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Chapter 26: ridicule and cannot enter if not a family member

Chapter 26: ridicule and cannot enter if not a family member

March 12, 2017Ai Hrist

Xiao Tianyao soon learns that the emperor got furious inside his imperial study. However, his eyes only show a trace of a sneer but didn’t say a word.

Inside Su Cha’s heart, he silently put a row of white candles for the emperor’s way of thinking. The emperor is truly naive, Xiao Tianyao was only thirteen years old when he join the army and spent 15 years in the battlefield. So, how could he think that was only Xiao Tianyao’s trump card?

The emperor thought that he was able to learn and forced out Xiao Tianyao’s trump card, which in fact was only the start of his iceberg plan. One day, the emperor will pay for all of his arrogance.

Su Cha put away the sympathy he felt for the emperor and just continue to report to Xiao Tianyao the situation from outside. When he finished it was already noon time. Xiao Tianyao told to Su Cha to stay for a meal, but the two of them haven’t gone outside when Housekeeper Cao came.

When Housekeeper Cao saw Su Cha, he hesitated if he should talk to Xiao Tianyao or not.

Su Cha finds a reason to go out first, but Xiao Tianyao said: “Su Cha is not an outsider, so just say it.”

Su Cha felt that it was not a good idea, but still he obediently just stood in there. He secretly prayed that Housekeeper Cao wouldn’t say a big secret. After all, he knows very well that knowing too much is not good.

Hearing Prince Xiao words, Housekeeper Cao didn’t hesitate. He respectfully reports and repeats Lin Chujiu’s word: “What is Wangye’s (Prince) decision?”

Although what Lin Chujiu wants to do is related to Prince Xiao Mansion’s face, but it’s not like he can’t do what she wants.

Xiao Tianyao also wanted to see her plan so he said: “Just do things according to her plan.”

Xiao Tianyao’s cold face got soft a little. Housekeeper Cao has been staring on the floor so he didn’t saw it, but Su Cha was able to.

When Housekeeper Cao left, Su Cha smiled and said: “One cannot enter if not a family member. Both of you are really suited to be a husband and wife because both of you enjoy playing in the public.”

Xiao Tianyao look at his eyes, but didn’t say anything. So, Su Cha only shrugged his shoulders and stepped forward to help Xiao Tianyao push his wheelchair and pretended like he didn’t say anything.


When Lin Chujiu finally eliminated Lin Furen’s maidservants with the help of Housekeeper Cao. She was able to get a nap after eating and was full of spirit.

Now, she only needs to mind her current situation.

“What is your name?” Lin Chujiu looked at the four maidservants that Xiao Tianyao had sent. She’s quiet satisfied when she had sensed that the four maidservants don’t have a plan in mind to be a concubine.

The four maidservants said at the same time: “Wangfei (Princess), please give us a name.”

Give a name?

Lin Chujiu got stunned for a moment, with the help of the original owner’s memory she was able to understand that giving a name to a slave is their tradition. Lin Chujiu never like this custom, which is the same with the principles of Romans. Lin Chujiu think for a moment, then said starting from the left side: “Zhenzhu, Manao, Shanhu and Feicui.”

Lin Chujiu admitted that she doesn’t have the talent to think a good name. But those names are easy to remember. Anyway, the four of them is Prince Xiao Mansion’s servants and not really her.

“Slaves thanks, Wangfei (Princess) for our name.” The four slaves thanks, Lin Chujiu for giving them an official name.

After giving them a name, Lin Chujiu started asking about some things. The four maidservants thought that Lin Chujiu will inquire things about Prince Xiao’s Mansion and they ready themselves not to say useful information to her. But… …

Lin Chujiu only asked about, what is the current time? How was the wounded guard before? Can she go to that guard and look at his situation?

What are the rules inside Prince Xiao’s Mansion?

Can she meet Xiao Tianyao to ask him if she can go out this courtyard anytime?

Aside from those things, Lin Chujiu didn’t ask anything anymore. She didn’t even ask about Prince Xiao’s private affairs which made them very confused.

As they all know, Lin Chujiu was given by the emperor to be Prince Xiao’s royal concubine. And because of that, she has the rights to control anything about the mansion. But… …

Lin Chujiu treated herself as an outsider or to be more appropriate she’s more like a guest.

The four maidservants got so confused, but they didn’t show it in their face. After all, these four maidservants that Xiao Tianyao had sent to Lin Chujiu are not ordinary maidservants.

The four maidservants answered Lin Chujiu’s questions one by one except if she could go and visit the injured guard. As maidservants, they don’t have the rights to decide about that.

“Wangfei (Princess), this matter need to be ask to Wangye (Prince). If Wangfei (Princess) really wants to visit the injured guard. This slave will go and ask Housekeeper Cao.” Zhenzhu is the first maidservant. She acts calm and steady. And even if she doesn’t see Lin Chujiu as Princess Xiao, she didn’t dare to neglect her position.

Lin Chujiu is responsible for monitoring her patient’s condition, but she’s not that kind. She wouldn’t go and look for Xiao Tianyao to ask such a small thing.

“No, you don’t have to. But, don’t forget to inform me as soon as possible if that guard’s injury got worst.” Prince Xiao’s Mansion is not lacking with doctors. Although her knowledge is based on Western medicine, but she knows Chinese medicine is very useful. Lin Chujiu doesn’t look down in any person, she believes that those doctor have skills.

In fact, if the medical system didn’t provide her with western medical supplies. She doesn’t know if her knowledge will be useful in this era.

When Zhenzhu heard Lin Chujiu’s words, her mind couldn’t help but admired her.

Once Lin Chujiu learn the answers to her concern, she now knows what she can do and not. In order to survive long in this mansion, she will follow those rules.


After Housekeeper Cao heard Prince Xiao’s decision. He decided to personally sent those four dowry maidservants to Lin Family’s Mansion under accusations that they had neglected their duties.

When he saw that those maidservants rely too much on the Lin family. He finally understood why Lin Chujiu wants to send them back.

No need to mention about what Lin Chujiu had said because even he himself felt angry with their attitude.

“Da xiaojie (eldest miss)? Then, why she didn’t come and see us?”

“Is da xiaojie (eldest miss) blind? We were so busy yesterday and today that we still feel tired. If she’s not going to meet us, then we will go and meet her instead.”

“… …”

Each one of them acts so arrogant, as if they are the master and Lin Chujiu is the servant. When Housekeeper saw their attitude, he couldn’t help but sneer: “Lin Family really had done a good job. They had sent such group of kind maidservants. Do they think that they are genius enough to bring you people in Prince Xiao’s Mansion?”

“Come!” Housekeeper Cao didn’t act kind to them. He couldn’t believe that Lin Family had sent such people so he called some of his people.

“Tied all these maidservants and take them outside.” Housekeeper Cao said in a harsh voice. This time, Lin Family’s maidservants got panic. They got confuse and scared, so one of them boldly said: “Who do you think you are? How dare you tie us? We are Wangfei (princess) dowry maidservant. Ask her to come and see me.”


Housekeeper Cao’s face turn very cold: “How dare you ask Wangfei (princess) to come and see you? Who do you think you are?”

“You!… … Who are you anyway?” Seeing that the man is so tough and bullying them. She softly asks.

“Well … … I am Prince Xiao Mansion’s housekeeper. Wangfei (princess) ordered me to sent all of you back to Lin Family’s Mansion.” Housekeeper Cao doesn’t want to talk with them anymore. He directly asks some of his people to tie all of them.

The final decision was made, so they could no longer resist… …

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