Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 1464 - Do you not know how to support someone?

Chapter 1464: Do you not know how to support someone?

Pei Ge, who was hiding in the blanket, felt less upset about the man removing the blanket earlier when she heard that. “Fine. We’re not leaving. I almost showed everything to everyone.”

“Is there a part of you I haven’t seen?” With his eyes closed, Ji Ziming’s voice was clear but warm.

“You…” She shifted her gaze away from him. “I’m ignoring you.”

“Be good. Let me sleep some more.” He flipped over and hugged her.

She kept still and quiet. The smile at the corner of her lips revealed her good mood. How could she have shown everything to anyone? He only removed the blanket where her arm was.

The man only brought her and the two kids home when he got enough sleep. “Mommy, the trees are running away, but they’re not as fast as our car,” exclaimed Ran Ran, who was seated in the back seat, as she watched the passing scenery outside the car window.

“Yes. They’re not as fast as our daughter’s big car,” replied her mother with a smile.

“Brother, look, look! Even that big, black dog couldn’t keep up with us.”

To her, dogs ran the fastest. Back in the U.S., she would always see the labradors and greyhounds darting down the streets from the attic.

“Sister, look over there!” An An, who was sitting next to her, pointed to a clown selling balloons by the road, his eyes lighting up as he recalled the past. “Do you remember that time you lost your balloon and cried for a long time?”

“En, en! I remember.” The girl nodded. She almost had an accident because of that balloon.

As the woman turned to look at the two in the back seat and the man in the driver’s seat, her satisfaction grew. She smiled. “Ziming, we’re really going home now.”

“Silly, where are we going if not home?” He looked at Pei Ge with happiness in his dark eyes. “You’re my woman; of course, we’re going back to our family’s house.”

“En.” Pei Ge nodded as she looked at him lovingly.

The first thing she saw when they arrived at the house was the Qu family’s missy, who was standing by the rose bushes.

“You’re back, and so is Qu Jingwan.”

“She will return.” The man glanced at the lady in question. His mother said that something was going on at the company, but all she wanted was for him to spend time with the lady.

“Let’s go in.”

He parked the car in front of the villa, and the housekeeper came forward. “Young master, Miss Pei, you’re back.”

“En.” He nodded.

“Ziming, Ziming, you’re back!” Qu Jingwan ran over and always fell on her knees. Thankfully, the housekeeper caught her.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine; I’m fine.” She removed her hand from the housekeeper’s grasp. After she stabilized herself and smiled in preparation to talk to him, the man turned from her and opened the car door for Pei Ge.

“Be careful,” said the man gently to his woman, who was seated in the car.

“En.” The latter nodded as her grasp on her dress loosened.

After he helped her out of the car, the housekeeper opened the back-seat doors. An An and Ran Ran hopped out and ran toward their father, who was standing at the door of the living room.

Qu Jingwan’s expression turned sour. The man actually dared to get intimate with this woman before her. He was not following anything his mother told him yesterday in spite of his agreement.

Her eyes turned dark as she looked at the woman weirdly. “Welcome back.”

“Thank you.” The latter smiled at her.

“Ziming, I heard that Pei Ge’s leg isn’t fully recovered. I’ll help her in. You drove all the way here, so you should get some rest.” She walked up and smiled brightly. If that incident did not happen, the man would really assume that this lady was as nice and kind as his mother had made her out to be.

Unfortunately, her actions only added to his despise of her.

“No need,” he replied coolly, his cold eyes.

“Ziming, she’s right. You drove all the way here and still have to deal with company matters. It’s a lot of work; you don’t have to stay here with me. How about you help me bring out all the gifts that I have for everyone from the car trunk?”

The man hesitated a little before he looked at Qu Jingwan. “Okay. You’d better be careful.”

“En, don’t worry,” Pei Ge nodded, limping toward the living room as if her leg had not completely healed.

“Let me help you.” The young lady hurried after her when she saw the man let go. “I’m so sorry; I haven’t been to see you.” She held her right arm with both hands.

Haven’t been to see me? I bet you’re scared I would expose you.

“Don’t worry; you had matters to attend to. I understand. Besides, I had tests and checkups to go through every day. It’s not like I had a lot of time. Even when Auntie Ji visited me, she left really soon, too, did she not?”

“Yes. I thought that it’s because she couldn’t stay for long, but I guess it’s because you’re busy.”

“Yes. Auntie came and went fast each time because of how busy I was.”

The lady heaved a sigh of relief. It was her idea for the older woman to visit Pei Ge, and she was the one who had brewed the chicken soup for her after picking it up from the hotel chef and this family’s cook.

“It’s good that you’re back.”

As she helped her up the stairs, the latter stumbled and slipped.

The man, who was carrying boxes, threw them aside when he saw this. He pushed Qu Jingwan away and helped his woman up, asking anxiously, “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Pei Ge shook her head.

“What are you doing? You can’t even support a person properly!” His eyes turned cold as she looked at the young lady sharply.

“I… I didn’t…” She tried to explain herself, not having expected for the other to fall at the door of the living room.

“It was my fault; I was careless. It’s not her fault. You—” Pei Ge tugged at his suit, but it was to no avail.

Qu Jingwan lowered her head like a guilty person. She dared not look at the man as his gaze toward her turned colder.

“I already said that it’s my fault and not hers.” The other woman was at a loss for words. The more she explained, the more the man assumed the worse.

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