Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: I’ll choose you.

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Bar Vista.

Not only was Bar Vista one of the most expensive places in the capital, it was also the largest and most well-known bar in B City.

Rather than calling it a hotel, it would be more accurate to call Bar Vista a place for entertainment. Although the place provided many different services, it was still the bar on the first floor that was the most notable.

“Miss, we have reached Bar Vista.”

After the taxi had left, Pei Ge, who had gotten off the taxi, took a look at the glamorous lights around her and the exceptionally eye-catching building and suddenly felt nervous and unsure.

She had always been an obedient girl who listened to her parents, so although she was already a 26-year-old ‘old lady’, she had honestly never been to such places.

In fact, Pei Ge only came to know about Bar Vista because she had recently heard someone mention the place. According to that person, there were many good-looking people in this bar and it provided ‘that’ kind of service.

Pei Ge nervously gulped as she watched men and women enter and leave the building. Only now that she was physically present in the place that she felt nervous and timid.

I – I think I better go back.

Just as Pei Ge was about to turn around and leave, those ridiculing words from her memory resurfaced.

“A thousand years slow moving good!”

“Serves her right for being single…”

Immediately, Pei Ge stopped herself from leaving. She pressed her lips together and her bright eyes turned to look at the incomparably eye-catching building…

The blinking lights, the moving bodies, the deafening music – as Pei Ge experienced all that was in front of her, she felt like an outlier.

Pei Ge took a seat at a quiet corner of the bar and ordered some drinks. Drinking the liquor alone, she watched the fashionably dressed men and women party incessantly.

One cup after another…

Pei Ge’s fair skin gradually turned as red as a peach. The supple, white cheeks with a touch of red, coupled with the red lips that were moisturized by the alcohol, made her look very seductive.

However, this seductive sight was bound to go unnoticed by anyone; all because she was sitting at a corner where no one would see her.

“Zhou Zhuoyang… You bastard!”

As her vision clouded over, Pei Ge took another huge gulp of the alcohol.

“What you said about loving me the most – about never leaving my side – it was all rubbish!” Pei Ge angrily shouted as she slammed the empty glass on the table. Her angry shout was buried by the deafening music of the bar, however, so only she heard her words.

Pei Ge shouted a few more times, as though she was venting, and then fell silent. She watched the men and women nearby hug one another and could not help but think of her past with Zhou Zhuoyang.

It had already been seven years. If she counted the three years when Zhou Zhuoyang had gone missing, then they would know each other for seven years.

That year when she was 19, she first met Zhou Zhuoyang at a library. Their fate started from a single book, and slowly, as they got to know each other better… It transformed into love.

From university to after graduation; she thought that they would be together forever – from marriage and having children to the two of them turning old – but…

She had never expected him to suddenly disappear. After leaving behind a few cryptic words, he vanished entirely.

And when he finally appeared in front of her again, it was with that kind of identity…

He said, “Ge Ge, we’ve been together for three years now. We… are truly in love.”

“Ha ha…” Pei Ge swallowed the bitter alcohol and laughed. However, it was apparent that her eyes were clouded with sadness and hurt. “‘True love’, huh. Then, what was I?”

Pei Ge bitterly smirked, as she felt cold all the way to her heart.

Zhou Zhuoyang had suddenly become her brother-in-law.

Ha ha! How unbelievable!

Pei Ge downed another drink and her eyes started to grow hazy.

“Ge Ge, after all, you didn’t like Zhou Zhuoyang very much, so I didn’t think you would mind.” Pei Shishi’s words suddenly appeared from her memories.

“I didn’t like him? I didn’t mind it? Cousin, whether I liked him or not, don’t you know it best?” Pei Ge muttered as she pushed the glasses to one side and covered her face with her hands, as though she was trying to run away from something.

Why did this happen? The two people she liked and cared about the most…

“Miss, Miss, are you okay?”

Pei Ge raised her head and saw a waiter wearing a form-fitting uniform standing in front of her and smiling at her.

“I am fine.” Pei Ge shook her head.

The waiter saw that nothing was indeed wrong with Pei Ge and was about to leave, but Pei Ge called out to him, “Wait!”

Pei Ge vaguely remembered some of the things that her colleagues had mentioned about Bar Vista.

“Miss, is there anything else I can help you with?” The waiter stopped in his tracks and looked at Pei Ge with a smile.

