Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1463 - You really cannot stand teasing.

Chapter 1463: You really cannot stand teasing.

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Pei Ge nodded as she scanned the ward she had been staying in for the last half of the month. Even though it was just a room, the amenities, which could be found inside, were better and more complete than others like it.

“Why? You can’t bear to leave?” Ji Ziming could see the emotion in her eyes, and it frustrated him somewhat. When he left with his mother, her eyes were clear of emotion. Now, she could not bear to leave this VVIP ward.

Was he not better than a ward?

“No. I was just thinking of how fast time seems to pass when I’m with you.”

The woman’s reply made the man stop his plan to pinch her cheek.

Stunned, he watched her walk over to the couch. She caressed the embroidery on the silk cover of her favorite flower—the same kinds as the one she had once planted in the Ji family’s garden.

“I know. This is your territory, too. I can tell.” His thoughts were magnified in her eyes, becoming a clear sign of his affections for her.

“When did you find out?”

“In the few days that you left.”

She looked at him with clear eyes. As she approached, Pei Ge realized that his smell had been embedded in her life, becoming an irreplaceable part of her.

“Then, did you miss me?” Ji Ziming looked coldly at the woman, attempting to catch the emotion he wanted to see on her face.

“You really can’t be teased, huh?” The woman lowered her head to laugh.


He was a little confused. Was she teasing him the same way she would tease a pet?

“You’re teasing me?” This woman had become bolder in the time that he had not been apart with her. The coldness in his eyes increased, and he emanated a chilling aura.

“So cold.” Pei Ge laughed. “Okay, okay. I’ll get the kids to prepare their stuff.” She tried to find a reason to sneak off when she felt the man looking at her coldly.

Before she reached the door, however, he grabbed her by the waist. He pressed her on the bed and kissed her passionately—from her lips then her neck and her forehead down to her nose.

“The door’s not even—”

Ji Ziming silenced her by deepening the kiss. He then pressed the button on the drawer, and the door closed along with the lowering of the curtains.

Pei Ge was stunned. Although she had spent quite some time in this ward, she had not discovered that particular function of the button. It was like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, leaving her feeling lost.

The man sat up and started unbuttoning his shirt before eagerly reaching out for hers, only to be fought off by her. “Let’s go home.”

“We’ll go back later.” It was more important to complete what they were doing now.

“I want to go back now.”

She insisted. If they did not return home now, she would be done for by the time they did, given this man’s stamina.

“Then, let’s go home tomorrow.” The man did not give her the opportunity to speak anymore. Pushing her down, he pulled the blankets over.

Just as she expected; the man tormented her the whole afternoon. She did not even have any energy left to get out of bed, much less to insist on going home.

“Do you dare to tease me now?” The man laughed as he hugged her.

“No.” She knew to pick her battles.

“This is the price you must pay for teasing me.”

Ji Ziming, who was looking at the woman, suddenly recalled that he had not told her yet about the information he had gotten.

“Do you want to know the info I got?”

If he had not mentioned it, the woman would have forgotten about it. The two had not kept in contact since he left that day.

“Yes, tell me.” Pei Ge urged as she pulled on his hand.

“A seafood restaurant’s employee took a picture of the person who had run you over. We sent the image for analysis. Guess who the person was?”

“Don’t leave me hanging; just tell me.” She could not wait anymore. How was she to guess in the sea of people? If she could deduce it easily, she would not look into Hong Qiang’s background.

“He’s called Yang Hua.”

“Yang Hua?” Pei Ge repeated the name. She would not have made a mistake. She remembered hearing this name from Pen Zhenghui’s mouth when she visited him in prison. There seemed to be a strong connection between her accident and her father’s death.

“Then, how’s your investigation going?”

“His records seem to have been intentionally erased.”

She narrowed her eyes slightly when she heard this, feeling that her father’s death might not have been a simple usurpation of power.

“This means that there’s someone behind him.”


“Who would have anything against me? Ziming, do you have a clue? Perhaps, I have offended someone.” She curled up in his arms, her voice soft and helpless. She was not sure if it was all her fault or if someone was out to get her.

“Don’t worry; I’m here for you.” The man consoled her softly.

“En, I have you.” She nodded in agreement.

No matter what happened, she would not be afraid as long as he was by her side.

The man kept her in his embrace until midnight before he decided to rest.

Even though she was sleeping, her sleep was not restful. Her brows were knitted tightly as if stuck in a bind. Ji Ziming hugged her as tightly as he could and moved to wake her up in the worst case. Unexpectedly, the moment he hugged her, she turned as her sleep became peaceful.

The next morning, sunbeams seeped into the room and hit his face.

The woman used her finger to trace his delicate and chiseled features. Whether it was his appearance or his figure, her man was the cream of the crop.

Just waiting quietly for him to wake up was her biggest joy.

Pei Ge once read somewhere: ‘Waking up everyday with you and the sun is my greatest joy.’

Happiness was that simple.

Taking advantage of the fact that she was spacing out, the man grabbed her hand. “Don’t mess around.”

She tried to take back her hand, but he refused to let go.

“I won’t do that again. Go back to sleep now.”

He let go of her hand slowly following that promise. He had taken care of her all night, only sleeping when he was sure that she was okay. By then, it was already early in the morning.

“I’ll go get you some breakfast.” The woman was about to sit up when he pulled her blanket aside, exposing her fair skin.

“Ahh!” She grabbed the blanket and hid in his embrace. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t go.”

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