Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Troublesome Drunk Cat

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Under the dim lighting, a man slightly bent his waist while a woman stood on her tiptoe. Their noses rubbed against the other and their lips tightly pressed against each other, looking very intimate. The scene was as pretty as an oil painting.

Of course, that was only if there was not a group of silly-looking, dumbstruck men crowding around them.

“Uhhh!” Gazing at the attractive face right in front of her eyes, Pei Ge blinked her eyes and unconsciously reached out her tongue to lick at the man’s thin lips.

This was when Ji Ziming, who had suddenly been yanked and kissed by Pei Ge, feeling that soft and warm touch, returned to his senses.

“It’s sweet.” After licking Ji Ziming’s lips, Pei Ge smacked her lips and looked at him with a silly smile on her face.

Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes at the intoxicated woman who had yanked him. The strong smell of alcohol coming from her made him furrow his brows.

However, when he saw her blushing cheeks and infatuated but focused gaze, for some reason, he could not bring himself to push her away.

This woman looked familiar.

“How – How much? I’ll pay for your services for one night.” Pei Ge blinked her eyes, entangled her limbs on to Ji Ziming, and drunkenly proclaimed this.

When Ji Ziming saw the woman’s actions, the furrow in his brows deepened. “Let go,” he icily said while coldly eyeing the face that was planted, and occasionally rubbed, against his chest.

“No! You are mine. Tonight, I have already reserved you!”

As she said that, Pei Ge tightened her hands around Ji Ziming’s waist.

He is hers? Reserved him? Ji Ziming lowered his head to look at the obedient-looking lady who was pressing her face against his chest with a silly smile. His brows raised and the coldness in his eyes, for some reason, lightened.

He, who had always hated having physical contact with woman, was surprisingly not repulsed by this lady’s touch.

Watching the scene playing out in front of them, the male hosts felt as if they were hallucinating.

CEO Ji, who had always disliked women and despised clingy women, actually did not push away this drunken lady today?

“C – CEO Ji, so – sorry! We will pull this crazy woman right away!” The usher, who had finally came back to his senses, broke out in a cold sweat. He inwardly cursed at Pei Ge – this baffling woman who came to find male hosts and was blind enough to mistake CEO Ji for one.

“This customer here, please let go of your hands!” The usher walked toward Pei Ge and politely said this.

However, who knew that the drunken Pei Ge would ignore him and instead continue rubbing herself against Ji Ziming’s chest with a silly smile while muttering something?

Looking at the state Pei Ge was in, Ji Ziming had the strong urge to laugh.

Meanwhile, the ignored usher felt enraged and scared. What if CEO Ji got angry because of this woman? Would he still be able to continue doing this job?

The moment he thought this, he decided to abandon any sense of decorum and instead resolutely started pulling at her.

“Dizzy… I feel bad…” The usher’s strong yanking made Pei Ge feel queasy.

Ji Ziming watched the two people go at each other in front of him, and when Pei Ge continued to hold on to him despite the strong force pulling her away, he suddenly felt an indescribable emotion.

The usher saw the slight movements of Ji Ziming’s eyebrows and mistook them for him getting more annoyed. Hence, he exerted greater force, trying to pull this drunken woman away faster.

“Stop – stop pulling… I’m feeling bad…” Pei Ge rested her head against Ji Ziming’s chest and queasily muttered this.

Looking at Pei Ge’s unsettling face, Ji Ziming’s brows furrowed even deeper. Just as he was about to stop the usher from pulling her away––


Following this retching sound, the air was immediately filled with the smell of alcohol.


The watching male hosts and the usher pulling at Pei Ge were dumbstruck, gawking at her and Ji Ziming.

At the same time, Ji Ziming felt something warm and wet on his chest and his flawlessly handsome face turned dark.

It was as though a thunderstorm was onward, striking people with fear.

Puke! As if she had not puked enough, another retching sound echoed about.

Ji Ziming’s face turned even more sullen.

The little bit of unexplainable emotion he felt for the drunken woman in his arms vanished and only disdain remained.

This time, without waiting for the usher, Ji Ziming took the initiative to pull Pei Ge away from him.

However, he soon realized why the usher was unable to pull Pei Ge away from him despite exerting a lot of force. This woman… was actually hugging him very tightly.

No matter how much force he exerted, he was unable to get the woman to let go of him.

“C – CEO Ji. Wha – What do you think we should do now?”

Seeing Ji Ziming’s face get darker, the usher sweated even more.

The moment Ji Ziming heard the man’s words, his gaze turned sharp and he said in a tone filled with rage, “Go away!”

“Ye – Yes, yes, yes! We will leave right away!” The usher’s eyes flitted with happiness when he heard Ji Ziming’s order. With the male hosts in tow, he fled from the scene fast.

When they finally disappeared from his line of sight, Ji Ziming turned his annoyed gaze on to Pei Ge.

Pei Ge still had that silly smile on her face as she lay in Ji Ziming’s arms like a koala.

He coldly furrowed his brows.

“You are mine; you won’t be able to run away.” As though she felt his gaze on her, Pei Ge muttered this softly.

Listening to the words of the woman in his arms, Ji Ziming pressed his lips together and took out his hand phone.

“Hey, Ziming, where did you go to? We are only halfway through our drinks. Why did you take so long to answer your phone?!” The moment the call was answered, Mu Heng’s boisterous voice came through the receiver.


Even in such a rowdy environment, Ji Ziming could clearly hear Mu Heng’s boisterous voice. In fact, it was even a little loud.

“All the ladies are waiting for you—” In the midst of teasing the other, Mu Heng perceived something unusual on Ji Ziming’s end, “Hm? Why is it so noisy over there? Are you in the bar on first floor?!”

Ji Ziming did not answer Mu Heng’s question. Instead, he coldly said, “Prepare me a suite and get me a set of clothes to change into.”

“Huh? A suite? Clothes?” Mu Heng was baffled by Ji Ziming’s request. “Ji Ziming, you… you—”

His sentence was interrupted by a woman’s caw.

“Wow, Ji Ziming! Have you finally been enlightened?! Wait a moment; I’ll quickly send you the room number!” Mu Heng immediately got off the phone, as though he was afraid to delay Ji Ziming’s sport.

In a short while, Ji Ziming received a message on his phone.

Looking at the room number in the message, Ji Ziming princess-carried Pei Ge, who continued to cling tightly on to him despite her drunkenness, and walked toward the elevator.

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