“I heard that the male hosts here are fairly good. Call some up for me to choose.” Pei Ge hoarsely said, looking at the waiter with red cheeks and blurry eyes.

Hearing Pei Ge’s words, the waiter was initially stunned and could not help but think to himself, I never imagined that this inexperienced-looking lady would actually come up with such a request.

However, despite being surprised, he quickly recovered himself and smiled. “No problem, Miss. Please wait a moment.”

Heh… Today, she was going to have a taste of being the one to choose, instead. She was going to choose someone who was a hundred times better than Zhou Zhuoyang!

Pei Ge smiled sillily and poured herself another glass of alcohol.

Grooving music, darkened lightings, and noisy groups of people – everything was a little crazed. However, in a quiet corner of the bar, a different type of crazy scenario was unfolding.

“This is what you mean by having fairly good male hosts?”

Pei Ge observed the men crowding in front of her through squinted eyes.

“Yes, Miss. Who would you like to service you?” The usher leading the male hosts smiled while speaking.

“Not very good! Get me a new batch!” Pei Ge said this rather detestably as she put down the glass in her hand and waved her arms about.

When the usher heard Pei Ge’s words, the smile on his lips immediately froze.

This was already the fourth time. In the beginning, he had really thought her to be just a small fry and offhandedly instructed someone to lead a few male hosts over. However, after seeing that this woman was very picky, he began to pay more heed to her request, thinking that she should be a mistress from a rather affluent family.

This was already the fourth time, though, and he had already brought over the best male hosts in the bar. Was this not enough? Did this lady come in the bar to create trouble?

“This lady here, these are already the best from our bar,” the usher said while trying to maintain the smile on his face.

Pei Ge heard the usher’s words, snorted, and disdainfully said, “They are all you have, huh.”

The moment she said that, the faces of the row of male hosts standing in front of Pei Ge, waiting to be chosen, immediately turned black.

“This lady here…” The usher repressed his anger and smiled politely at Pei Ge.

However, before he could finish what he wanted to say, Pei Ge interrupted him. “Stop talking rubbish to me. Do you have better ones?”

Pei Ge stubbornly muttered to herself. All she wanted was to find someone a hundred times better than Zhou Zhuoyang. Why was it so hard?

“Heh… Of course, there are better ones; we are just afraid that you won’t be able to afford it,” one of the male hosts was finally unable to repress his anger and sarcastically said this.

“Money?” Pei Ge burped and laughed. “I have money! I want the best! The most expensive one!”

“Brother Li, I think this woman is drunk. Let’s just leave her alone.”

“Indeed. Looking at her dress, she doesn’t seem like someone rich. She looks more like someone who has come to a bar to get drunk.”

“Merely an unwanted woman.”

As the usher heard the murmurings of the male hosts, he inwardly agreed with their speculations. Just as he was about to find an excuse to leave, he saw the woman who had been sitting on the sofa suddenly stand up.

“I want him!”

This very picky woman was suddenly satisfied. This made the male hosts, who had always been on the chosen end, and the usher curiously look toward the direction Pei Ge was pointing.

What they saw scared them silly.

“C – CEO Ji?!” The usher was so frightened that he started stuttering.

“I want him! How much?! I’ll pay for him!” Pei Ge stared fixedly at the man who had just entered the bar and proclaimed.


The male hosts were astonished at Pei Ge’s guts.

This woman… definitely had a death wish!

She actually mistook CEO Ji for a male host?!

Unexpectedly, whether due to coincidence or because Pei Ge’s wish was too fervent, the man she had taken a fancy to actually started walking toward their direction.

As the man got closer, Pei Ge also became more excited. There is indeed a man who is a hundred times better than that jerk, Zhou Zhuoyang!

The man’s perfectly sculpted face and distinctive features grew clearer. The icy aura emitted by his deep-set eyes, although infatuating, dissuaded people from coming closer.

The man exuded power and his charisma was impeccably extraordinary. Every move he made was done with posh and elegance.

How could a mere male host exude such imposing presence? Unfortunately, the already drunk Pei Ge was unable to think rationally at the moment.

“I’ll choose you. Tonight, I want you to service me.”

As the man was about to walk past Pei Ge, she grabbed on to the unguarded man’s tie and pulled him toward her, making him bend down.

Pei Ge stared at the man’s thin lips and pressed her red, wet lips on his cooling ones.

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