Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 14

[The feeling of loving one another, so beautiful that it make’s willing to give anything in exchange. -Tan ZiXi]


XunMi couldn’t resist but moaning, resulting in her being pulled even closer into his embrace, his hand slipping under her blouse. XunMi had no energy in her limp arms to push away the man in front of her. Only when Tan ZiXi heard her unsteady breaths did he let go of her. He lowered his head to look at her soft, pink cheeks and the lips that have become full and sparkling after being plucked by him. A sudden fire raised in his lower half, continuously burning up what was left of his self-control.

The devil in his heart bellowed for him to possess her, possess her so that she will be yours forever. But the angel on the opposite side quickly smacked down those barbarous thoughts. When she was finally let go, XunMi took in deep breath after deep breath. When she finally calmed down and raised her head, her eyes met wolf-like eyes filled with unrestrained desire and blatant infatuation, wanting to consume her whole.

XunMi shivered, the little energy that she had recovered left her again, only being able to softly lean on Tan ZiXi’s chest. “ZiXi ge…” Xun Mi softly called out.

Tan ZiXi firmly hugged XunMi, rubbing his forehead on her forehead. “En, Mi er, my Mi er.” It wasn’t that he couldn’t detect XunMi’s reluctance, he was just afraid.

XunMi sighed and smiled. Enough, her heart already skipped for him, there’s really no need to lie to herself anymore. As for him, he can only live a few hundred years while who knows how many more centuries she will experience. So, let’s live in the present, as long as we have don’t have regrets.

She raised her hands, hugging his built figure, basking in the sense of security he gave. His warm breaths blew into her face, warm, ticklish, and sweet. Tan ZiXi’s entire body froze, his face an image of ecstatic joy. “Mi er, you like me too, right?”

XunMi looked into his eyes and nodded. Liking him is liking him, this wasn’t anything to hide.

“That’s great, wonderful.” It wasn’t one-sided love! “Now we can get married.” Just her one action has caused joy to overcome Tan ZiXi. Just like Kevin said, those in love are all fools. President Tan, you haven’t even proposed, haven’t even bought a ring, haven’t even sent her flowers, and you’ve already on the topic of marriage! Isn’t this a bit too early?

XunMi had black lines on her face {T/N referring to the common anime effect}. She’s got to have set some kind of a record right? Arriving here on the third day and already about to get married! Are we sure this wasn’t a dream? Maybe this was all just a figment of her imagination and she’ll wake up and find out this was all fake?

When Tan ZiXi returned from his daze, he saw his little person mistreating herself, feeling both worry and self-blame.

“XunMi, what are you doing? It must hurt a lot. You can pinch me instead, my skin is rough and thick so it won’t hurt.” His XunMi’s skin was so delicate- look, it’s already turned red! Although it made a desire to bully her rise, but his hurt still hurt seeing her hurt. He clumsily yet gently rubbed her reddened skin.

XunMi’s eyes turned into half moons, thoroughly enjoying Tan ZiXi’s worry and care, while smiling happily. “Okay.”

Tan ZiXi seemed struck dumb by XunMi’s simple statement.

“Next time I want to pinch, I’ll pinch you.” XunMi explained while rubbing Tan ZiXi’s face.

“En,” Tan ZiXi nodded his head seriously.

“Now can you unlock the car door, I want to go home and sleep, it’s already so late, it’s all your fault.” XunMi sneaked a look at the time displayed on the car’s dashboard, noticing it was already past 9. She cursed in panic in her mind, Fei Zhen Zhi’s accident was supposed to be around 10! Dammit, the plot was about to start and she hasn’t even gotten involved yet. Please wait!

“En, it’s all my fault. My fault, Mi er don’t be angry.” Tan ZiXi was apologizing but his heart was wrapped in sweet honey. Mi er sajiao’ed to him, so happy so happy. {T/N: sajiao is like aegyeo, acting spoiled in a cutesy way}.

But watching XunMi jump out of the car as soon he had unlocked the door, her silhouette carefreely getting further and further, Tan ZiXi had the impression that he had been used and then thrown away.

Sorrowfully, his eyes followed her slim and elegant figure as she disappeared from his view, his head drooping downwards.

‘Pa Pa Pa’. A knocking suddenly sounded on the car window, Tan ZiXi’s head immediately lifted, his eyes shining. He quickly rolled down the window, allowing the face he loved to appear.

Adorned with a small smile, made more captivating under the streetlight, she was like a fairy of the night sent specifically to attract him. My Mi’er is this beautiful, he silently thought to himself, his wide smile appearing a bit stiff. As someone with N years of ‘cold face’ condition, even though he didn’t have facial nerve paralysis, but his facial nerves were still rigid. Smiles like in the restaurant just now could still pass, but to let loose with a large happy smile truly was…a bit awkward to look at.

XunMi laughed and pinched Tan ZiXi’s cheeks, helplessly warning “ZiXi ge, hurry and go home to sleep. Kevin said you didn’t even rest yesterday. If tomorrow, I hear from Kevin that you yet again don’t take care of your body, just wait and see how I punish you.”

Yesterday he definitely went to investigate information regarding the Qin family, or else everything today wouldn’t have happened like such a lucky coincidence for her.

Tan ZiXi could only see XunMi’s smile in her eyes. As for what she was saying, sorry, can’t hear. But he still instinctively nodded. The books said ‘what your lover says is always right. Even if wrong, it is right.’ So no matter what, being the smart man he was, he’ll nod his head. n(*≧▽≦*)n

XunMi obviously didn’t know Tan ZiXi’s inner thoughts. After confirming that Tan ZiXi had obediently agreed, she planted a kiss on his cheek in satisfaction. “Good night kiss. Be careful on your way back, see you tomorrow.”

Straightening her spine, XunMi waved and turned to enter the gates. When her silhouette had completely disappeared, Tan ZiXi finally looked away, turned on the car engine, and stepped on the accelerator. He must quickly go home, quickly go to bed, so that he can come pick up XunMi tomorrow. At least, being the President, cutting two days of work in a row wasn’t a problem. What are all those workers in the company for? If they can’t do basic functions when he wasn’t around, then they don’t need to work anymore.

Thus, the stubborn Mr. President dropped his company to the side of his mind.

After XunMi had planned everything, she took a relaxing bath, then joyfully laid on her bed anticipating tomorrow’s arrival. She really wanted to see if the story line would be like a cockroach, not dying no matter how much she probed it, or like glass, breaking with just one hit.

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