Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 21: Spy and silly Lin Chujiu

Chapter 21: Spy and silly Lin Chujiu

March 4, 2017Ai Hrist

At that moment, Xiao Tianyao looks intently at Lin Chujiu. He wants to see from her eyes if there is conspiracy or calculation, but he was wrong.

Lin Chujiu’s eyes looks very clear and magnanimous. There is no signs of uneasiness or sly intentions. Her eyes looks sincere as a child.

Xiao Tianyao thinks that he is a man that knows how to identify a person. Especially, if that person has hidden intentions. It will never escape his eyes. However, if what Lin Chujiu is doing right now is just a disguised to get his trust. Then, he admitted that Lin Chujiu has succeeded in doing so.

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao are both betting their lives … …

Xiao Tianyao grabs Lin Chujiu’s hand that was holding the pills in front of him and said: “Benwang (this prince) will believe you once.”

Xiao Tianyao decided that he will not take her life until she betrayed him.

Xiao Tianyao lowered his head to her hand. When his tongue touches her fingertips. Lin Chujiu’s ears turn red and her heart beats fast. She quickly recover her hand and involuntarily said: “You, you take a rest now. I, I’ll go and look at the others.”

When she finished her words, she quickly come out of the bed, as if there were beasts that are chasing after her. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s action, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed a touch of smile. She’s not only smart, but also a thoughtful girl!

Painkillers doesn’t have a quick effect, but Xiao Tianyao felt the pain from his legs lessen quite a bit. He slowly closed his eyes and no longer force himself to use his internal force, instead, he adjusted his breathing.

When his breathing gradually got stable, his perception from the outside got even more sensitive. He found out that Lin Chujiu didn’t actually left the room to take a rest, but ran outside to rescue his injured guardsmen.

Lin Chujiu is really a strange woman.

Out of curiosity, Xiao Tianyao sat up and lean his back against the bed. He then looks outside and watch… …

Lin Chujiu’s injury on her left shoulder is very serious. Her actions look somewhat clumsy but still, her hands were working steadily as if it didn’t get affected by her injury.

Cao Lin, the guard who has stomach laceration and exposed intestines earlier is now being sutured by Lin Chujiu as if she was only sewing a cloth. When she finished, it was perfectly sutured, leaving only an ugly looking scar.

Earlier, he saw Lin Chujiu treated one of his guardsmen, but that time he was so busy with the assassins so he can only sweep his eyes. However, right now he can see everything … …

Lin Chujiu look at every guardsmen’s conditions seriously. She will even personally turn their body. Then, she will immediately clean, put medicine, suture, bandage and then will drop a syrup on their nose.

Xiao Tianyao made a guess that, that syrup should be the antidote to that weird powder drug she had used earlier. After all, that guard doesn’t have any injury but he was lying on the ground and Lin Chujiu drop a syrup on his nose.

Lin Chujiu one by one treat them, but there is no trace of impatience in her face. Xiao Tianyao can clearly see that she’s tired, but she didn’t stop. She was still walking in the crown while staggering and was showing a ‘never give up’ attitude.


But, Xiao Tianyao didn’t laugh at her. Because…

She looks rather cute!

At this moment, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what Xiao Tianyao is thinking about her. Because she was so absorbed in giving them a treatment.

Lin Chujiu’s left hand no longer have a strength, but she must hold on. The medical system haven’t send her an alarm that she had already treated the forty-eight patients. She must finished her work or else… …

She will be in pain.



… …


Lin Chujiu dragged her exhausted body. It seems there were only forty-four injured guardsmen in Prince Xiao’s mansion, but there should be forty-eight patient.

There is no way Lin Chujiu wouldn’t find those assassins and start treating them.

Doctors shouldn’t choose who to treat!

She will treat them all!

At this moment, Lin Chujiu felt great. She definitely looks like a model of Nobel Peace Award.

Lin Chujiu’s heart looks stupidly humble, but she need to abide the rules of medical system so she obediently treated the assassins.

“What is that woman’s doing? Is she blind?” Xiao Tianyao thought he was dreaming. But, when he blink his eyes, he could still see Lin Chujiu treating those assassins’ wounds.

And this time, Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen also gradually awakened… …

Those guardsmen are Xiao Tianyao’s loyal soldiers. So when they woke up, the first thing they got concerned is not their safety, but rather Xiao Tianyao’s whereabout.

“Wangye (Prince)” The first guard who woke up got stumbled in joy and felt relieved, when he saw Xiao Tianyao was leaning against the bed, safe and sound.

“Clean up the site.” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to see Lin Chujiu helping the enemy.

Helping your enemy? What a silly woman!

Lin Chujiu is really silly.


Xiao Tianyao’s guard will absolutely obey his command. He immediately woke up his other brothers one by one to help their injured companions and tied up all the assassins.

Those injured guardsmen has long been treated and got bandages by Lin Chujiu. Only Cao Lin has severe injury. Lin Chujiu got worried for secondary laceration, so she loudly reminded them: “Cao Lin’s injury is on his stomach, so be careful and don’t touch his wound on his body.”

“Lin … …” This time, Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen noticed what Lin Chujiu is doing.

All the guardsmen got dumbfounded. And they kindly reminded her: “Guniang (Miss), that person is one of the assassins.”

“I know.” She has no other choice, this assassin is her forty-seventh patient.

“You know, but you’re dressing up his wound?” The guard felt at loss and thought: Is this girl a spy or just silly?

If she is a spy, then she is a big failure. After all, she is saving the assassin in front of them. Isn’t she asking for her own death?

Lin Chujiu’s mind actually felt depressed, but she doesn’t show it on the surface. She only said with dignity: “I am a doctor, in my eyes, there are only patients.”

If Lin Chujiu said these words in front of many scholars, she will received a lot of praises. But in front of these rough men, in their eyes Lin Chujiu’s behavior only looks silly.

By healing their enemies, aren’t they giving their enemy a chance to kill them once again? Does this girl have a brain damage?

Everyone looked at Lin Chujiu like a fool. But, Lin Chujiu’s tears could only flow in silence and pretended not seeing them. Then, she continue to treat her forty-eighth patient.

Finally, he’s the last one!

“Guniang (Miss), these people are assassins. So even if you treat them, they won’t appreciate your effort and they will still probably kill you.” Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen could no longer look at her and came forward to stop her.

He helplessly stopped Lin Chujiu’s hand, but she looked up and said: “Doctors have parental love. He is the last patient, so shouldn’t you let me finish suturing his wound first? As for how you will deal with them later, I no longer care about that.”

Lin Chujiu admitted that she is not a good person and she will not completely save them.

“Guniang (Miss), did you get yourself hurt?” That guard has sharp eyes, he immediately notices the inconvenience she felt on her left hand.

Lin Chujiu just smile and said: “I can’t just turn a blind eye whenever I see someone get hurt. My conscience couldn’t take it.” The medical system wouldn’t let her refused, so how can she stop ah?

“You really are a strange woman.” The guard shook his head and recover his hand.

Although Xiao Tianyao was inside the new room, he could hear clearly Lin Chujiu’s words. He admitted that her reason is acceptable, but he still thinks it’s wrong… …

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