Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 865 - The Betrothal Gift Worth Billions

Chapter 865: The Betrothal Gift Worth Billions

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As though she were a goddess, the seated guests all turned to look at her as she walked down the aisle.

On the platform, Ji Ziming stared at her unblinkingly as she walked toward him.

The wedding march was still playing, and there were a lot of people at the party, but there was only her in his eyes. All he could hear was the sound of her steps as her gown trail dragged across the floor.

Watching her walk toward him in a wedding dress, his dark eyes darkened further.

Suddenly, he stepped down the platform in big steps.

Even though his steps were still poised, it was clear that he was eager.

In a few steps, he stood before the woman treading on the pink petals.

He reached out his palm and looked tenderly and lovingly at her.

Looking at the tall and handsome man, who had stopped before her, a bright smile blossomed on her face.

Everyone said that a woman was the most beautiful in the moment that she became a bride.

However, looking at this man, who had dressed for the occasion, she marveled to herself how this day’s groom appeared to be more dashing than usual.

Today, his black suit had no embellishments.

Everything was black from the blazer and the pants to the shoes…

Other than his shirt and tie, everything else was black.

Even though it was a plain black suit, it looked like the most fashionable outfit when it was on him.

The all-black getup accentuated his features.

Gazing at his outreached palm, she put her hand in his without hesitation.


Just like that, the two walked toward the raised platform without a word.

Nonetheless, even though both did not say anything, the ambiance between them could be felt by the others easily.

Even if they did not speak, they knew what each other was thinking.

Seeing how compatible this couple looked, those women saying that she was not good enough for him out of jealousy kept quiet.

Even though her face could not be seen clearly because of the veil, it was clearly that a third person could not come between the two.

The man did not bother himself with others’ thoughts and opinions. With excitement and happiness in his heart, he held her hand and brought her up the platform.

The emcee returned to his senses when he saw that both were on the platform and proceeded as tasked.

“We gathered here today at this auspicious hour…”

Feeling bored listening to the emcee’s cumbersome lines, she lifted her head and looked at the man.

Little did she know that he was staring at her as well.

When her eyes met his burning gaze, she lowered her head shyly.

Looking at her reaction beneath the veil, the man felt that the emcee was talking a little too much.

“… Now, for the first segment of today’s engagement.”

After the long string of congratulatory words, the emcee began livening up the atmosphere with his humor.

“Our groom’s family will be presenting their betrothal gift.”

As he spoke, the emcee flipped the cue cards. When he saw the content of the cards, he widened his eyes and gasped.

“Wow! Our groom’s family is indeed rich and generous! The worth of these betrothal gifts can be said to be sky high!”

Ehhh? Sky high?

The mother-daughter pair was confused. Since it was just an engagement, and it was rather rushed, both thought that the betrothal gifts would just be for formality.

Now, the emcee was saying that their net worth… was sky high. What did that mean?

The two were stunned when the emcee listed off the betrothal gifts one by one.

That was because…

It was really shocking!

“After a discussion between the groom and his parents, they decided to transfer a 1100-square-meter villa in the eastern mountain estate and a 300-square-meter apartment in Xidan under Miss Pei Ge’s name.”

Following the emcee’s announcement, the guests all gasped.

“Wow! The Ji family is really generous! That villa has got to be worth billions!”

“Of course, the property prices in that area seem to be about 100,000 yuan per square meter!”

“That apartment in Xidan is shocking, too! Since the property prices in Xidan have reached 150,000 yuan per square meter, that apartment’s gotta be worth at least fifty million!”

“The Ji family clearly values their soon-to-be daughter-in-law! Just look at the betrothal gifts! They’re a lot, and this is just the engagement!”

“Yes, this Ji family is really generous! Those two pieces of property as betrothal gifts, not to mention regular families, even families like ours have to think twice!”

When she heard the chattering of those behind her, Zhang Manhua, who was sitting in the first row as the bride’s family, almost passed out!

A villa worth billions! An apartment worth millions! And they are all being given to my daughter?!

She suddenly saw the huge gap between both families.

In that moment, she felt unsettled and a little antsy.

The groom was giving so much as betrothal, but the dowry of her daughter that her family was giving…

However, before she and the other guests could recover from generous gifts, they were stunned once more.

This time, the emcee’s next words left them dumbstruck.

“Two-percent shares of the Ji Group go to Miss Pei Ge.”

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