Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1330 - Arena Tournament (2)

Chapter 1330: Arena Tournament (2)

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“I didn’t expect you to be so broad-minded and willing to automatically give the quota up to us Celestial Light Sect!”

Murong De was laughing so much that he almost couldn’t take it. He originally suggested the arena tournament was because he wanted to test Cui Yuan Shan, with no expectation that he would agree to it.

After all, even an idiot knew that even if all of Green Cloud Sect’s direct disciples added up together, they weren’t Li Moying’s match at all. So if they really held an arena tournament, then wouldn’t it be equivalent to giving up the quota to Celestial Light Sect for free. For someone as smart as Cui Yuan Shan, would he do such a thing?

Who knew that Cui Yuan Shan actually agreed to this condition!

Moreover, he had openly said this in front of President Hu and the disciples from both Sects, so there was no way of going back on his words!

Was there water in Cui Yuan Shan’s head?

Cui Yuan Shan swept the jubilant Murong De a glance as he harrumphed heavily, “Junior Brother Murong, why are you in such a haste? I haven’t finished talking! I have supplementary conditions.”

“Why? What supplementary conditions? Tell me! I’ll agree to all of it!”

Murong De had already treated the quota to enter the ancient mystic region as his object so he was in a good mood and he spoke in a generous way!

“You agreed to it yourself.” Cui Yuan Shan’s eyes shone a little.

“Wait, what on earth are you….” Murong De instinctively felt something was not right, as he tried to revert what he said earlier.

But Cui Yuan Shan had already declared loudly in front of everyone, “My condition is, for this arena tournament, disciples under eighteen years old are only allowed to take part in it. Those who exceed this age are prohibited from joining in the tournament.”

“What? How will this do?” Murong De’s expression changed immediately.

Cui Yuan Shan remained calm and composed while handling this pressing affair, “Sect Master Murong, you agreed to this earlier. We all have a reputation to upkeep so you cannot go back on your words!”

Murong De retorted angrily, “Stop using your words to run on me! You obviously schemed me in the first place! How can the arena tournament only allow under eighteen year olds to take part? Obviously disciples under thirty years old are able to enter the ancient mystic region. Then the standard for taking part in the arena tournament should maintain the same! Those under thirty years of age are able to take part!”

Murong De had not expected Cui Yuan Shan to have this idea!

If he were to agree to this condition then it would be disadvantageous to them because Li Moying was already twenty years old. So he would definitely not be able to take part in the arena tournament. If they were short of Li Moying, then Celestial Light Sect’s victory would possibly be lowered by half.

Green Cloud Sect’s combined ability was originally much higher than Celestial Light Sect by half so it was imaginable that the younger disciple’s ability most probably exceeded the latter.

Murong De was insistent that he could not accept such conditions as he started arguing on this.

But everyone knew how to calculate to their own favour so Cui Yuan Shan’s stand was extremely firm.

“Junior Brother Murong, must you make things so clear? I don’t want your Sect’s Young Sect Master Li to join in the arena tournament. We are upright people so we don’t talk low. Who present here doesn’t know his ability, the minute he joins in, we Green Cloud Sect will definitely be at the losing end? This kind of competition is not fair at all!”

“If you feel that you’re reasonable, then let President Hu come and judge on this!”

President Hu was pushed out as a witness.

He was very impartial as he immediately said, “I feel that Sect Master Cui has a point there. The minute Young Sect Master Li makes his move, it is impossible for the arena tournament to continue because there would be no more suspense! Since it’s a competition, then it should be conducted fairly.”

Cui Yuan Shan’s face immediately revealed a smile, “So, you have two choices. Either you restrict the disciples to under eighteen to take part in the tournament or… we can split the quota into half directly!”

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