Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A Coincidental Meeting on the Street

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“Hah…” Pei Ge stretched her back as she gazed at the sky dyed orange-yellow by the setting sun.

Today’s work has finally been completed.

Pei Ge felt a sense of accomplishment from looking at the pile of documents neatly stacked on her desk.

“Sister Li, these are the work you handed over to me. I have already completed them.” Pei Ge smiled at Li Qin.

Surprised, Li Qin widened her eyes at the pile of documents on her desk. “You have already completed them?”

“Yes. I have also forwarded the rest of the tabular files to your email.” Pei Ge nodded her head.

“My gosh. I said to finish them within two days. Why did you finish them all within a day?” Li Qin was truly shocked at the pile of documents before her. Pei Ge surprisingly managed to handle such a heavy workload within a day.

“Huh? I didn’t hear you properly just then. I thought you want me to complete them all by today.” Pei Ge’s eyes widened, stumped.

“Your work efficiency is really very high.” Li Qin was amused at Pei Ge’s reaction. “It’s great that you finished all of them by today. That way, you can just take it easy tomorrow.”

“Yes!” Pei Ge happily agreed.

“Alright. Hurry and get off work to rest at home.” Feeling more satisfied with Pei Ge, Li Qin smiled.

“Okay! Then, I’ll be off first, Sister Li.” With a look of relief, Pei Ge picked up her bag from her seat and left the office.

Unbeknown to Pei Ge, who had just left, those that had remained in the office started discussing about her.

“Department head, our new assistant is really good.”

“Indeed! We gave her so many documents today, yet she actually managed to finish all of them.”

“He he… That young lady is really not bad.” As she said that, Li Qin started flipping through the documents that Pei Ge had submitted.

The more she went through the documents, the more shocked she became at Pei Ge’s abilities.

Not only did Pei Ge neatly organize the many documents, she even managed to correct a few mistakes in them.

Skimming through the documents, Li Qin satisfactorily thought, I should quickly tell Yang Aoyun about making her a permanent staff . With her abilities, she had way surpassed the standards of a mere assistant.

“Ge Ge, let’s go shopping today!” Pei Ge’s hand was grabbed by Liu Yue the moment she stepped out of the office.

Pei Ge could only nod her head at Liu Yue’s expectant look despite feeling tired from working all day and wanting to just rest back at home.


“Alright! Let’s go to Newfoundland! I want to buy some clothes!” After saying this, Liu Yue promptly called for a taxi with Pei Ge in tow and traveled toward the biggest shopping center in the capital.

Inside the taxi, Pei Ge leaned against the seat as she listened to Liu Yue’s chatter. Her eyes were already closing from fatigue.

She had done serious work for the day, after all.

Pei Ge paid for the taxi fare when they got off. Almost instantly, she was dragged by Liu Yue, who clearly had a destination in mind, toward the floor holding luxurious goods.

Ding! Just as the elevator doors opened, Pei Ge frowningly swept her eyes across the floor holding expensive items.

Noting the grand looks of each store and the English signboards, the furrow in her brows deepened.

Although she did really know all these expensive brands, based on the luxurious goods that she bought for Pei Shishi every year, she at least had a rough idea of these items’ prices.

“Xiaoyue, the clothes here are pretty expensive—” Before she could finish her sentence, Pei Ge was cut off by Liu Yue.

“Relax! Don’t worry so much; I know what I’m doing.” Grinning, Liu Yue pulled Pei Ge toward the Chanel store.

Since her cousin was especially fond of the Chanel brand, Pei Ge was more familiar with this brand than others.

She had also bought a few pieces of Chanel apparel and bags for Pei Shishi before. Although she had chosen the slightly cheaper items, they were still not exactly that cheap for her.

Every year, when Pei Shishi’s birthday neared, her frugal lifestyle would begin.

The moment they stepped inside the Chanel store, Pei Ge felt Liu Yue’s nervousness and excitement.

Despite the two of them wearing normal clothes and looking like people who could not afford the store’s expensive products, the Chanel staff still treated them as per normal and did not discriminate against them.

Pei Ge, who would visit this store a few times every year to choose a present for Pei Shishi, was comfortable with the service of the staff.

In contrast, Liu Yue felt self-conscious with the staff following them around despite her being the one to drag Pei Ge inside the Chanel shop.

“Thank you for your help. We can shop by ourselves.” Noticing Liu Yue’s discomfort, Pei Ge smiled at the staff assisting them.

“No problem.” The staff politely returned her smile and left.

Liu Yue sighed in relief when the pretty, female staff finally left their side.

“Pei Ge, why are you not nervous at all?” Liu Yue blinked her eyes perplexedly at Pei Ge.

“What is there to be nervous about? It is just a clothing store. At most, this place is just more expensive than other places.” Pei Ge smiled nonchalantly.

“… Indeed.” Liu Yue pursed her lips.

“Alright. Weren’t you going on and on about buying clothes here? Hurry up and take a look so that we can go eat dinner next. I am famished.” Pei Ge ignored Liu Yue’s weird stare and started choosing clothes for her to direct the latter’s attention.

“This looks great.”

“Wah! So expensive!”

The two of them softly moaned at the expensive price tags while they continued shopping.

“Ge Ge, what do you think about this piece?” Liu Yue’s eyes shone as she pointed at a white, knee-length dress that was on a mannequin.

Directing her gaze toward where Liu Yue was pointing, Pei Ge thought that this dress looked surprisingly similar to the dress that the bar had given to her as compensation.

“Not bad. It looks pretty nice—” But before Pei Ge could finish her sentence, Liu Yue’s envy-filled cry interrupted her.

“Wow! Look at that woman, she’s so pretty! Her boyfriend also looks very handsome!”

Pei Ge curiously raised her head at Liu Yue’s cry.

With that one glance, the smile on her face froze.

“Ge Ge?”

Pei Ge clasped her hands tightly together as she stared at the two familiar faces.

She was already doing her best to not think of the past and trying her hardest to forget the pain that they had brought her, so why did they have to appear in front of her again?

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