Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 29: Help and reaching out a hand

Chapter 29: Help and reaching out a hand

March 21, 2017Ai Hrist

The guard saw Housekeeper Cao look so helpless and got panic. But, he didn’t try to conceal the truth and just heavily sigh, then said: “Housekeeper Cao, Cao Lin’s injury is very serious. Although he was treated in time before, but now his wound is rotten and was having a high fever. So, the doctor said to prepare for his funeral.”

“Prepare his funeral?” Housekeeper Cao staggered a few steps and felt that his surrounding turned black. With a “Bang” sound, his body completely fell on the ground. The guard got frightened and immediately pour a cold water on him. Then, tried to pinch him and slap his face a few times to wake him up.

“Housekeeper Cao, you shouldn’t fall down now. Cao Lin is still waiting for you… …” To see you for the last time.

The guard didn’t dare to say the rest of his words. But, Housekeeper Cao somehow understands what he meant, so he tightly grab his arm and slowly said: “Help me to see Cao Lin.”

Housekeeper Cao woke up, but his face looks ten years older than before. Housekeeper Cao’s nails embedded on the guard’s arm, but it seems he didn’t felt it.

That guard is Cao Lin’s good friend. But, generally, Housekeeper Cao is loved by all the guardsmen in Prince Xiao’s Mansion. So this time, he wouldn’t care about such small thing and just quickly help him to see his son.

Housekeeper Cao’s body is in a good condition. He usually can walk faster than any young men, but this time he couldn’t help but stumble and simply cannot walk.

Cao Lin and the other injured guardsmen were placed in another small courtyard on the west side of the mansion. When they arrived, the guard immediately releases Housekeeper Cao and open the door to Cao Lin’s room.

Cao Lin’s injury is the most serious among the injured guardsmen. So, he has a private room and his room is the largest. At this time, the doctor and his two servants are also inside. Those two servants were the one taking care all the needs of Cao Lin.

Housekeeper Cao came inside, the two servant’s eyes were red and their face was full of anxiety. But, Housekeeper Cao seems doesn’t see them and just simply looking at his son that was lying in the bed.

Looking at his son that was motionless lying on the bed, Housekeeper Cao tears fall down and asked while choking: “Doctor Wu, my son… what happened to my son? Can’t we really save him?”

“Hmm … … Cao Lin’s injury is too heavy. I can’t do anything about it.” Doctor Wu is one of the old residents of the mansion, so he didn’t beat around the bush.

Housekeeper Cao could no longer control his tears and stagger a few steps. His steps only stop when his body hit the table and the chair: “How could that be? Didn’t you said that his wound was sewn up so everything will be alright?”

“Originally, there was nothing wrong with him. But yesterday morning Cao Lin suddenly got a high fever and his wound turn red and there was a lot of pus. I tried any means to lessen his fever, but…” Doctor Wu opened Cao Lin’s quilt and showed his stomach: ” His injury deteriorated too fast and he also have a high fever. I can no longer do anything for him. “

“Doctor Wu, I beg you… I beg you to save my son.” I cannot lose my son!

Housekeeper Cao who always look calm and who always pay attention to decency bend his knees and kneel in front of Doctor Wu. Doctor Wu got shocked and quickly ask the servants to help him stand up: “Housekeeper Cao, please stand up. You shouldn’t be saying that. If I know a way to save him you don’t even need to ask.”

“So now, I can only just watch my child die?” Housekeeper Cao asks stupidly and his eyes were staring blankly. As if he completely lost his soul and his heart only feel bitterness.

Doctor Wu’s heart felt upset, but his medical skills are very limited and he couldn’t cure Cao Lin. Seeing Housekeeper Cao’s current look, he couldn’t bear it so he gritted his teeth and said: “Please try to ask Qin Yuan, if it’s him, he might be able to save Cao Lin. When Prince Xiao got heavily injured that time, he was the one who help him keep his legs.”

