Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

517 Chapter 518

517 Chapter 518

"These are your views?" Mo Fei put down the pen, and while lifting her eyeglasses frame with her right thumb and index finger, she rubbed the corner of her eye that was a little uncomfortable. Her languid look revealed endless charm. It seemed that a beauty was beautiful in every way no matter what she did.

When I reported my views to Mo Fei, Mo Fei always kept her head down writing something on a notebook; so I didn't know if she had listened to me carefully. Without any experience, I had no confidence in those views. After I discovered that she wasn't paying attention to my report, I became even more perfunctory. "My opinion is definitely not as profound and mature as Ms. Mo, and those materials are not something that should be shown to a small clerk like me."

"You're angry?" Mo Fei looked at me with a smile and asked incredulously, "I didn't expect that you really read all the information in one night, but it took me three days to finish reading it."

Frankly speaking, I was really in a bad mood today. I always felt that something was stirring in my chest, making me want to vent hysterically. However, I didn't know how to. After hearing what Mo Fei said, I smiled bitterly. "If I don't finish it, I think you will still be angry."

Mo Fei was dazed for a moment. Then she blushed and said, "You know I'm trying to make it difficult for you on purpose?"

"I'm not stupid."

"Then why did you still want to finish reading it?" Mo Fei stood up and walked around the desk while pushing the comfortable leather chair.

I was really scared to see that chair now. I even suspected that Mo Fei deliberately left only one chair in the office. "I just told you the reason."

"Why do you care so much about whether I'm angry or not?"

"Hm?" I was a little stumped by this question. I haven't really thought about this... Seeing Mo Fei's glowing eyes, I realized that something was wrong—and just as I was about to open my mouth, Mo Fei's fingers had already pressed against my lips.

"Forget it if you want to keep lying. Anyway, I know why. If you don't like me, will you care so much about my feelings?"

I couldn't tell if Mo Fei knew me well or if I didn't know myself well enough. She said with a distressed expression, "Look at you, your eyes are so red, and your face is so pale. Did you stay up all night yesterday? Come, sit down and rest for a while..." Seeing that I was quite vigilant, she stomped her feet angrily. "Don't worry, I won't sit on your lap! Am I scarier than a wolf? Why do you look like I'm going to eat you?"

No, but I'm afraid that I'll eat you instead... I couldn't describe my current mood. It was as if I was on a thin tightrope called 'rationality'. Below the tightrope, there was endless darkness, and that darkness was called 'madness'. While I struggled to keep my balance on the tightrope, I was tempted by the 'madness' under my feet constantly. There was always a voice that kept shouting in my mind: Jump, jump down. You won't have to struggle anymore if you jump down…

I knew that the darkness was all the desires that I had suppressed in my heart. They were the real feelings that I dared not to show... I was longing to go crazy just once—to vent the irritations in my heart.

"I'm not afraid of you, but of myself..."

Mo Fei was dazed for a moment before she continued to push me to sit in the chair that originally belonged to her. Then she turned around, picked up the notebook she had been writing on the table, and sighed. "You are really scary. What I spent three days reading, you actually finished reading it in one night. I haven't even fully digested the content inside, but you already have your own point of view... In fact, it's not just that. What is even scarier is your views... Probably my uncle will be surprised too when he reads this. It's too bold and completely opposite to our direction of thinking..."

"Were you taking notes just now?"

"Of course, what else do you think I was doing?" Mo Fei closed the notebook, her adoring gaze made me feel a little ashamed. "Didn't I say that I haven't fully digested these things? In fact, when my uncle told me to show these things to you, I also thought it would be difficult for you. Although you are very smart, you have no experience. But my uncle said that you may have a different view. Now, it seems that he is really right. Chu Nan, you are really amazing."

"Really?..." If it was in the past, I would definitely be happy to be admired and praised so much by Mo Fei, whom I had a crush on. But at this moment, I was not happy at all.

Regarding the cooperation between Moon Valley and Fengchang, although I did have some remarkable thoughts, it was the result of rational thinking. While analyzing my thoughts on this matter, I had always had a perfunctory attitude—to put it bluntly, my thoughts all sounded great on paper, but they didn't take into account the consequences in case of success or failure. So this kind of irresponsible answer was not something to be proud of. Moreover, Mo Fei's words also made me question myself. Was I really smart? If I was really smart, then why was I such a failure as an elder brother? Didn't I swear long ago that I would never let Chu Yuan suffer any more pain?

