Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 15

[Why are there always people wanting to bully her. Not happy, I’ll finish them. -Tan ZiXi]


BaoBao, who had been completely forgotten by XunMi, was still drawing circles. He had already been drawing for 1 night and 1 day. BaoBao was a smart system: even though she wasn’t by his host’s side, if his host calls for him, he can immediately appear. He was completely unrestricted by time’s restraints.

Tonight, some were destined to sleep peacefully, some restlessly.

At the break of dawn, Tan ZiXi could be seen standing extravagantly of the Qin residence. At the same time, living up to XunMi’s expectations, capital city broke out with:




and more related titles.

All criticizing XunMi, saying she was an arrogant, bossy, idiot of a Big Miss. Wanting to take control of Qin company? If she does, she’ll probably squander the entire Qin fortune! A few excitable media sites even targeted her character, saying she was morally corrupt, without a sense of filial piety. In these circumstances, a few words spread about Qin HuaiSe. A self-proclaimed insider released a statement, saying Qin family also had a gentle, kindhearted Second Miss. From childhood, she was smart, currently arranged by President Qin to enter the company. The reason why XunMi was acting up was because she was jealous of the Second Miss.

XunMi was washing her face while simultaneously listening to BaoBao’s dramatic livestream of events, almost breaking into laughter. That so-called ‘insider’ was probably Qin HuaiSe herself. Even in her original world, XunMi had seen this act played to death.

[Host, host. What do you plan on doing? There’s a bunch of reporters at Qin company right now!] BaoBao’s words seemed to be out of worry, but if you listen carefully, there was also a layer of anticipation.

XunMi scoffed: “What to do? This is an old trick. Watch, in less than half an hour, Qin Sheng will bring Qin HuaiSe to the company, accidentally finding themselves surrounded by reporters. And then Qin HuaiSe will insincerely speak up for me, telling everyone to not misunderstand me. Then she’ll say it’s all her fault and so on. After showing off some top quality white lotus flower behavior, the reporters will be more partial towards those two, intensifying their criticism of me. As for why they would choose to show up so early, they obviously have to select a time I wouldn’t be present in order to cause trouble.”

XunMi gracefully straightened her clothes, put on her shoes, and grabbed her envelope bag. The same red colored outfit, today’s more formal than yesterday’s suit, making XunMi, appear more mature. Matched with her confident aura, a model of the elite successful woman was created.

Tan ZiXi was stunned to see XunMi like this. “Mi’er, I really want to hide you away, so that no one can see.” Can your beauty be only for me to see?

XunMi approached Tan ZiXi, stood on the tips of her toes, kissed the side of his eye, “ZiXi ge, I also want to hide you away. I want only my image to appear in your eyes, only want them to able to contain me alone.” The same peach blossom eyes as hers, yet they contain an entirely different world. When she saw her own image depicted in those eyes, her heart yet again thumped. The feeling, as if the whole world couldn’t compare to you, sure is great.

Tan ZiXi extended his arm to embrace XunMi by the waist, rubbed her cheeks but didn’t say a word, only letting XunMi see the deep abyss of firmness in his eyes.

In such a warm moment, Tan ZiXi’s phone untimely sounded. His warm face darkened in a flash. Seeing the caller ID- Kevin, Tan ZiXi wanted to curse, This fellow sure is horrible, always breaking up his dating time. He’ll deduct his pay ! ! !

“Kevin, you best have a sufficient reason to explain to me why you are calling at this time.” On the other side of the phone, Kevin couldn’t help howl in grief. My big Boss, do you have to be so negative.

“President, there are numerous reporters gathered below Qin company. Yesterday someone dispersed unfavorable information on Mrs. Tan. According to sources, President Qin is heading to Qin company with that illegitimate daughter.” He gave a simple summary, yet skipped over those unbearable public comments. He didn’t dare say them, he was afraid of being swept up by a hurricane.

Tan ZiXi was furious. Those two damned things, they dare harm Mi’er. Do they think Tan ZiXi was just going to stand by and watch? “Get YuXi Group’s team of lawyers to Qin company, get in contact with capital city’s government’s media official.” His person wasn’t someone that could be bullied. If anyone dared, then he’ll chop off their claws, and see if they still dare.

XunMi quietly allowed Tan ZiXi to set his orders, obediently being led to the car.

The whole time she appeared calm, but her heart was fluctuating up and down. This kind of protecting with limits, she really couldn’t handle. All women most desire a sense of safety.

Now, she’s experienced it, no matter how long it’ll last, she’s willing to believe in it.

“Mi’er, don’t worry. I will definitely find all those nuisances.” And then make them wish they were dead, and let everyone else know that he’ll fight fire with fire.

XunMi’s lips curved upwards, smiling freely: “ZiXi ge, Don’t underestimate me. I’m not that fragile. Isn’t the saying ‘If the husband is heartless, than I will divorce.’ Now it’s ‘if father is heartless, then I will throw away.”

Seeing that XunMi’s face wasn’t troubled and her smile was real and not forced, Tan ZiXi slightly relaxed.

But in his heart, he cursed out that damned crowd of people. If he had known, then he would have slept later. That way, he could have resolved this promptly, so that XunMi wouldn’t find out and feel heartbroken.

By the time the two arrived at the Qin company building, there was already a vast crowd gathered in the plaza. On the platform outside the main hall stood two figures, seemingly high above everyone.

Tan ZiXi shielded XunMi from the approaching crowd, clearly hearing what Qin HuaiSe said onstage.

“Everyone, you have all misunderstood my big sister. Big sister is not that kind of person. She’s only acting out after misunderstand me, thus fighting with Father. But big sister is a good person. Although she kicked father and I out of her coming of age banquet, but I know, that was only because she was hurt. I can understand her. Big sister really is kindhearted. In the past, my mother was at fault, so big sister not liking me is understandable. But please everyone, don’t speak of my sister like this. Big sister didn’t do anything wrong.” Qin HuaiSe’s delicate figure stepped forward, her tone firm and filled with righteousness, her damp eyes begging, even ending her speech by bowing to the audience. This kind of manner immediately gained the support of many viewers. Second Miss Qin really is too kindhearted, who doesn’t know Eldest Miss Qin’s bad character?

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