xia Wanyuan had not lost weight, Wei Zimu was relieved.

“Sister Wanyuan, how have you been recently?” Wei Zimu walked forward and stopped Xia Wanyuan.

“Pretty good.” Xia Wanyuan stopped in her tracks. “Why are you here?”

Wei Zimu looked tired and seemed to have traveled overnight.

“I saw your live-stream yesterday. I was busy in the west and wanted to come and visit you, so I came.” Wei Zimu openly expressed his concern for Xia Wanyuan.

“Thank you.” Xia Wanyuan sat on the sofa. “I’ve always wanted to ask you if you have a twin younger brother?”

Wei Zimu was stunned. “Sister Wanyuan, you can tell?!

“You’re completely different from him. It’s not difficult to recognize you.” Xia Wanyuan’s words made Wei Zimu’s eyes flicker.

“I do have a twin younger brother who got separated from me when I was young and only found him when I grew up. Sometimes, I go abroad, but when there are things in the country that need to be resolved, he takes my


Xia Wanyuan did not believe Wei Zimu’s explanation. Wei Zimu’s younger brother did not look like an ordinary person at all, but she did not probe further.

“Speaking of which, how did you recognize it? No one has ever recognized it.” Wei Zimu smiled gently.

“You have warmth, but he doesn’t.” Xia Wanyuan was direct. That Yu Qian gave her the feeling of a piece of ice, while Wei Zimu’s eyes were warm.

“Thank you.” Hearing Xia Wanyuan’s explanation, Wei Zimu’s eyes revealed warmth, and his entire person seemed to soften. “I brought this for you.”

“You brought snacks again?” Xia Wanyuan continued, “Do you treat me like a child?”

“Ah, if you don’t like it, I’ll bring you something else next time.” Wei Zimu’s eyes had a rare look of helplessness.

He rarely interacted with girls and did not know what to give them to make them happy.

In his heart, Xia Wanyuan was still the little girl who had given him chocolate candy with her pigtails.

But now, this little girl had grown up. She was no longer the little child who needed her brother to bring snacks from all over the world.

“No need, I like it very much. Thank you.” Xia Wanyuan smiled comfortingly at Wei Zimu. “I like to eat.”

“Okay.” Wei Zimu nodded. “Then I’ll get it for you.” Not long after, Wei Zimu walked over with a large box.

He was getting more and more restrained. When he could see Xia Wanyuan was not something he could control. Now that he could see her again, he wanted to give her more.

“That much?” Xia Wanyuan took it in surprise.

“Not much.” Wei Zimu smiled. This was only what he had carefully chosen. There were still ten boxes at home that he had bought from where evere he went.

Unknowingly, the entire room was filled with food. He picked a few that he guessed Xia Wanyuan would like.

In this box, it was only one percent of what he had bought.

“Thank you.” Xia Wanyuan had never had a brother before, but at that moment, she felt the love and care from her brother from Wei Zimu.

Wei Zimu was about to say something when his phone rang. Wei Zimu unlocked it.

“Brother, there are still three hours left.”

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