Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Get it on, Julia!

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In the deafening music and under the dim light of Bar Vista, the lonely men and women were busy with their things, so not one of them noticed what was happening at a certain corner of it.

Pei Ge nervously looked at the four men, who were obviously up to no good, before them and felt stifled. If not for the fact that the time was not right, she would really knock on Liu Yue’s head. What was this girl thinking when she did that?

“Wha – What should we do, Ge Ge?” Liu Yue tightly gripped Pei Ge’s hand as she stuttered this question with a fear-stricken face.

How would Pei Ge know what to do? This was a bar. Although it was rather high class, it was still a bar through and through. There were all types of people patronizing this bar, so one could never guarantee another’s safety because of that.

Looking at the four men, whose eyes shone with obscenity, Pei Ge pursed her lips and lifted her chin. “You want to teach us a lesson with just the four of you? Hur hur! Do you know who I am?!” Pei Ge laughed coldly as she domineeringly swept her gaze across them.

The four men, who wanted to cause the two ladies harm, immediately froze up when they heard her words, asking inside them, Could this woman have a powerful background?

Liu Yue perplexedly gazed at Pei Ge who was standing beside her.

“Don’t try to bluff your way out of this, woman!” one of the four men roared this to Pei Ge with suspicion in his eyes.

Detecting the hesitation in the man’s voice, Pei Ge did not show any frailty and, instead, raised her chin further with a proud and cold expression on her face.

“You’re suspecting me? He he… Why would people like you be qualified to know my real identity? Let me tell you, if you don’t want to create trouble for yourselves, get out of my sight now! If not, I, Julia, will have a hundred different methods to make sure you guys are unable to continue staying here in the capital!”

At this moment, Pei Ge stood in the bar with her head held high and eyes narrowed. The eyes she used to look at the four men were filled with indifference, making her domineering attitude be on par with that of a queen’s.

The four men who already had doubts in their hearts were finally convinced by Pei Ge’s acting and silently decided to retreat.

As the good old saying went, in a place like the capital, if a brick fell from the top, there was an eight out of ten chance that the person who was hit by it would be someone important.

Who knew if this ordinary-looking woman was actually someone that they should not trifle with?

At Pei Ge’s cold and cutting gaze, the four men felt even more certain that their guess was correct. Just as the four of them decided to simply throw a few fierce words and leave, they heard the other woman, who had been staying silent all this while, speak.

“Ge Ge, who is Julia?” Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge perplexedly, totally out of touch with what was happening.

“Puh!” Someone at another table spewed out the alcohol in his mouth like a fountain, yet the few people who were in a deadlock did not notice it at all.

The situation immediately changed at this moment.

Upon hearing Liu Yue’s words, the four men, who had already made up their minds to beat a hasty retreat, stood rooted to their spots for a while before glaring daggers at Pei Ge.

“The hell?! Your mouth indeed stinks so much!” the man spat venomously.

Pei Ge really wanted to puke to death right now, and she also really wanted to see what was exactly inside Liu Yue’s head!

“F*ck!” Pei Ge swore – a scene that rarely happened – and flung away Liu Yue’s hand, which was tightly being held by hers. She then picked up the cup on the table and splashed its liquor content on the four men.

“Ahhh!” Caught by surprise, the four men were splashed head-on. The alcohol got into their eyes that they had been unable to close in time and felt burning pain in them.

Taking advantage of the time the four men were rubbing their eyes, Pei Ge once more aimed another glass and bottle at the men’s heads.

“Tsk! A little chili, indeed! She’s really brave and her fighting ability is not something to scoff at!” A certain someone, who was sitting on a nearby sofa, gazed at Pei Ge in awe.

“Ahhh! F*ck you, b*tch! Don’t think this daddy here won’t dare hit a woman!” Frustrated, one of the four men that were splashed and hit by Pei Ge threatened to do her harm.

