Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 27: Black pawn and must stay a waste

Chapter 27: Black pawn and must stay a waste

March 12, 2017Ai Hrist

Housekeeper Cao understands the meaning of Lin Chujiu’s plan. So, he will send those maidservants with big noise and in front of many people.

Housekeeper Cao sees Lin Chujiu have benevolent virtue. He knows Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to give Lin Family a face. And of course, he doesn’t also care about Lin Family’s face. Lin Xiang might be a palace official, but Prince Xiao’s Mansion will not put him in his eyes.

After all, Prince Xiao’s Mansion even dare to shame the emperor’s face. So why would they get scared to such a small left prime minister?

Housekeeper Cao sent someone inside to inform the Lin Family. He didn’t go inside himself, instead he throw those maidservant in front of Lin Family’s gate, while a lot of people is watching. Housekeeper Cao stood in front of Lin Family’s mansion with pride. After all, he had sent them back for a reason. So, he said once again: “I have never seen maidservants acts so arrogant to their master. But, these maidservants had done so.”

“Princes Xiao and Princess Xiao got married yesterday. However, they encountered many assassins and both of them got injured. But these villains ask our Wangfei (princess) to personally come and see them.”

“Prime Minister Lin Xiang’s power is getting big. We respect our Wangfei (princess), but they don’t respect and care about our her. So, we decided to use our own hands to drag away these people.”

“And because our Wangfei (princess) is a filial daughter. She knows that Lin Family is lacking with maidservants, so she said that there is no need to send for more maidservants.”

Housekeeper Cao’s voice is very loud and his speech is very clear. The people who are watching heard him very clear. When Lin Family received the news, Housekeeper Cao has already finished his speech.

When Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Family’s housekeeper, he didn’t give him a chance to speak. He immediately said: “Prince Xiao have sent these people back and now it’s up to Lin Family how you will keep them. Prince and Princess Xiao are injured, so I will not stay any longer.”

Lin Family’s housekeeper didn’t even get a chance to greet Housekeeper Cao. But, when Housekeeper Cano finished his words, he already went away.

“Housekeeper Cao, Housekeeper Cao… … This is a mistake… … This is a misunderstanding… …” Lin Family’s housekeeper tried to catch up. But, Prince Xiao’s people are well-trained. So, how could an ordinary housekeeper like him from Lin Family be able to completely catch up?

Outside the Lin Family’s Mansion, a row of people was kneeling and a bunch of people were gossiping. At that moment, the Lin Family’s housekeeper was so worried to death and doesn’t really know what to do.

The people that were gossiping from the outside thinks that those maidservants that have been kneeling is so shameful. But, Lin Family accept such maidservants

Isn’t that embarrassing?

Lin Chujiu or Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care if Lin Family feel embrassed or not. After all, they don’t want to act friendly with them.

When Lin Chujiu heard that everything is finished, she got so happy and repeatedly said to Housekeeper Cao that if Lin Family still tried to send some maidservants he shouldn’t received them. And if someone from the Lin Family look for her, he should tell them that she was injured and unable to accommodate them.

Lin Chujiu has been waiting for Lin Family to appear in her door. However, she has been waiting for a long time now but no one came. Lin Family didn’t even sent someone to explain their side.

It seems Lin Furen is not that arrogant!


However, what Lin Chujiu doesn’t know is that Lin Furen is now making a plan with the emperor to send them a doctor.

PrinceXiao and Princess Xiao encounter many assassins on the night of their wedding and the two of them got injured. When the emperor received the news, he got angry and said to the Judicial Court to investigate the case properly and never spare anyone that was involved. But, for Prince Xiao’s report, he didn’t even bother himself to read so much about it.

In addition to his command, the emperor also sent a decree that the best doctor should be sent to Prince Xiao’s Mansion. He needs to give Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu an immediate treatment.

But, inside the people’s heart. The emperor doesn’t really plan to give them the best medical treatment. Instead, he wanted to know if both of them really got injured.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was really injured plus she is a doctor herself. She just need to move her little finger to make her pulse weak and mislead the diagnosis.

And for Xiao Tianyao?

Although he didn’t really got injured, but he force himself to use his internal force to fight with those assassins. So, his body and legs got even worse than before.

When the doctor diagnose him, his face turns heavy and serious: “Wangye’s (Prince) leg injury got even more worse. I’m afraid in the future it will be more difficult.” When the doctor’s eyes fell on Xiao Tianyao’s legs, his eyes on shows a subtle sympathy.

He can now really write to his report that Prince Xiao really got hurt and still just a waste.

With Qin Yuan’s word, the atmosphere inside Prince Xiao Mansion’s turn gloomy and looks like someone died. But, Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any emotion and didn’t even move.

Qin Yuan is also busy in the palace, so he didn’t stay for too long. He wrote some prescription and explain them. Then he gave it to Housekeeper Cao to get the necessary ingredients for the medicine.

Housekeeper Cao immediately sent people to gather them, eventhough he knows that Xiao Tianyao will not drink it and it won’t be useful anyway.


Qin Yuan immediately went back to the palace and face the emperor’s questioning. He didn’t hide nor exaggerate Prince Xiao’s disease. He only reported the exact result of his diagnosis.

“Emperor, although Prince Xiao didn’t got injured. But last night, he forced himself to use his internal force. And because of that his body and leg injuries got worst. Princess Xiao’s left shoulder got injured, but there is no harm.”

The emperor doesn’t are about Lin Chujiu. He’s only concern about Xiao Tianyao’s condition: “So there is no possibility for his legs to recover, right?”

“Replying to the emperor, according to Prince Xiao’s diagnosis he won’t be able to walk again for all his life. But this subject can’t guarantee that an excellent doctor from another country won’t be able to cure him.” Qin Yuan said truthfully, after all the world is so big so it won’t be strange if an excellent doctor suddenly appear.

The emperor’s face slightly turn heavy and think for a moment. Then he said: “That thing that you added to his medicine before, did it work?” The reason why the emperor was in hurry to kill Xiao Tianyao is to prevent him to go on a journey and find a cure for his legs.

“Emperor, Prince Xiao didn’t drink this subject’s medicine.”Qin Yuan bow his head and didn’t look at the emperor.

He was sent by the emperor, so Prince Xiao would rather believe in ghost than him.

“He’s very cautious.” The emperor shook his head and didn’t get angry when he saw the doctor that was kneeling in front of him was trembling. He didn’t intend to make things hard for him so he let him withdrew himself.

Fortunately, he has another plan. After all, Xiao Tianyao must stay a waste, or else he won’t feel at ease.

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