Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 455 part2

Nannuo Yao was unlucky. Her team met a leopard in the mountains. She got bitten by the leopard in the waist. Her injury was terrifying. The guards around her looked for herbs and applied it to her to save her life.

When Nannou Yao was brought back, she remained sober. She refused to let the Imperial doctors and medical assistants touch her. She insisted on Lin Chujiu to treat her.

Nannuo Yao’s unreasonable request was immediately reported to the emperor by the people in the Imperial Hospital, which made the emperor angry: “Who does she think she is? She dared to ask an imperial princess of the east to treat her?”

“Yes, yes, yes, the emperor is right.” The Imperial Doctor also thinks that Nannuo Yao was too arrogant. However, the other party was also a princess, so what can they do?

“If she wants to be treated, she must be treated. If she doesn’t like to be treated, she will send everyone away. The doctor of the south died on the road because she killed him. She only caused trouble all day long, It’s better to send her back to the south as soon as possible.” The emperor hated Nannuo Yao’s willfulness this time.

If Nannuo Yao died in the east, things will become troublesome. However, Xiao Tianyao was now in the front line. He was not afraid of the Southern Country. He will send Xiao Tianyao to fight them!

The Imperial Doctor knew that the emperor was angry. When the emperor’s anger lessen a bit, he said: “Huangshang, Princess Nannuo Yao was injured in the waist. Her wound was very big. If her injury was not dealt in time, and on this hot weather, her wound will rot. Her life will also be in danger.”

If it weren’t for this, they will not bother to care about Nannuo Yao’s life and death. As long as she won’t die, they will be fine.

“Is it that serious?” The emperor frowned in distressed.

The next moment, a eunuch came to report that a southern messenger came and asked for an audience.

The emperor didn’t want to see the person, but thinking he must have come for Nannuo Yao’s injury, he had to let the people in.

Sure enough, the southern messenger came for Nannuo Yao’s injury.

The southern messenger was not as arrogant as Nannuo Yao. He pleaded guilty as soon as he came in. He then briefly explained that Nannuo Yao has a disease that was difficult to talk to about. Nannuo Yao wanted Lin Chujiu to treat her to avoid her disease being discovered.

After the southern messenger explained it, he bowed his head and said: “Huangshang, our princess is not deliberately making things difficult, she just wanted to protect her reputation. This lowly one is asking the emperor to save our princess’s life.”

Thinking about it, Nannuo Yao personally went to Xiao Wangfu to be treated before. Lin Chujiu asked her to get out of the east in exchange for the treatment. The emperor couldn’t help but believed the southern messenger’s words by 70%.

Since he wasn’t arrogant, the emperor was not so angry, but he can’t write a decree: “Zhen promise to ask Xiao Wangfei, but if Xiao Wangfei is unwilling to treat your princess, zhen will not interfere.”

The southern messenger came to ask for help. If Lin Chujiu cures Nannuo Yao, the east will not lose face.

The southern messenger knew that this was the best result. He didn’t dare to say more. After thanking the emperor, he immediately left the palace to ask Lin Chujiu… …

Not long after the southern messenger left, Zhou Mi, the leader of the spy came to report about the Crown Prince’s disappearance and assassination to the emperor.

“On the surface, the assassination of the crown prince seems to be related to Lin Xiang, but in fact, it was done by the mysterious force in the capital. We found out that this mysterious force was related to the Ci Entang.”

“The Crown Prince was sent to Princess Fushou Zhang’s mansion. It was done by the Xiao Wangfu’s people. Princess Fushou Zhang followed the crown prince to the capital was also they’re doing.”

“Now in the capital, rumors were circulating about the relationship between the crown prince and Princess Fushou Zhang… …” The more Zhou Mi spoke, the more his voice became low and low, and in the end, he stayed silent.

Although he didn’t investigate the matter between the crown prince and Princess Fushou Zhang, he also knew that the rumors outside were not groundless… …

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