Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The CEO is here! Hurry and run!

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Shwash… shwash… shwash… As Pei Ge stood in front of the basin and washed her hands, she thought of the male host who had suddenly appeared into her life actually being the CEO.

The more she thought about it, the more depressed she got. Everyone was fine after having a one-night stand, so why was hers this complicated? It was a one-night stand that had happened while she was drunk.

However, even after it was over, she still encountered the man a second time in a capital as big as this.

By the third time she met that annoying man, he had already turned into a CEO from a male host.

He was even her biggest boss! This was really a death sentence for her!

The most, most, most important thing here was that she had kicked her big boss’s family jewels on their first meeting and had bitten his lips on their second meeting.

If she were to get recognized by the big boss, she would definitely be dead!

“Sigh…” Pei Ge felt stuffy inside.

Why was she so unlucky? Did everyone not say that if one was a loser in love, the person would be a winner in life? Why was it that before she could succeed in her career, it was already falling apart, much like what had happened to her love life?

Pei Ge looked at herself in the mirror and started fixing her hair into a neat coil as she continued to feel stuffy inside.

How will I survive my days like this?

Pat, pat, pat! Pei Ge patted her cheeks with her palms to make herself seem more energetic.

“Pei Ge, you can do it! This is not your fault! You shouldn’t admit defeat so easily! You promised to get promoted and earn lots of money! You can do this!” Pei Ge encouraged herself through the mirror.

Perhaps it was because of the pep talk to herself or the pat to her cheeks, but Pei Ge suddenly felt positive again.

“Heh! That annoying ‘male host’ won’t be coming here to work every day, and even if he does, so what? He’s the big boss, anyway. He can’t possibly meet a small fry like me!” Pei Ge grinned as she encouraged herself in the mirror.

As she said that, her mood improved.

Pei Ge, who went into the toilet in a downcast mood, came out of it in a cheerful mood.

What Pei Ge did not know was that after she had left the door of the innermost cubicle was opened from within by someone.

With a kachak sound, an attractively dressed woman, who looked pure yet sexy, walked out from that cubicle.

“What ‘male host’? The big boss’s? What does she mean?” Muttering in a confused tone, the woman’s eyes shone with light.

After leaving the toilet, Pei Ge walked toward the Advertising Department with a relaxed and uplifted mood. Since she was in a positive mood again, Pei Ge decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator to return to the Advertising Department.

Humming a tune under her breath, Pei Ge lightly hopped up the stairs.

As she was nearing the floor to where the Advertising Department was located, something unexpected happened.

“Cough, cough, cough!” A bout of coughing reverberated through the stairway, immediately killing Pei Ge’s carefree mood.

Hm? Why did she think that this voice sounded familiar?

Pei Ge stopped her climb up the stairs and swept her eyes around cautiously.

She must be imagining things. There was just no way for such a coincidence to happen.

Nodding her head silently, Pei Ge continued up the stairs.

Soon enough, Pei Ge realized that she was not imagining things!

“CEO Ji, you have a phone call.”

Oh, my gosh! It really is that annoying male host!

“Okay.” The low voice seemed to come straight from a cello, yet, in Pei Ge’s ears, it just seemed to come straight from hell, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin. She had only one thought in mind at the moment, and that was to… RUN! Run! Run! Run!

Thus, Pei Ge promptly turned backward and scrambled toward the nearest exit of the stairway.

Dong, dong, dong! As Pei Ge was wearing low-heel pumps today, they pounded against the floor rather loudly when she ran.

After Ji Ziming got off the phone, he heard the ruckus from the levels below. However, when he directed his gaze downward, he did not see anyone.

That’s weird. Ji Ziming frowned in confusion.

The voice that was humming a tune just now seemed awfully familiar, as well.

“CEO Ji, since we are in a rush, why don’t we take the elevator?”

“Sure.” Ji Ziming decided to forget about that familiar voice as he took large strides toward the exit of the stairway.

Ding! The elevator doors opened and Ji Ziming walked in expressionlessly with his entourage.

“Phew!” Pei Ge ran out of the stairway from the nearest exit and stood before the elevator. As she saw the downward-traveling elevator, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, a young lady like me is cautious and quick-witted enough. If not, I would’ve been caught by that annoying male host! If I take the elevator now, I won’t meet him for sure! The corners of Pei Ge’s lips curled up in triumph as she thought of this.

She looked at the display panel of the elevator to see which floor it was at and realized that she had actually pressed the buttons for ‘up’ and ‘down’.

Ding! The silver-colored elevator doors slowly opened as they reflected the lights of the surroundings.

The man within was currently looking at the documents in his hands. Meanwhile, the woman outside the door, as though she had thought of something, was happily not paying attention to her surroundings.

The gap between the elevator doors got bigger and bigger. Seemingly having an epiphany, the man within shifted his gaze away from the documents and looked toward the elevator doors.

A certain woman was still daydreaming about something with a silly smile on her face.

Just as the two people were about to be exposed from each other, a voice called out for Pei Ge, “Ge Ge!”

“Hm?” Recognizing Liu Yue’s voice, Pei Ge turned her head away from the elevator doors and looked toward Liu Yue’s direction with a smile on her face.

“Wait for me! I want to take the elevator with you!” Liu Yue grinned as she ran toward Pei Ge.

Perhaps it was because she had rushed forward so suddenly, but Liu Yue tripped over herself and hit the floor hard.

“Ouch!” Liu Yue cried out in pain.

“Xiaoyue!” Seeing that, Pei Ge swiftly ran toward Liu Yue.

The moment Pei Ge dashed away, the elevator doors fully opened.

When Ji Ziming saw the empty hallway from within the elevator doors, he turned his gaze downward once more to continue looking through the documents in his hands.

However, although his handsome face remained expressionless, the hands holding the documents tightened until Ji Ziming’s knuckles turned white, betraying his real emotional state.

“Damn it!”

Why was he hallucinating again?! Why did he feel as though that woman had spoken somewhere near him?!

Damn woman!

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