Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: A Dangerous Encounter in the Bar

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“Ge Ge, did you complete the documents I gave you yesterday?”

Early in the morning of the following day, Liu Yue hastily entered the Advertising Department and eagerly looked for Pei Ge.

Watching the anxious Liu Yue, Pei Ge then remembered that she had forgotten to send the completed documents to her last night because of the abrupt power stoppage.

“The electricity was cut off suddenly last night, so I couldn’t send you the documents in time,” Pei Ge apologized first. Seeing that her words caused Liu Yue to become anxious instead, she quickly added, “Relax. I have already completed all that you gave me. I’ll send them to you right now.”

As she said that, Pei Ge started operating her computer.

Liu Yue secretly heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Pei Ge’s words and grinned. “Ge Ge, thank you so much, really.”

“It’s nothing,” Pei Ge replied as she emailed the documents to Liu Yue.

After a short while, Pei Ge managed to send all the documents she had completed last night to Liu Yue.

“It’s done!” Pei Ge raised her head and smiled at Liu Yue. She then retrieved another stack of documents from her drawer and passed them over to Liu Yue. “And these, too.”

Liu Yue widened her eyes into saucers as she looked at Pei Ge and exclaimed, “You really finished all of them?!”

“Yes. Is there a problem?” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue in befuddlement, unsure as to why she was reacting like this.

“No – nothing. I’m just thinking how amazing you are. There’s so much work, so you must’ve worked until very late. Thanks for the hard work.” Liu Yue shook her head and said this gratefully.

Watching Liu Yue hold the documents in her hands, Pei Ge did not pretend to be modest. Instead, she nodded her head and said, “It was indeed tough. Xiaoyue, there sure is a lot of work in your department. You also have a tough time usually, huh.”

“Hur hur… Yes, our department is really busy.” Liu Yue smiled and quickly changed the topic. “Leave some time for me this weekend; I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“Sure!” Pei Ge happily agreed with a nod of her head.

“We have an appointment, then! Alright, I have to go back to my office now.” After saying that, Liu Yue hastily departed from the Advertising Department.

Once Liu Yue was gone, Pan Xinlei turned to look at Pei Ge.

“Ge Ge, you really finished all those documents? You really are too honest,” Pan Xinlei said solemnly.

Pei Ge knew that Pan Xinlei was just concerned for her, so she smilingly appeased the latter, “It’s alright. The electricity was cut off just as I finished them, so it’s really nothing.”

“You… Don’t just foolishly agree to help others complete their work next time,” Pan Xinlei admonished with a shake of her head.

“Of course, I know that. This was just an emergency situation.” Pei Ge grinned. She was not born yesterday, after all.

If the requester was not Liu Yue and she had no emergency situation at her house, Pei Ge would never make such a silly decision of working overtime just to complete that person’s work.

In addition, although she was unlucky to have met that annoying male host of a CEO while working overtime last night, it at least ended in a surprisingly interesting manner.

Now, every time she thought of that proud and domineering big boss being afraid of the dark and actually following behind her so obediently, as though he were a little wife, she would crack up.

“Ge Ge, what are you laughing at while in a daze?” Pan Xinlei was baffled when Pei Ge fell into a trance with a silly smile on her face while speaking.

“Ah?” Pei Ge regained her senses and blinked her eyes as she said, “I just thought of something interesting.”

“Puh! I have really been defeated by you. You can be so happy even by yourself.” Pan Xinlei, unable to control her laughter, smiled broadly at Pei Ge’s reply.

Seeing Pan Xinlei laugh, Pei Ge started laughing, too.

However, while Pan Xinlei was laughing at Pei Ge, Pei Ge was laughing at a certain someone who was afraid of the dark.

Time passed by quickly, and it was soon the weekend. Pei Ge had not seen Ji Ziming come to the company since then.

When they got off from work on Friday and after they had dinner, Pei Ge, who originally intended to return home to sleep, was once more dragged to Bar Vista by Liu Yue.

