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Chapter 1329 - Arena Tournament (1)

Chapter 1329: Arena Tournament (1)

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He finally lasted till three rounds of drinking was completed when Murong De stood up.

“Everyone, will you please remain silent for a while, I have some things to announce.”

He coughed and everyone instantly quietened down.

Those present went all direct disciples and were the core of the Sect. Everyone knew that Green Cloud Sect was here today to have a discussion on cooperation with Celestial Light Sect and had more or less heard about the Ancient Mystic Region. So Murong De’s words didn’t really raise an alarm. Instead it made everyone’s ears prick up as they wanted to know how the discussion on the cooperation went.

Murong De continued, “Green Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Cui has graced us this visit today because Green Cloud Sect have recently discovered a new ancient mystic region at the boundary of West and South Sky Regions. Hence they decided to seek Celestial Light Sect for cooperation, thinking that we can work together to activate this mystic region. Regarding the two Sects’ cooperation to activate the mystic region, we have reached a consensus. But everyone should know that every single time an ancient mystic region is activated, the number of people who can enter are limited so after an estimated calculation, the total number of people who can enter the mystic region for the first time is only around thirty.”

“But as for the distribution of these thirty quota, we have yet to set the specific verdict.”

Huang Yueli was also concentrating on listening.

She had entered all of the discovered ancient mystic regions in Soaring Heavens Continent in her past life, so she had a huge understanding regarding this aspect.

For the ancient mystic region to be activated, it was totally reliant on ninth stage realm practitioners injecting their Profound Energy internally and every single practitioner must expend a portion of their Profound Energy upon entering. As the Elders’ Profound Energy total sum was fixed, so the number of practitioners who could enter were also fixed.

Furthermore, the younger the practitioner, the lesser the amount of the Profound Energy would be expended so normally those practitioners over thirty years old were not able to use this method to enter the mystic region.

Murong De’s words had just ended when Cui Yuan Shan also stood up.

He added, “I and Sect Master Murong have discussed an initial proposal which is why we have specially invited President Hu to be our witness. Three days later, Green Cloud Sect and Celestial Light Sect will jointly hold a one-time arena tournament which is restricted only to the younger generation disciples. The Sect which holds the victory of the arena tournament will obtain a seventy percent entrance quota to the mystic region.”

The minute Cui Yuan Shan finished his words, the stage below was already in a riot.

Green Cloud Sect’s disciples were all frowning with knitted brows.

“Seventy percent of quotas! Why must it be distributed like that? The winning side will obtain seventy percent then won’t the losing side only have thirty percent?”

“That’s right, I’m not even in the top ten among the direct disciples so if there’s only thirty percent quota, that would be equivalent to nine places. Then there’s definitely no show for me!”

“Me too, and my ranking is even worse off than yours! What should we do if we are not the winner?”

Celestial Light Sect’s disciples were secretly rejoicing.

“Haha, this word actually came out from Green Cloud Sect’s Sect Master’s mouth, am I hearing things? If it’s this kind of distribution method, then the one who will get the seventy percent quota would definitely be us Celestial Light Sect! Just think what potential does our Young Sect Master have? Green Cloud Sect’s number one ranking Leng Yi Feng was defeated by Young Sect Master in one move the last time!”

“Isn’t that so? This time we will definitely get the seventy percent quota. Looks like I’ll have a chance to enter the mystic region!”

“This is simply great, with the Young Sect Master around, we don’t need to worry at all!”

Not only Celestial Light Sect’s disciples thought in this way, even Murong De also felt that Celestial Light Sect’s chance of winning was confirmed.

He touched his beard as he said smilingly, “Brother Cui, this afternoon you were still saying that you will not agree to this kind of arena tournament to fix the quota. Why have you changed your mind so soon?”

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