Pei Ge resolutely ignored these four people’s threats. Turning her gaze on to Liu Yue, Pei Ge saw the latter staring at her with a dumbfounded expression. Pei Ge rolled her eyes at this as she pulled Liu Yue by the hand. “What are you standing there in a daze for?! Hurry up and run!”

However, how could these men, who were hit on the heads so much that bumps formed, allow the two women to run away so easily?

“Trying to run after doing those things to us, brothers? Dream on!” The men shouted as they chased after the duo.

If Pei Ge were by herself, she would definitely be able to run away swiftly. Unfortunately, she was currently accompanied in her escape by Liu Yue who had specially worn eight-inch-tall stilettos suitable for nightlife settings.

Forget running; she had to be careful even while walking!

Indeed, Liu Yue had only run a few steps forward when she tripped on her feet, pulling Pei Ge down with her.

“Ahh!” Pei Ge cried out in pain as she hit the ground.

When they saw the two women, who were trying to run away, fall to the ground, the four men, who had red eyes from the sting of the alcohol, triumphantly smiled.

“Run! Run some more, you two b*tch*s! This daddy here will teach you a lesson today, so that you two will learn that I’m not someone to be trifled with!” The man stared daggers at Pei Ge, evidently very displeased by the fact that he and his brothers were made fools of.

Looking at the man who was getting closer to her, Pei Ge used the cold voice she had used earlier to say, “Touch me if you have the guts!”

“Hur hur! Still trying to trick me? I won’t fall for it this—” The man laughed derisively as he looked down at Pei Ge who was currently on the floor. However, before the man could finish his words, he cried out in pain, “Ahhhh!”

The man then covered his bottom half with his hands.

With movements so smooth that they seemed practiced, Pei Ge stood up from the ground and harrumphed, “Hmph! I already warned you, but you refused to pay heed to it.”

“Damn woman!” The other three men angrily rushed toward Pei Ge.

As Pei Ge was falling down, she quickly scoured her surroundings for anything she could use to fight the men off, so when the three rushed toward her, she was able to quickly pick up the bottle from a neighboring table and unhesitatingly hurled it toward the men.

“Ahh!” Pain-filled screeches sounded.

It was worth mentioning that Pei Ge’s aim was really good, and with that one bottle, she was able to hit two people – truly a high level of throwing skill.

Seeing that she missed one man, Pei Ge quickly picked up a half-filled bottle of liquor from the neighboring table once more and smashed it toward the remaining man.

Since the bottle was half-filled, the screech this time was louder than the other ones.


“Liu Yue! If you don’t want to get beaten up, take off your stupid shoes now!” After loudly berating Liu Yue, Pei Ge no longer spared her another glance.

Pei Ge looked at the men who were either holding their bottom halves or their faces with their hands and quickly fished out a hundred-dollar bill from her handbag.

As Pei Ge was in a rush, with a pinging sound, she slammed the note on the table. Her domineering look stunned a certain man who was usually a good poser.

“I’m so sorry for just now. This is to compensate you for the drinks.” After saying this, Pei Ge left without sparing the man sitting on the sofa a backward glance with Liu Yue, who had already taken off her stilettos, in tow.

When the man finally recovered his senses, he could no longer see the woman. For some inexplicable reason, he felt a sense of helplessness.

Hey! The male lead isn’t here yet! The knight in shining armor hasn’t appeared yet! Young lady, can you please not be so valiant?!

The man lowered his head to look at the red note and was even more jumbled inside.

Young lady, the money you gave for the alcohol isn’t enough! This young master here is drinking vodka with a six-digit price! This hundred-dollar bill you gave me is not even one percent of that!

“Mu Heng, why are you looking for me in such a rush?”

Mu Heng helplessly raised his head and rolled his eyes at this person who took his sweet time getting here, saying exasperatedly, “Young hero, you came too late! The beauty has already left.”

The plan he had, although made in a rush, to have this knight in shining armor rescue the beauty in distress was effectively destroyed by the two leads that did not perform as they should have. How tough it was for him!

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