Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 22: Effect and deceiving oneself

Chapter 22: Effect and deceiving oneself

March 9, 2017Ai Hrist

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao are unfamiliar to each other. In their short time together, Xiao Tianyao thinks that Lin Chujiu is not completely a harmless woman.

After all, Lin Chuji keeps pondering his mind.

And also, those medicines that Lin Chujiu had used is very strange. With Xiao Tianyao’s extraordinary knowledge and experience in war, he could tell that he haven’t seen those things she had used before.

Where exactly did Lin Chujiu get those things?

Xiao Tianyao was still pondering, but his eyes didn’t even blink and just stared at Lin Chujiu. He saw her bandaging the assassin and then stagger while standing to move to the next wounded assassin.

He doesn’t know whether Lin Chujiu walks too fast or her body got weak that’s why her footing got unstable. And then she screams and fell… …


Lin Chujiu’s body directly fall. And with such a loud impact, it won’t be strange if they saw blood on her body or she will get into a big trouble.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know if Lin Chujiu is extremely lucky or not, but when she fall. She hit the assassin’s body and she was given an instant lifesaver mat. However, she falls again so he couldn’t tell how big is her problem.

“Interesting.” Xiao Tianyao lips slightly curve into a smile. And when he saw a guard came forward and was about to wake her up. Xiao Tianyao lightly said:” Send her here inside.”

“Yes.” The guard didn’t dare to disobey Xiao Tianyao’s order and carefully carry Lin Chujiu inside the new room.

Lin Chujiu heard Xiao Tianyao’s command. She knows she’s now in a terrible situation. Xiao Tianyao is a demon, so he will know that she’s only pretending to be dizzy.

What should I do? What should I do ah?

She finally able to fled the medical system’s punishment. But, she didn’t expect to fall into his hands this early.

If Xiao Tianyao learns that her dizziness right now is only an excuse when she righteously saves those assassins. How will she explain it to him?

Do I really need to make myself feel dizzy?

Lin Chujiu convince herself more and more that she should really make herself feel dizzy. So, when the guard put her down to the bed, she uses that chance to slightly roll her body to the side of the bed. And while the guard’s body was blocking Xiao Tianyao’s line of sight, she then… …

Immediately took out a small amount of powder drug to the medical system and ate it!

Lin Chujiu is definitely the first doctor in history that will take the initiative to drug herself.

Now, she will really get dizzy!

The effect of that drug is very fast when it was swallowed. So now, Lin Chujiu felt dizzy and her consciousness is not clear. She tried to open her eyes in order to see Xiao Tianyao who was leaning on the lower left side of the bed. However, it was really hard to see him. Lin Chujiu really succeed in making herself ‘Dizzy’.

“You feel dizzy?” Xiao Tianyao approached her and saw that she seems groggy. So, indeed Lin Chujiu really fainted earlier.

It can be said that Lin Chujiu is really lucky. After all, Xiao Tianyao’s internal force is now depleted. Or else, even if Lin Chujiu is a hundred meters away from him earlier. He will sense that Lin Chujiu was only acting. Not to mention, he will also be able to see her little trick in the bed.

But right now, Lin Chujiu really feel dizzy. So, Xiao Tianyao naturally wouldn’t embarrass her.

After all, Lin Chujiu really made a big contribution. If Lin Chujiu didn’t save his guardsmen. He will get into more trouble.

But of course, Xiao Tianyao will not put all the credit on her head. Because if Lin Chujiu didn’t suddenly spread out that weird powder drug, his guardsmen will not fall on unconscious on the ground.

The painkiller that Lin Chujiu gave him earlier helps him a lot and now the pain in his legs are tolerable. So, Xiao Tianyao sits on his wheelchair and let his people push him out.

The new room was arranged for Lin Chujiu to live. While, Xiao Tianyao lived in Haotian courtyard, which is very far from the new room.

Outside the new room, once the assassins and the blood were soon cleared away, the guardsmen also immediately left the yard. And as for Lin Chujiu, she was left with the four dowry maidservant of the palace. After that, no one pay concerned about them.

Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen are a group of big people, so they only left two men who are less injured to take care and guard Lin Chujiu’s courtyard to avoid any sudden danger.


Xiao Tianyao went back to Haotian courtyard, but he didn’t send an immediate letter to his trusted aides. Instead, he took a shower first and change his clothes before he went to his study room.

Xiao Tianyao can’t tolerate the slightest dirt on himself or to other people. So after the long battle earlier, there was a strong smell of blood on his whole body. Although he used to smell this scent during the war, Xiao Tianyao still can’t get used to its smell and still find it very annoying.

Inside the study room, there were already two young men who are waiting for him. The first one was wearing a green robe and the other one was wearing a black robe.

The young man who is wearing a green robe looks gentle and elegant. His delicate eyebrows reveal his clear face and extravagant air. In just one look, you will know that he came from a wealthy family.

The young man who is wearing a black robe looks so handsome. But, his thick eyebrows, big eyes, angular face, and healthy wheat colored skin reveals that he is an errand man.

Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair is still ten steps away from where the black man is, but he already moves. The green robe man also moves while looking at the door. Both of them are appointed generals but they were quietly waiting for the god-like man to come inside.

The two of them didn’t wait for too long because the door was soon push opened. And Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair appeared in their line of sight.

“Wangye (Prince).” The green and black men said at the same time when they saw Xiao Tianyao’s tired and pale looking face. The black man’s mouth immediately closed, but the green robe man frowned and said: “You fought.”

This is certainly not the right time to ask.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer him, instead, he pushed his wheelchair near to those two in the study room. Then, he said: “Did you catch those people from the outside of the mansion?”

“They ran.” The black man answered him, but his tone doesn’t sound so good.

He missed them, so it’s only normal for him to get unhappy.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyebrows frown and ask: “Zhou Si ran?”

The black man nodded his head, “Before leaving, he fired three arrows. Did you get hurt?”

Zhou Si’s three-volley arrows are his special skill. Although the arrows don’t have much blood, but they still saw some of it.

“No.” When he saw those three arrows come towards him together. He already made a guess that it is Zhou Si, but… …

“What did those people offered to made Zhou Si move?”Xiao Tianyao asked.

Zhou Si is a notorious killer. He kills for money but he never got himself involved in royal struggles and he will not take any related business with royalty. So, the person who had sent those assassins today is certainly not the emperor.

“I don’t know yet. He’s not easy to find. We didn’t receive any news that Zhou Si had entered the East Country.” The green robe man looks down and his voice sounds a bit angry.

He is the Prince Xiao Mansion’s intelligence, but he doesn’t even know where exactly is that notorious killer. Isn’t it a sign that he is neglecting his duty? Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get into an accident or else he won’t be able to forgive himself.

Xiao Tianyao also knows how hard it is. So, he didn’t blame him. Instead, he comforted him and said: “This is not your fault. Someone secretly hides his tracks, so we won’t be able to find Zhou Si. And tonight’s incident is our own carelessness.”

But, if it weren’t for Lin Chujiu’s weird stuff. He won’t be able to come out alive… …

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