As she sat comfortably on the sofa, Pei Ge watched a group of men and women gyrate to their hearts’ content on the dance floor. She felt bored to death.

She really could not understand what was so fun about this place. She also could not understand why Liu Yue liked coming to this place when she neither drank liquor nor danced on the dance floor.

Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue who was sitting beside her and was raising her voice to be heard above the din.

Pei Ge muttered mentally, If Liu Yue wants to have a chat with me, we could just go to a coffee house. How will we be able to chat here when it is this noisy?

“Ge Ge, did you call for a male host here before?!” Liu Yue shouted in Pei Ge’s ears as the loud music filled the air.

Er… Why did she mention this topic again?

Pei Ge made a silent decision to never come to a bar with Liu Yue ever again. Otherwise, she would really be tired out from trying to avoid answering her questions.

“What?! The music is too loud! I couldn’t hear you!” Pei Ge resolutely decided to be obtuse about it.

“I said! Did you—” Liu Yue raised the volume of her voice further once she learned that Pei Ge did not hear her question, but before she could finish her sentence, someone interrupted her.

“So noisy! I say if you two women really want to chat, then go out! Why are you chatting away in a bar, anyway?! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Shout, my ass! This daddy here wants to listen to music!” The man sitting near Pei Ge and Liu Yue angrily stood up and harshly berated Liu Yue.

Although Pei Ge felt displeased at the man’s obnoxiousness, since she knew that Liu Yue had indeed been too loud and they had been chattering away this whole time, she did not open her mouth to retort at the man as per usual.

However, while she restrained herself from speaking up to avoid quarreling with the man, the petite Liu Yue actually stood up from her seat and started arguing with the man.

“If you want to listen to music, then go home and listen to it there! This is a public place. Why can’t I speak loudly?! Hmph! Where are your decency?!” Liu Yue gazed at the man disdainfully and in a belittling way.

When he saw Liu Yue look at him like this, the man, who wore a leopard-print shirt, widened his eyes and glared at Liu Yue murderously.

“What are you staring at?! Hmph!” Even if the man looked very fierce, Liu Yue remained unafraid to say these words.

Pei Ge was once again frightened by Liu Yue’s actions. She never thought that Liu Yue, who usually looked so cute and demure, actually had such an aggressive side.

“Xiaoyue, stop it. Let’s leave.” Pei Ge tugged at Liu Yue when she saw the man’s expression turn more sullen.

“Ge Ge, don’t be afraid. I have seen this type of guys plenty of times. You have to be more headstrong when dealing with them. Relax; he doesn’t dare do anything to us here.” Liu Yue smiled at Pei Ge in reassurance.

Looking at the man who was so angry that he widened his eyes at them, much like a tiger would to its prey, Pei Ge was sure that they would not remain fine if they continued to sit here.

After all, this was a bar and they were both females. If anything were to happen here, it would undoubtedly be nothing good.

Pei Ge wanted to drag Liu Yue away, but for some reason, as though she had a purpose for coming here, Liu Yue refused to leave the bar.

At this moment, the man who was glaring daggers at them suddenly turned around and left.

“Ge Ge, look! I knew it! That type of man is all bark and no bite. You totally didn’t have to worry,” Liu Yue triumphantly said to Pei Ge when she saw the man leave.

However, Pei Ge had a feeling that something was not right. As Liu Yue refused to leave no matter how much she persuaded her, Pei Ge could only continue accompanying her in the bar.

Before long, Pei Ge finally understood that the feeling of uneasiness in her heart was not just her imagination.

“It’s these two damn women! Their breaths stink as hell!” The man wearing a leopard-print shirt, who had originally left, returned with three to four other men who exuded the same type of hooligan aura. It was obvious that they were the type of people who were always up to no good.

Liu Yue did not behave as aggressively as she did before this time. Instead, she gripped Pei Ge’s hand with her eyes full of fear and anxiety.

“I see! Then, let us brothers properly teach these two, pretty ladies…”

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