Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 866 - The betrothal means nothing, for everything I own is yours.

Chapter 866: The betrothal means nothing, for everything I own is yours.

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“Two-percent shares of the Ji Group go to Miss Pei Ge.”

There was a commotion immediately after the emcee said that.

Everyone stared in disbelief at the couple on the platform; they did not expect the Ji family to include shares in their betrothal gifts!

The shares, which were worth more than the houses from before, were precious!

The villa and apartment could be bought with money, but Ji Group shares could not be bought with money.

After all, given the development of the Ji Group, the shares would only appreciate. Most importantly, none of the shareholders of the Ji Group was silly enough to trade their shares for money!

Therefore, all the guests were in a state of shock following the emcee’s words.

In an instant, there was pin-drop silence in the hall.


Unlike the other guests, the mother-daughter pair did not understand the value and significance of the shares.

Therefore, they were not stunned by it.

It took Zhang Manhua awhile to understand what the two-percent of shares meant, and this was only after she had heard the guests’ discussion.

“Two-percent shares?! The Ji family really values her!”

“The market worth of the Ji Group has already exceeded 100 billion dollars. One percent of the group’s shares can be sold for one billion dollars – that’s almost seven billion RMB! If it’s two percent, that’s 14 billion dollars!

“They’re giving away 14 billion dollars just like that! Looking at the Ji Group’s development, the value of those shares will only appreciate!”Read the next chapter on our

“She’s no simple woman, it seems.”

“Hmph! I don’t think it’s because they value her; I think the Ji family is giving this much because she’s their daughter-in-law.”

Sigh… Had I known that this was the treatment that the Ji family’s daughter-in-law would get, I would’ve had my three daughters take turns in chasing after Ji Ziming!”

Sigh… What a shame, indeed. They just got engaged, and the Ji family has already given away two-percent shares. When they get married and have children, won’t it get…”

In an instant, all the guests seated in the venue felt their hearts ache.

Everyone stared enviously at the woman in an expensive wedding dress, receiving betrothal worth billions.

They were all wishing that it was their daughter or themselves on the platform!

Everyone knew the worth of the Ji Group shares! Just one percent of it was enough to last them for a lifetime, not to mention two percent!

Moreover, the Ji family gave these two-percent shares just for the engagement to their future daughter-in-law. When they got married, was the betrothal gift going to be even scarier?

Only then did Zhang Manhua, who was seated in the first row, finally understand what the two-percent shares meant.

In an instant, she felt really pressured!

Even though the dowry she had prepared for her daughter was from ten years of saving, when compared to what the Ji family had given, it was nothing!

While she was touched by how much the Ji family valued her daughter, she was still a little worried.

The gap between both families was really, really huge…

Before, she thought that both the man’s parents were rather nice and without airs. Especially since his mother was so down-to-earth, she did not think that the gap between their families was so huge.

Although she knew that he was the CEO of a company, she did not think that there was a heaven-and-earth difference between the two families.

At this thought, she looked worriedly at her daughter’s face.

The corners of her lips moved a little when she saw the bright smile on her daughter’s half-covered face.

Perhaps, she was overthinking things.

The huge gap between the two families was nothing. It was enough as long as the man genuinely loved her daughter.

She believed that her daughter would become a good wife.

“Ziming, why is your family giving so much betrothal? Houses and shares – why didn’t you tell me about it beforehand?”

As the host was reciting the congratulatory words, Pei Ge took this chance to glare at the man.

Since those gifts were worth a lot, they made her feel pressured!

“What’s wrong?”

A hint of doubt flashed across his eyes when he saw that she was a little unhappy.

“You don’t like it?”

She rolled her eyes at him.

She was only realizing then that her boyfriend liked saying, “What’s wrong? You don’t like it?”

Sigh… I am slightly afraid to hear him say that already.

This was because she felt that if she said that she disliked it, this annoying fellow would come up with something even more expensive for her.

“It’s not that I dislike it; I just think that it’s too expensive – too precious even. I feel that it’s not really a good idea,” she mumbled softly.

The man raised his brow a little when he heard that and then smiled a little.

He lifted his palm, took her hand in his, and squeezed it gently.

“Everything I own is yours; what’re the betrothal gifts in comparison?”

His words made her face bright red like a peach.

It was not just her that felt sweet at his words.

Even the countless women on the floor were moved by his words to the point of their heartbeats accelerating.

Oh? Was everyone wondering how these people heard the sweet nothings between the couple?

Of course, this was because…

The emcee was standing right next to the man when he said that! He had approached them with the intention of having an interactive segment. Little did he know that the man would say that!

Emcee: Sigh… What should I do? I feel like a third wheel…

The many female guests: Sobs! Why am I not the bride?!

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