Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Is the company going to be acquired?

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“Ge Ge, please proofread this document!”

“Ge Ge, help me prepare these documents for the meeting later!”

“Ge Ge…”

“Sister Li, the documents have been prepared.” Pei Ge smiled, placing a stack of documents on the office desk.

“Alright. You are after all, Ge Ge. Your work efficiency is very high. Ever since you entered our department as an assistant, our workload has gotten much lighter.” Advertising Department Head Li Qin flashed Pei Ge a smile, her tone filled with affection.

“Indeed!” All those in the office nodded their heads in agreement.

A little embarrassed from the praises, Pei Ge replied, “This is what I should be doing.”

It had been a week since Pei Ge started working at this new company.

Within this week of working for Chenguang Real Estate, Pei Ge was getting more confident of her choice to leave her job at Pei Family Real Estate.

Although the salary and benefits at this new company were incomparable to what she had previously enjoyed, she could at least rely on her abilities to rise in the ranks and get the accompanying salary increase.

The most important thing was that the atmosphere in the office was very different.

When she worked at Pei Family Real Estate, all her colleagues held her in disdain. They thought of her as someone who got in the company through connections and refused to get along with her.

In contrast, at Chenguang Real Estate, everyone in the office was friendly, and the relationship between colleagues was really harmonious.

“Ge Ge, let’s have lunch together!”

At lunchtime, Liu Yue, who worked in the department next door, entered Pei Ge’s office with a huge smile.

“Xiaoyue!” Spotting Liu Yue, Pei Ge happily stood up from her chair and stopped the work she was doing.

“Oh, my god! Why are there so many documents here?!” Liu Yue gaped at the mountain of documents piled on top of Pei Ge’s table.

Pei Ge noticed her surprised look and beamed. “It’s because the company has been busy with a huge case recently. Alright, let’s go have lunch.” Having said that, Pei Ge pulled Liu Yue out of the office in a rush, afraid that Liu Yue, who was pretty inattentive and insensitive, would go on about how she was being bullied in the office.

At Liu Yue’s incessant yammering about her being bullied and purposefully being thrown with all the work even after they were out of the office, Pei Ge merely laughed it off.

This Liu Yue was good in every way, except that she was too inattentive and insensitive, never thinking her words through before saying them.

“Ge Ge, let me remind you. If anyone bullies you, you must definitely tell me! We are very good friends, alright?” Slinging her arm around Pei Ge’s, Liu Yue proclaimed this seriously.

Pei Ge smilingly nodded her head and replied, “Yes, I will.”

Ever since her best friend, Tang Xiaoyu, left the country, she had not felt the feeling of having a female friend this vividly.

Once they got their lunch, the two found seats near the air-conditioner and started digging in.

“Oh, right. Ge Ge, have you heard of this recent news?” Liu Yue asked Pei Ge secretively.

Pei Ge swallowed a mouthful of rice before asking curiously, “What news?”

“Our company might be getting acquired by another company.” Liu Yue scanned her surroundings and confirmed that few people were in their immediate vicinity before sharing this piece of news to Pei Ge.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Pei Ge choked on her egg-drop soup at Liu Yue’s words.

“Aish! Ge Ge, are you alright?!” Liu Yue was stunned at Pei Ge’s pitiful look.

“Cough, cough – I’m fine.” After a long struggle, Pei Ge finally managed to stop her bout of coughing and get these words out.

“You almost scared me to death!” Once she saw that Pei Ge was fine, Liu Yue pouted.

Pei Ge was left speechless by Liu Yue’s remark.

It was her who almost got scared to death. She had just started working at Chenguang Real Estate for a week and her prospects were looking really good. Now, Liu Yue was telling her that the company was going to be acquired by someone else!

“That… Xiaoyue, is what you said true? Isn’t our company taking part in a huge project now?” Pei Ge felt that Liu Yue’s news was unbelievable. The amount of documents she had on her hands was unlike that of a company in the midst of being acquired.

“It should be at least eighty percent true. I heard this news from Director Yang,” Liu Yue said in a low voice.

“Director Yang?” Pei Ge’s eyes widened. If she really heard this from Director Yang, then the company must truly be getting acquired.

“Yes. I overheard her saying that this morning when I delivered coffee over.” Liu Yue nodded her head. However, seeing that Pei Ge was not looking well, she grinned. “Still, it could be that I’ve heard them wrongly. They didn’t exactly say that the company is being acquired. I came up with that conjecture from what they revealed in their conversation.”

“Hmm…” Pei Ge absentmindedly nodded her head.

Hearing Pei Ge’s absentminded response, Liu Yue said in amusement, “Don’t worry. Even if the company is going to be acquired, it will not affect you.”

“How will it not affect me? I was just hired recently. What if that company retrenches workers the moment Chenguang Real Estate is acquired?” Pei Ge asked gloomily, all the while thinking about how unlucky she was.

“Rest assured; you’re certainly not going to be retrenched just because you are new.” Liu Yue giggled at Pei Ge’s worries.

Pei Ge looked confusedly at Liu Yue, unsure of why she was certain of that.

“Why?” A puzzled Pei Ge asked.

“Because the company that is going to acquire ours is the Ji Group! It is one of the largest groups in the country. The people of Ji Group have never retrenched employees in the companies they acquired for no reason at all. They’ll only retrench workers on the basis that they are not good enough.” Liu Yue’s eyes shone at the mention of Ji Group.

“Ji Group?!” Pei Ge was bewildered at Liu Yue’s words.

“Yes! That Ji Group that has businesses in many areas! Ha ha ha! I feel so happy every time I think about how Ji Group is going to acquire our company.” Liu Yue giggled with a face full of eagerness.

Seeing Liu Yue’s excited look, Pei Ge pouted and softly complained, “I still hope that we won’t be acquired over. This is already good enough.”

Liu Yue, who was in a state of excitement, blinked her eyes at Pei Ge’s dampening remark and exclaimed, “How is that the same?! If our company is acquired by Ji Group, our future boss will be Ji Group’s CEO, Ji Ziming!”

“Ji Ziming?” Pei Ge was baffled. Who is that?

At Pei Ge’s blank expression, Liu Yue rolled her eyes. “You have really not changed since middle school – never paying attention to anything except your studies!”

“Is he very famous?” Pei Ge asked, puzzled.

“Of course!” Liu Yue had the strong urge to open Pei Ge’s brain and check what was in there. How could she not know who Ji Ziming, the ultimate husband material, was?

“Don’t you normally read financial magazines?”

Pei Ge shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

“You do at least watch the news, right?” Liu Yue tugged at her lips, dumbfounded.

“Not that, too.”

“…” Liu Yue was speechless for a while before feebly saying, “What do you even watch normally?!”


“Alright, I have been defeated. Since we are friends, I’ll give you a short introduction of Ji Ziming!”

Pei Ge blinked her eyes at Liu Yue, whose eyes shone with enthusiasm. “I am not really interested in Ji Ziming; you don’t have to give me an introduction of him.”

“No way! You must properly listen to me! That CEO is Ji Group’s successor, Ji family’s eldest young master. In terms of power and money, they are rich even among the rich! Ji Ziming can be said to be standing at the apex of this capital…”

Listening to Liu Yue’s blather, Pei Ge started feeling sleepy. In the end, all she understood was just a few words.

Has money, is handsome, has power, and is not to be trifled with.

Hmm… I have truly heard too much nonsense. That type of person had absolutely got nothing to do with her. She totally did not need to understand him at all! She would never meet that person in her entire life, anyway!

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