Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Woman Who Slept with the CEO

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“Xiaoyue, are you alright?” Pei Ge ran toward Liu Yue and carefully helped her up. “Are your legs injured?”

Regaining her balance, Liu Yue worked her ankles first before she shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

Pei Ge sighed in relief when she saw that Liu Yue was uninjured. “You should be more careful.”

Blinking her eyes, Liu Yue grinned. “I saw you running pretty fast, too.”

“Huh?” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue in confusion.

“Just now, I saw you run out from there as though you’ve seen a ghost. The speed you ran at is much faster than mine.” Liu Yue pointed toward the stairway exit as she teased Pei Ge.

Pei Ge quickly got what she meant and laughed awkwardly. Although she did not want to continue this topic, Liu Yue seemed to have a lot to say about it.

“Were you hiding from someone since you were running away in such a hasty manner?” Liu Yue curiously eyed Pei Ge as she asked this.

Pei Ge did not want to remember that person again, so she shook her head and softly replied, “I wasn’t hiding from anyone; I just wanted to go back faster.”

“Oh, were you?” Liu Yue asked, clearly not believing even one word of Pei Ge.

“It’s true. Why would I lie to you?” Pei Ge glanced at Liu Yue guiltily as she softly muttered this.

“He he… I think someone is feeling guilty!” Liu Yue grinned as she linked her arm with Pei Ge’s, coaxing her, “Ge Ge, what is our relationship like? Tell me what’s going on exactly. You’re acting really weird today.”

Pei Ge hesitated when she heard Liu Yue’s words. Indeed, she really wanted to offload the happenings in her pitiful life to someone. However, stuff like a one-night stand and paying for a male host was too hard to broach.

As such, Pei Ge merely shook her head and did not tell Liu Yue the truth. “There really isn’t anything. Xiaoyue, you are thinking too much.”

“Oh.” Liu Yue’s tone seemed somewhat cold as she nodded her head.

Hearing this, Pei Ge felt a little apologetic. “Cough. Xiaoyue, I will tell you next time if there really is anything.”

“Sure. I will tell you, too! After all, we are good friends!” Liu Yue smiled again and her tone sounded sincere once more.

Taking the elevator with Liu Yue, Pei Ge returned to her office.

The morning passed very quickly. In the afternoon, when Pei Ge was having lunch with Liu Yue, she learned that Ji Ziming had left the company because of an urgent matter and would most likely not return.

Hearing this news, Pei Ge felt as though she had revived.

“Ge Ge, why do I feel that you are really happy?” The ever perceptive Liu Yue expressed her observation as she studied Pei Ge’s appearance closely.

“Huh? Am I?” Pei Ge blinked her eyes innocently and happily dug into her lunch.

Hm… Today’s lunch is so delectable! It feels like I could still go for another two bowls of rice!

Within a certain financial center in the capital…

“Ziming, why are you in such a bad mood?” The moment Mu Heng stepped inside Ji Ziming’s office, he immediately saw the sullen face of his buddy who was sitting there and giving off a do-not-approach vibe.

Ji Ziming frowned in displeasure at Mu Heng.

Noticing Ji Ziming’s look, Mu Heng naturally got what his buddy was upset about. He then shrugged his shoulders and said innocently, “Don’t look at me like that. I did knock a few times on the door, but you were too engrossed about something to hear me.”

Ji Ziming was slightly taken aback when he heard this.

Was he really thinking that deeply about that person just now?

“Ha ha… Don’t tell me that our CEO Ji was once more thinking about that woman who had treated him as a male host. Why? Did you meet that little chili again?” Mu Heng laughed out loud when he saw Ji Ziming’s dazed expression.

Looking at the person who was taking pleasure in his misfortune, Ji Ziming harrumphed and refused to pay any attention to Mu Heng.

Having been around Ji Ziming for so many years, Mu Heng naturally understood the latter’s personality. When Ji Ziming remained silent, Mu Heng eagerly went up to him with a big smile on his face.

“Did you meet her again today? What did she say to you this time?” With a face full of desire for gossip, Mu Heng asked Ji Ziming.

Ji Ziming glanced at Mu Heng with arched eyebrows and coldly spoke, “I didn’t meet her.”

Only… He somehow felt her presence in his surroundings the whole day and kept on imagining hearing her voice.

Having known each other for years, even if Mu Heng could not claim to understand his best friend a hundred percent, he could proudly say that he understood him for at least seventy percent.

