Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 30: Girl and playing with them

Chapter 30: Girl and playing with them

March 26, 2017Ai Hrist

Housekeeper Cao understand the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s words. Although his heart felt sad for his son, but he knows Xiao Tianyao didn’t said that because he is a cold-blooded person but because of the imperial court. Especially now… …

That Prince Xiao’s Mansion and the emperor was contradicting each other. So, why would the emperor allow his personal imperial doctor treat a small guard of Prince Xiao’s Mansion? Wouldn’t it imply that the emperor is slapping his own face?

Housekeeper Cao didn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao’s complete statement. He took the initiative to say: “This slave got confused. Please forgive this slave, Prince.”

“Does that mean your giving up?” Although Xiao Tianyao murdered countless of people. But, Housekeeper Cao has always been an excellent servant and cautiously serve him over the years. So, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want his elder to be childless.

Xiao Tianyao thinks of a way for a moment, then he remembered the night of his wedding. So he said: “Go and find Lin Chujiu.”

“Wangfei (Princess)?” Housekeeper Cao looked so surprised. Although Lin Chujiu knows medicine, but she is a woman. Wouldn’t things get worse than Doctor Wu?

“Tell her the doctor is not good enough so she should help him or else I will send her to Lin Family’s Mansion.”Xiao Tianyao didn’t bother to think what Housekeeper Cao is thinking and just coldly said.

Housekeeper Cao got startled. He wanted to say something but when he saw Xiao Tianyao’s cold eyes, he quickly closed his half opened mouth and knock down his head to the ground then walk away.

Housekeeper Cao was so eager to save his son, so he quickly went to the backyard and find Lin Chujiu.

In these past few days, Lin Chujiu has been recuperating because of her cold. But now that she’s feeling a little better, she went outside and walk on her courtyard. However, she just only took two steps on the grass garden when she saw Housekeeper Cao came in a hurry.

Housekeeper Cao was walking so fast and seem very anxious. When he didn’t saw Lin Chujiu, he asks the nearby servant to ask where she is.

Housekeeper Cao quickly turned around and took a big step towards where Lin Chujiu is. When he saw Lin Chujiu, he immediately kneel in front of her: “Wangfei (Princess)”

“Housekeeper Cao, what are you doing? Hurry and stand up.”Lin Chujiu helped Housekeeper Cao to stand up, but she simply couldn’t stop him.

“This slave is here to ask Wangfei (Princess) for help.” Housekeeper Cao heavily knocked his head. Fortunately, there was a grass on the ground or else there will be blood on his forehead.

“Help? What happened?” Lin Chujiu squinted her eyes and look at Zhenzhu on the side. Zhenzhu quickly shook her head to say that she doesn’t know what happened.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t love to ask news about Prince Xiao’s Mansion. So, her few maidservants also don’t inquire about things outside unless there is a big case that Lin Chujiu needs to know.

“Yes, it’s about my son, Cao Lin. He’s the guard that got cut opened his stomach and the one that Wangfei (Princess) has sewn.”

When Lin Chujiu heard Housekeeper Cao’s words, the expression on her face immediately change. After all, Cao Lin’s wound is the most serious: “How is he? Is he experiencing wound inflammation? Does he have a high fever?”

“Yes, that’s right. The doctor also said that Cao Lin’s brain might get affected and die.”

“How many days had passed since he had a high fever?” Lin Chujiu ask with a dignified look, but also full of worries.

Cao Lin got injured five days ago, he didn’t get a fever for five days, right?

“Four days, he was burning for four days now. The doctor said he has no way to cure his fever. That’s why this slave came and ask Wangfei (Princess) to help and save my son.” Housekeeper said while his tears are flowing out.

After listening, Lin Chujiu got angry: “He’s having a high fever for four days but you just came to see me now? High fever can really affect his brain!”

“This slave, this slave … …” Housekeeper Cao wants to explain but couldn’t find useful words to say. He couldn’t say to her that he doesn’t believe her skills. Is she really that good in medicine?

He also couldn’t say that if Prince Xiao didn’t command him to go and look for her. He wouldn’t really ask Lin Chujiu for help.

Lin Chujiu’s existence in Prince Xiao’s Mansion is really low. Her courtyard is at back and not all the people of the mansion know her existence.

“Well, I can’t blame you.” Lin Chujiu knows very clear. Prince Xiao’s people doesn’t completely trust her. They don’t believe in her medical skills even though he saves a lot of guardsmen.

It doesn’t really matter now, she only saves those guardsmen because the medical system asks her too. And she doesn’t need to feel grateful when someone gets hurt just to prove herself.

“Anyway, the important thing right now is to save him. Just wait for me here, I’ll go and get some medicine.” Lin Chujiu no longer pay attention to Housekeeper Cao’s nonsense and just grab her skirt and walked toward her room … …

Lin Chujiu ask her four maidservants to leave her room and then she accesses the medical system to get all the medical supplies she will need like some high-class antipyretic drugs.

This is the first time that Lin Chujiu will save a life that is not mandatory and that is not asked by the medical system. So, she could only get some commonly used drugs and that she knows that is enough to help.

She also prepared some gloves, mask and surgical gown. Lin Chujiu made sure that nothing is missing and then she changed her clothes before she went outside with her medicine box.

“This slave will help you carry the medicine box.” Housekeeper Cao immediately approached Lin Chujiu and took the medicine box in her hands.

The medicine box is somewhat light because Lin Chujiu left some medical supplies inside the medical system. It will be really difficult to explain but she didn’t refuse Housekeeper Cao’s kindness. Lin Chujiu ask Zhenzhu and Manao to stay and guard the house. While, she brought Shanhu and Feicui with her… …

With Housekeeper Cao leading the way, they immediately arrived at the west side of the mansion and enter Cao Lin’s room. Doctor Wu frowned and ask Housekeeper Cao when he saw them: “Housekeeper Cao, why did you bring few girls in here? Didn’t you go to ask for Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan?”

“Doctor Wu, this is … …” Housekeeper Cao just started introducing Lin Chujiu but, Lin Chujiu interrupted him: “I am a doctor. Housekeeper Cao can you let me see Cao Lin’s injury now?”

“You are a doctor?” Doctor Wu look at her with doubt. He doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu is a doctor so he stood in front of her to stop her from moving forward… …

“Can I trouble you to step aside?” Lin Chujiu said kindly, but Doctor Wu simply ignored her. Doctor Wu was very dissatisfied with Housekeeper Cao and said: “Cao Lin’s treatment shouldn’t get delay any further. But, how can you let a girl mess up his condition more?”

“No, no …” Housekeeper Cao is explaining, but Lin Chuji suddenly turned and pointed her finger to the table on the side and said: “Housekeeper Cao put the medicine box on that table.”

“Yes. Yes.” When Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu was fearless, his heart faintly feel that his son will be saved. So, he unconsciously moves according to Lin Chujiu’s order.

What happened?

Doctor Wu felt strange, he slightly move aside and no longer overprotective than before. But still, he looks at Housekeeper with his eyes that are asking what exactly happen?

Is this girl really a doctor? He never heard that there was a famous female doctor in the East Country.

But at the moment Housekeeper Cao is only concerned about his son, so he didn’t notice Doctor Wu’s eyes. Doctor Wu couldn’t still accept the current situation and Lin Chujiu as a doctor so he step forward again. And when he saw the medicine box, he couldn’t help but frown and asked: “What is this?”

Is this a medicine box?

He practiced medicine for more than thirty years, but he had never seen such a medicine box before. Is this girl just playing with them?

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