Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

518 Chapter 519

518 Chapter 519

Dong Xiaoye received a phone call from Lin Zhi. After the call, she came back and said to me, "Captain Lin asked me to thank you on his behalf. There will be a meeting in the bureau to discuss Wang Jie's problem, and Captain Lin asked me to go back first."

"Really, do you want me to go with you?"

Dong Xiaoye scolded with a blushing face, "Why do you need to go?"

"Didn't you say that I cannot leave your sight, and you will die if you cannot see me..."

"Are you looking for a kick? When did I say that I'll die… you boar!" Although she was asking, her foot had already flown towards me. If it wasn't for the fact that I reacted quickly and dodged her kick, my little brother would've definitely suffered.

"Do you have a fish memory? How can you kick in that place? Did you forget what happened last time?"

"I..." Feeling embarrassed, Dong Xiaoye ignored my words and pretended to reply seriously, "I will come back before you get off work. Just wait for me."

This woman was clearly afraid that I would hold her accountable for always trying to kill my vital part!

I originally planned to go home, but after Dong Xiaoye left, I suddenly felt that I didn't know where to go. As I was hoping that someone would accompany me at this moment and chat with me, I suddenly thought of Liusu, and the thought of Liusu reminded me of Chu Yuan's sad expression last night.

This series of thoughts even made me doubt that my original intention of wanting to go home was because I was afraid of seeing Liusu...

Speaking of which, I didn't see Liusu today. I thought she was late because she just overslept as usual, but it was too rare for her to be two hours late. When I went to ask Elder Sister Liu, Elder Sister Liu said that she also did not know, but she also mentioned that Liusu did not ask for leave. Then I went to ask Yao Wan'er. Yao Wan'er puffed out her cheeks and coldly said to me, "I don't know."

Since the news that reported me having two girlfriends at the same time was spread, Yao Wan'er's attitude towards me took a sharp turn. She used to call me Elder Brother Nan affectionately all the time, but now she would always give me a blank look...

Qin Lan had been very close to Liusu recently, but she also didn't know why Liusu skipped work today. She had tried to call Liusu before, but her phone was off. She told me that Mo Fei seemed to have given her some work yesterday, and because she didn't finish it in time, she worked overtime yesterday. She suspected that that was the reason Liusu was late. But even so, it was impossible to be late for so many hours.

Qin Lan's words reminded me that Liusu indeed did not leave with everyone yesterday. She said that there was some unfinished work at hand. When I asked her what it was and if she wanted me to help, she pushed me into the elevator without saying a word. It was rare to see her enthusiasm for work, but how could it burn out in just one day? From what I know about her, no matter what it was, her enthusiasm would normally burn for at least three days...

In fact, I could see that Yao Wan'er knew the reason, but she still seemed to be angry at me, so she didn't want to tell me. It could be seen that Liusu's absence from work was not something that I had to worry about, so Qin Lan teased me and asked me to go to Liusu's house to check the situation. In response, I only smiled and ignored her teasing.

In the past—or even yesterday—whether it was something that I needed to worry about or not, I would probably find an excuse to go to Liusu's flat to see her, but now, I was deliberately avoiding it...

In front of Qin Lan, I was even more embarrassed to say that I had to go home and sleep; I had been taking leave a lot lately and I had become a veritable shadow employee, so much so that Elder Sister Liu excluded me when assigning work.

The more I wanted to find something to do to distract myself, the more I couldn't find anything to do. I turned on my computer and then clicked on the desktop icons randomly, feeling extremely bored. When I clicked on the QQ icon, I suddenly remembered that Minx called me two days ago, saying that I didn't log in my QQ often, and it was such a waste of her effort to leave a message for me.

On a whim, I entered the account password and wanted to see if she had left me something else. But I didn't expect that as soon as I went online, I noticed that she was still online.

Minx immediately found out that I was online and sent a message: "Siscon uncle, did you miss me?"

Siscon… I was at a loss for words. I replied: "Who is Siscon?"

Minx: "You, of course. Look at your ID."

'I want to kill my younger sister'... This name was given to me by Chu Yuan to correspond to her name 'I want to kill my elder brother': "You know it wasn't me who came up with that name."

Minx: "Does it matter? You still didn't change it, right? Obviously, you already have me, but you still go after your little sister. You are clearly a siscon."