He knew deep down that his friend cared a lot about that fiery woman.

“You know what? Just go after that woman if you care that much about her! You, CEO Ji – a man filled with so much charm – don’t have to worry about not being successful in wooing a pure, little chili,” Mu Heng teased yet with a serious expression.

Listening to his words, Ji Ziming frowned deeply.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Why would he care about that damn woman?

Ji Ziming’s brows moved slightly and he paid no more heed to him.

Noticing Ji Ziming’s uncaring expression, Mu Heng mentally remarked, Seems like my friend here will have some pain to go through in the future.

Since the person who had made her nervous and panicky did not appear in the company the whole afternoon, Pei Ge enjoyed the rest of the day.

After getting off from work, Pei Ge returned home in a jolly mood.

Feeling cheerful, Pei Ge took a shower and looked at herself in the mirror. The more she observed herself through the mirror, the more Pei Ge felt that her new hairstyle was a pleasing sight.

As Pei Ge fondly caressed her hair, she kept thinking mentally, This hairstyle was done really well! The money was really well-spent!

She could totally imagine how that annoying man would have immediately discovered her if she had not changed her hairstyle the day before and appeared before him with her naturally curly, black hair, instead.

Obviously… that annoying male host would promptly fire her!

While thinking of that, Pei Ge could not help but groan.

Luckily, this young lady here has such good luck and is quick-witted enough. If not, I would surely be dead today!

Pei Ge triumphantly smirked as she returned to her room, her eyes filled with contentment. She picked up the hand phone that was on the bed and called a number.

“Hey, stupid Ge Ge! You finally remembered to call me!” The moment the call got through, Tang Xiaoyu’s upbeat voice came through the receiver.

“Er… Sorry, Xiaoyu. I’m really busy recently,” Pei Ge apologized, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

She had indeed not called Tang Xiaoyu for days. The reason was that she had been too busy recently. Every day, after coming back from work, she would immediately fall asleep the moment she lay on her bed.

“Hmph!” Tang Xiaoyu grunted, “Forget it. I’ll forgive you this once since you just found a new job.”

“Thank you so much for your kindness, my mistress!” Pei Ge teasingly laughed.

“Little Pei, is there anything interesting happening recently?” Tang Xiaoyu cracked up at Pei Ge’s ingratiating words and continued the joke in her reply.

“Sigh… Nothing interesting. But I’ve experienced a few unlucky things.” Pei Ge turned to lie flat on her stomach, depressed.

“Hm? What happened? Who bullied our Ge Ge?” Tang Xiaoyu raised her voice a little, her tone filled with concern.

Pei Ge’s lips curled up as she softly replied, “Do you still remember that incident at Bar Vista that I’ve told you about—”

“Ahhh! That one-night stand!” Tang Xiaoyu immediately reacted.

“…My elder sister here, can you please tone down your excitement? Do you really have to have such a big reaction?” Pei Ge speechlessly rolled her eyes at Tang Xiaoyu’s loud shriek.

“You don’t have to be scared. I’m living at an apartment for singles, and the soundproofing here is great,” Tang Xiaoyu assured, and then she excitedly asked, “What happened next?”

“Sigh…” Pei Ge depressingly said, “I thought he was a male host, then. Turns out he wasn’t.”

“Huh? Not a male host? Then, what is he?” Tang Xiaoyu asked, surprised.

“…The new CEO of our company,” Pei Ge unwillingly replied.

The phone went silent. Immediately following this was hysterical laughter. “Pwa ha ha ha ha!”

Hearing Tang Xiaoyu’s laughter, Pei Ge depressingly asked, “What is so funny?”

“Ha ha! That is what’s funny! I cannot do it anymore! My stomach is hurting so much from laughing!” After laughing for quite some time, Tang Xiaoyu adjusted her tone and said in a solemn manner, “Ge Ge, our chance is here!”

“What?” Pei Ge asked, dumbfounded.

“You are the woman who slept with the CEO! This is fate! Isn’t this a sign for you to marry into a rich and influential family through romance?!” Tang Xiaoyu grinned happily.

“…I’m going to sleep.”

“Ge Ge! Wait—”

Tang Xiaoyu wanted to continue on, yet Pei Ge resolutely hung up on her.

Indeed, this kind of things shouldn’t be told to anyone. Only I should know about it.

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