Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Woman, are you satisfied?

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Ding! The elevator stopped at the eighth floor.

When the elevator doors opened, Ji Ziming quickly spotted a room service employee standing nearby.

“Greetings, CEO Ji. Young Master Mu has already arranged a room for you. Please follow me.” The service staff smiled at Ji Ziming, unhindered and unaffected by the fact that a woman had her limbs coiled tightly around Ji Ziming.

Di! The service staff opened the door to the suite Mu Heng had arranged for Ji Ziming with a room card.

Once Ji Ziming entered the room and closed the door behind him, his face abruptly darkened.

The whole room was colored in a sexy rose-red hue.

From the door all the way into the room, bright red rose petals were scattered on the floor. The dark rose-colored lighting bathed the light yellow wallpapers with a flirtatious tone.

An entirely transparent bathroom and a bathtub big enough for two….

There was also a king-sized bed. Above the bed’s fire-red blanket, rose petals were arranged in a huge heart shape.

The air was emanating a special fragrance. This light fragrance gave Ji Ziming a dubitable feeling.

Okay, he would admit it. It was this room; nothing was right with this room.

If Mu Heng were here, he would snicker at Ji Ziming’s cluelessness. This fragrance in the air was not just any normal air freshener. It was a high-class aphrodisiac fragrance, specially provided for suites made for couples.

As Ji Ziming examined the suite, his brows furrowed even more and he was filled with displeasure.

He took large strides to the huge bed, wanting to throw the woman sleeping peacefully and contentedly in his arms onto the bed.

However, even when he released his hands, the woman still tightly clung on to him. She was as agile as a monkey, with her arms coiled around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist.


Feeling the tightness around his waist, he coldly said, “Let go!”

“No, I won’t! What if you run away the moment I let go?” Pei Ge grinned. She opened her eyes and gazed at Ji Ziming with blurred vision.


For the first time in Ji Ziming’s life, he felt helpless. “I won’t run away. You can let go.”

If Mu Heng were here right now, he would definitely be astonished by Ji Ziming’s attitude.

CEO Ji Ziming, the man known for his arrogance and indifference… Since when did he become such a nice person to the point of – to the point of listening to a woman’s words?

“You’re lying! Zhou Zhuoyang, that jerk, ran away! He also said he wouldn’t run away…” Pei Ge said in a voice full of grievances.

Upon hearing a man’s name, Ji Ziming’s patience to coax Pei Ge to release abruptly vanished. Rather, his heart burned with an anger he did not realize.

“Damn it!” Ji Ziming’s voice was awash with anger, and he coldly regarded the woman tightly wrapped around his body. This time, he mercilessly pulled Pei Ge off.

“Ahhhh! It hurts!” Pei Ge cried out. After being pushed onto the bed, she continued to make a ruckus. “I’m thirsty… I want some water…” Pei Ge scrunched her nose and called out in a pitiful voice.

Ji Ziming watched Pei Ge’s pitiful look as she lay on the bed. Although his expression remained cold, he still took out a bottle of mineral water from the fridge for Pei Ge.

“Water.” Ji Ziming curtly said as he opened the bottle cap before passing it to Pei Ge, who was lying half-awake on the bed.

Pei Ge fuzzily received the bottle and downed the 560-millimeter water inside it in one gulp.

“Hah…” After downing the content of the bottle, she contentedly hugged the blanket and closed her eyes.

“Hmph.” Seeing Pei Ge hug the blanket and close her eyes, Ji Ziming grunted. He then started unbuttoning the buttons at his collar and untying his tie with practiced ease.

After throwing the clothes Pei Ge had dirtied with her puke on the floor, Ji Ziming strutted into the entirely transparent bathroom.

The moment he stepped inside the bathroom, Ji Ziming smelled that the fragrance was thicker here than outside, causing his head to ache lightly.

Shwaaa! Pei Ge, who was lying on the bed, was woken up by the sound of rushing water from the shower head.

“Uhhh…” She opened her eyes and looked toward the bathroom blurrily.

With that one glance, the half-asleep and drunk Pei Ge was unable to shift her eyes away from the scene.

Due to the water vapor, the transparent glass glistened with condensation, making the person inside look blurry.

This blurred scene just made Pei Ge’s heart beat even faster, however.

A man could be seen washing his body through the misty bathroom glass, and even with the hazy silhouette, one could guess that his proportions were perfect.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and felt her breathing going a slightly faster. Her heart pounded loudly and her body felt hot and dry.

Shwash… shwash… The sound of the flowing water continued to echo about and Pei Ge sat up on the bed.

“Right. I called for a male host…” With a silly smile on her face, Pei Ge got off the bed and walked barefoot toward the bathroom.

A clicking sound made Ji Ziming, who was washing his hair, furrow his brows. Before he could turn around, he felt a pair of hands gently fondle his waist.

The cold and smooth touch instantly gave Ji Ziming goosebumps.

“How slim…” Pei Ge observed the man’s back view – broad shoulders, slim waist, muscular bottoms, and long legs.

Glistening water droplets dripped from the man’s obsidian hair, his neck, all the way to his muscular body, and down to his muscular bottoms and thighs…

Pei Ge audibly gulped, her gaze filling with infatuation as she felt her body temperature rise.

“Get out!”

In response to Pei Ge’s fervent gaze, Ji Ziming started feeling uneasy. This woman obviously did nothing but stare at him intently, but… his body was actually reacting to it!

“No! I have already reserved you. I will do whatever I want!”

Not only did Pei Ge not leave, she even shamelessly threw herself onto Ji Ziming. Under the influence of alcohol and aphrodisiac, she was already unable to control her actions.

Pei Ge wore a snow-white chiffon dress today.

In normal times, this particular dress of Pei Ge would be considered as tasteless and could even be labeled as somewhat hideous. However, it would turn into a semi-transparent, body-hugging, sexy dress when wet.

Ji Ziming, who was naked, felt the warmth from her body on his back. As the woman’s soft hands explored his body, his gaze darkened.

When he finally turned around and saw the look of the woman hugging his body, his breathing halted and his rationality flew out the window.

“Who am I?”

Ji Ziming’s hoarse voice sounded as he stared at Pei Ge with eyes that seemed to shine.

“You?” Pei Ge raised her head and blinked her eyes. Thinking about it for a while, she said in a triumphant voice, “You’re the person I reserved – the male host who will be serving me.”

“Heh…” Ji Ziming peered at Pei Ge, who had eyes filled with triumph, and the corners of his mouth turned up. Holding Pei Ge’s red cheeks in his palms, he lowered his head, and with some aggressiveness, kissed her red, moist lips.

The sudden kiss caused Pei Ge to subconsciously open her mouth.

“Uhhh!” The aggressiveness and possessiveness in the kiss made Pei Ge to feel stunned as her mind went blank. She could only hear her pounding heart.

“Woman, are you satisfied?”

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