At this moment, I was afraid to think about Chu Yuan the most. I didn't know if Minx was doing it on purpose or not, but what she said clearly hurt my feelings: "If you keep talking nonsense, I will log out now."

Minx: "What? Are you angry because I pointed out your true feelings? In fact, it is understandable. If I had such a beautiful and lovely sister, I would like her too."

Feeling annoyed, I wanted to close the chat window, but at this moment, Minx sent another message over: "Uncle, do you know what Yuan Yuan's pseudonym is?"

I was dazed. Speaking of which, although Chu Yuan often forced me to read the novels she wrote, I really didn't know what her pseudonym was: "It wouldn't be 'I want to kill my elder brother', would it?"

Minx sent over a sweating emoji along with a new message: "Of course not, but like your nickname, there is a word with a homophonic sound."

Me: "Homophonic sound?"

Minx: "Yes. Do you really think Yuan Yuan wants to kill you, and wants to be killed by you? Yuan Yuan is actually very romantic. 'I want to kill my little sister' is actually homophonic with 'I miss my little sister a lot' in Chinese."

Staring at the sentence in the chat window, I was stunned for a long time. Only when Minx sent a window vibration did I finally recover from the shock. When I typed my reply on the keyboard, my nervous fingers even began to shake: "You are too imaginative…"

My instant messenger's ID was named by Chu Yuan. If 'I want to kill my little sister' means 'I miss my little sister a lot', doesn't that mean that Chu Yuan's instant messenger's name means...

Minx: "No. Did Yuan Yuan not tell you how we met online? I met her on the Internet because of her special online name. I am the only daughter in my family and I have no siblings. So I often fantasize about having an older brother."

Minx: "When I saw her unique name, I took the initiative to talk to her. I wanted to ask her if it is that bad to have an elder brother. But I didn't expect that she would tell me about how good her elder brother was instead. It was her who told me that 'kill' is a homonym of 'miss'. She said that her elder brother's real name also has a homonym, and he was often made fun of by other people because of his name. Hee hee. I used to ask her what your name was, but she refused to tell me."

Minx: "But now I know that your name is Chu Nan, and it is homophonic with the word Virgin. Hahaha… This is so funny. Uncle, you are so pitiful. How about you just accept me and let me help you to get rid of the virgin title? Don't worry, I will treat you well for the rest of my life… *blushing~*"

To Xiao Yike, the 'like' between me and Chu Yuan wasn't that complicated, so her reaction was very straightforward. While she was envious of our good relationship, she also made fun of how good our relationship was. However, the shock these words brought to me could no longer be expressed in any words.

I couldn't help but want to avoid the topic: "Why did you skip the class again?"

Almost at the same time, Xiao Yike, who typed very fast, also sent a sentence: "If you ask her now, Yuan Yuan, that dishonest girl definitely will not admit it. She told me this secret when we were just online friends. She said that you moved out and came back home less often after you found a job, so she came up with the name 'I miss my elder brother a lot'. But she was afraid that this kind of thought would be made fun of by other people, especially by you, so she used the homonym instead. Sigh, it's so nice to have a sibling..."

I was speechless for a long time. Minx probably knew that Chu Yuan and I had an argument again, so she wanted to tell me this. She wished that there would be less misunderstanding and more harmony between me and Chu Yuan…

Seeing that I didn't reply to her for a while, she sent another message: "We are going to have exams soon, so it's all self-study classes. But no one is studying. It's very noisy and annoying, so I skipped classes and went to the Internet cafe to play some games. I'm very bored. Uncle, what are you doing right now? Come out and play with me, it's so boring to play alone."

Minx was just joking. She knew that I was at work and that Dong Xiaoye was by my side, so it was impossible for me to play with her. But she never thought that I would happily agree: "Where are you right now?"


I felt like my mind was already in a mess, and I was afraid of thinking too much. So instead of going home and shutting myself in my room, or sitting in the office doing nothing, I wanted to find a way to vent the uncomfortable feeling in my mind and calm myself down a little.

It took Minx a long time to use the oversized font to ask me again: "Seriously? Uncle, do you really want to come out and play with me?!"

Compared to Xiao Yike, I was the one who was more afraid of being alone. I typed on the keyboard with a wry smile: "I suddenly wanted to see your rabbit dance again…"

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