“Ask Qin Yuan?” Housekeeper Cao’s eyes widen, but his body frozen: “Qin Yuan is an imperial doctor, he would only serve the emperor.” If the emperor wouldn’t command him to go, he wouldn’t take an action.

“Oh … …” Doctor Wu could only sigh and no longer speak. Housekeeper Cao burst into tears. He didn’t dare to ask Xiao Tianyao, he can only insist Doctor Wu think for a way to save Cao Lin… …

Doctor Wu feel exhausted and just can barely keep Cao Lin’s life, but he still cannot lessen or cure Cao Lin’s fever.

“If his fever increase more, I’m afraid it may affect his brain.” Doctor Wu honestly said to Housekeeper Cao.

Housekeeper Cao had been staying beside Cao Lin for the past two days. He can only watch his son get weaker day by day and his situation is like a knife that is stabbing his heart. Every day and every night, he was thinking about Doctor Wu’s words and couldn’t sleep.

“I… … I will go and ask Wangye (Prince)!”

Even though he knows that asking Prince Xiao would put him in a tight spot, but Housekeeper Cao cannot give up the chance to save his son or else he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Housekeeper Cao changes his clothes and even use a cold water to wash his face so that he will gain some spirit.

Xiao Tianyao heard that Housekeeper Cao had to ask something. So, his eyebrows slightly twisted and look at Su Cha with his eyes that were asking what happened?

In these past two days, Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha are both busy because the emperor is determined to conceal the assassination incident and just want to hastily deal with it, but Xiao Tianyao refused to agree.

They checked all the time the investigation about the people behind the assassinations, but unexpectedly the suspicion about the emperor was washed away. But, event hough there is no conclusive evidence, Xiao Tianyao is determined to make the emperor pay the price!

So in these past few days, Xiao Tianyao has been playing a game with the emperor. And it seems his current performance is good. He was able to send the senator, provincial governor and the imperial army commander to the prison.

Of course, this is just the beginning and not the end. Xiao Tianyao’s mind has always been focusing on the battlefield and only put a little attention to the court before. But now, he is even ready to put his own people in there.

Recently, Xiao Tianyao is so busy that he even doesn’t have a time to sleep. But, Su Cha’s situation is even worse than him because Su Cha has been putting his plan into action in utmost secrecy. So, he doesn’t have extra energy to pay attention to the mansion.

“Maybe, it’s about your Wangfei (Princess).” Su Cha boldly guesses, but Xiao Tianyao only superciliously looks at him and said: “Go and have a rest to wake up your brain again.”

“Yes!” Su Cha’s face is full of joy. He quickly turn and went out because he’s afraid that Xiao Tianyao might change his mind and lose his chance to rest… …

Xiao Tianyao rubbed his sore eyebrows and lean his back on the chair. After that he let Housekeeper Cao come in.

Although Housekeeper Cao slightly look calm, but he couldn’t completely cover the sadness in his eyes. So, Xiao Tianyao could vaguely guess what he will ask.

Sure enough, when Housekeeper Cao came in, he immediately kneels in front of Xiao Tianyao and said: “Wangye (Prince), this slave will boldly ask you to save Cao Lin.”

“What’s wrong with Cao Lin?” Xiao Tianyao did not answer and instead ask him.

Housekeeper Cao respectfully repeat Doctor Wu’s words. But, when he was about to say the last part. He placed his forehead on the ground and didn’t get up.

“Wangye (Prince), Doctor Wu said that only Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan could now only save Cao Lin. This slave… This slave has no way to… …” Housekeeper Cao calmness broke down and cried. He was crying so much that he was even gasping for breath and look really poor. But… …

Xiao Tianyao eyebrows wrinkled, “Qin Yuan is … …” This is bad!

Qin Yuan only listen to the emperor and he is an imperial doctor. He never treated an ordinary people before. Plus, he and the emperor is having a fight right now. So, the emperor will definitely not allow Qin Yuan to treat his subordinate… …

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