"Of course, I can't wait to see the expressions of those who underestimate you after hearing this." Mo Fei was a little overjoyed, as if it wasn't me but her who was being underestimated by other people. Seeing that my smile was a bit forced, she couldn't help frowning. "What's the matter? Chu Nan, you don't look right today. Are you mad at me?"

Yes, what's wrong with me today... The conversation Dongfang had with Chu Yuan had been lingering in my mind: "Yuan Yuan, is this really okay?" "Mhm..."

"I admit that I was a little too childish, but it was really my uncle who asked me to give you those documents. It was just an angry remark that I told you to finish reading it in one night. I didn't think you'd actually do it... I'm actually a little happy—no, I'm not happy at all. If I knew that you would take my words so seriously, I definitely wouldn't say that kind of thing. Chu Nan, don't be angry, okay? Can you forgive me please? If you are really tired, you can take a day off today."

Mo Fei no longer put up her strong woman act like yesterday. At this moment, she panicked like a little girl who made a mistake. I also wanted to react more naturally—but for some reason, the more abnormal Mo Fei behaved today, the more abnormal I reacted. As if the self-control ability that I was so proud of had suddenly been forgotten, I said with a stiff expression, "I'm not angry with you..."


"Not angry with me?" Mo Fei said with an aggrieved expression, "Just look at you, the way you said it was so reluctant..."

"It's not reluctance, it's just that I'm not feeling well." So as not to be misunderstood by Mo Fei, I got up and said, "I didn't sleep much last night. Now that I finished the task, and feel relieved, I suddenly feel very tired. If you are allowing me to take a day off, I'll go home and take a rest."

Mo Fei turned around to get her car key. "I'll drive you home."

"No need. I'll go back later. I still have to find Zhang Mingjie before I leave." I added, "And did you forget that I have a fake girlfriend who is always by my side?"

"Dong Xiaoye?" Mo Fei frowned and said in dissatisfaction, "Why are you looking for Zhang Mingjie? Do you really want to forgive Wang Jie?"

"The trouble Wang Jie caused was so big that no one can save him, and I also don't want to help that kind of person," I said. "I just want to ask Zhang Mingjie not to target the entire police department. Otherwise, Xiaoye will also be implicated. No matter what, Wang Jie's motive for causing trouble was Xiaoye."

"Okay, okay, I know! Xiaoye! Xiaoye! Why do you call her so affectionately... Not to mention that Officer Wang, even those of us who know the truth would sometimes feel that the two of you are too close to each other."

I could only sigh helplessly at Mo Fei's reply. I suddenly found that the current Mo Fei was very similar to Liusu not too long ago; she seemed to get jealous very easily.


Seeing that I brought Dong Xiaoye to find him, Zhang Mingjie immediately understood my intention and agreed without any hesitation. He said that as long as the police department gave Wang Jie the punishment he deserved in accordance with the rules and regulations, he would only go after Wang Jie and would not target the entire police department, which made Dong Xiaoye heave a sigh of relief.

What Sister Tiger didn't know was that the reason why Zhang Mingjie agreed so readily was not because I had something on him, but because he was in a good mood.

Liu Xiaosheng didn't say it explicitly, but he already gave Zhang Mingjie a hint that as long as Zhang Mingjie could prove that he could control me and maintain the upper hand in the secret battle with the Mo family, he would lend him 100 million yuan to repay the debt. And the most powerful proof of it would be Fengchang's official announcement in the establishment of 'Project Thirteen Cities'—his name would be on the list.

Zhang Mingjie pretended to draw a clear line with Liu Xiaosheng in exchange for my trust, and then went back to please Liu Xiaosheng—portraying a double agent flawlessly. However, what he did not know was that Liu Xiaosheng was also using the same method to deal with him.

Liu Xiaosheng would never lend money to the Zhang family. He was just trying to appease and deceive Zhang Mingjie, during which the Zhang family was slowly running out of time...


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