Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 456 part1

The rumors about the crown prince and Princess Fushou Zhang were related to the imperial family’s face. The emperor will never allow such rumors to spread. However, it was not easy to suppress the rumors that have spread out and caught people’s interest.

Zhou Mi knew that he had to do a good job, otherwise he won’t be able to continue being the chief leader of spy.

Zhou Mi didn’t dare to mention more things about the Crown Prince and Princess Fushou Zhang, he only said: “Huangshang, the Princess still lives in the crown prince’s mansion. Do you want to take Princess Fushou Zhang back to the palace?” Rumors said that Princess Fushou Zhang still lived in the crown prince’s mansion. It was misleading, but… …

If they take the people out, won’t they appear more guilty?

The emperor found his head hurt again, he rubbed his temples and secretly sighed, before he said: “Send the princess back to the mansion outside the capital. Warn the princess that she can’t enter the capital without an imperial edict. Otherwise, next time, she will completely lose freedom.”

Princess Fushou Zhang wears off his patience little by little. The only kindness left in the emperor’s heart completely disappeared with Princess Fushou Zhang‘s nonsense.

“This subordinate understand.” When Zhou Mi got an affirmative answer from the emperor and sighed with relief.

To tell the truth, he was really afraid that the Crown Prince and Princess Fushou Zhang would be doing something that should not be done. After all, things will be more difficult for him.

With the emperor’s words, Zhou Mi brought people to the crown prince’s mansion to take Princess Fushou Zhang away the same night. Princess Fushou Zhang refused to leave, it can be seen that she doesn’t want to move out even with the emperor’s orders.

Before going out, Princess Fushou Zhang said to the Crown Prince, again and again, to take her back to the capital. The Crown Prince didn’t disappoint Princess Fushou Zhang, he repeatedly promised that he would pick her back.

“Crown Prince, you must not forget your aunt, who will wait for you in the mansion.”

“Imperial Aunt, don’t worry, I’ll pick you up soon.”

The dialogue between the two people made Zhou Mi had a cold sweat. If it wasn’t for Princess Fushou Zhang‘s identity, he will forcefully drag her away.

How disgusting!


While Zhou Mi was dealing with the crown prince and Princess Fushou Zhang, the messenger of the Southern Country also look for Lin Chujiu and asked her to go to Lingyun Courtyard to save their princess.

Lin Chujiu, who was sitting, looked at the messenger, kneeling and begging in the hall. She couldn’t help but secretly released a sigh.

She doesn’t want to save Nannuo Yao, but the damn medical system repeatedly notified her to save the people immediately.

Damn it, Nannuo Yao will not die due to her illness. She will die because of her injury, she doesn’t need to save her. So, why should she go there to treat her?

She hurts her waist, not her private part. Why can’t other doctors treat her when she doesn’t need to take off her pants?

Why ask her to be her doctor? She was getting more and more annoying than Xiao Tianyao.

“Xiao Wangfei, I beg you, our princess is in danger. If you don’t save her, she will die.”

When the messenger saw Lin Chujiu was unmoved, he gritted his teeth and said: “Xiao Wangfei, rest assured, our princess said that, as long as you treat her and save her life this time, she will leave the east and will never come back without your permission.”

Lin Chujiu has been silent for a long while. But after hearing those words, she got interested: “Are you serious?” If this can make Nannuo Yao leave, she doesn’t mind treating her. After all, if Nannuo Yao stays in the east for another day, there will be another danger coming her way.

“Xiao Wangfei, rest assured, this lowly one dare to guarantee with his life.” In order to prove his words, the messenger kowtowed several times. He didn’t stop until Lin Chujiu opened her mouth.

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