Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 17

[There are some people that are always stuck in their fantasies of reality, unable to wake up. –XunMi]


“En, I believe you, Father. Father, don’t be unhappy. Let’s go in first.” Qin HuaiSe smiled warmly, but her two eyes hidden under bangs were already brimming with darkness. Inside was even more crazily calling out her killing intent. Everything she had planned, everything keeps encountering unexpected events.

From that bitch’s birthday banquet to today’s failure, she had almost gone crazy.

[Ding…female lead has blackened. Degree of danger ‘a’, please be cautious, host.]

XunMi looked as if she was idly leaning on the elevator walls, her gaze lowered so that others could not see her mood. Being one step behind her, Tan ZiXi could only helplessly watch the elevator rise. Crushed, he walked into an elevator that had just arrived down to chased after her.

“Tonight I hope I will be able to see the thing I wanted. The reward will be increased by a hundred thousand.” Standing by the hallway windows was a woman in red, allowing the incoming sunlight to dance around her like a mischievous child. “Alright, I’ll be waiting.” The caller seemed to have given a satisfactory answer, causing the woman’s face to ease.

When Tan ZiXi walked out of his elevator, he saw XunMi getting off the phone. She was leisurely using her pointer finger to tap the tip of her nose, the corner of her mouth curved upwards, as if watching a scene that made her pleased.

Tan ZiXi walked over with light footsteps, hugging XunMi’s waist from behind. Pulling her entirely into his embrace, he finally let up a peaceful sigh. Only when she’s in his arms can he relax. It seems he needs to hurry the plans along. Those that need to be dealt with need to be handled.

The two each were in deep thought. Neither spoke a word, both at peace in this beautiful embrace. Unintentionally, sounds surrounding them scattered, forming a two-person world that no one could invade.

“ZiXi ge, are you looking for my father. Father is already in the room.” But unfortunately, there was a stubborn person that couldn’t bear seeing such happiness, forcibly breaking the mood.

Tan ZiXi’s brows wrinkled, turning his head to look at this suddenly appearing sound, his voice malevolent. “Who do you think you are, everytime I have to ask this question. Since you don’t seem to recognize who you are, then don’t call me as if we are very close. Also, I’ll have to trouble you to go away.” His mood was already bad. After confirming that the person who had come to damage his mood was among one of the people that he had just decided to hasten his attack on, his attitude became even more nasty. Really want to kill someone.

Qin HuaiSe couldn’t hold back her shiver, due to both fear and anger, even more due to hurt. She had chose to overlook what happened downstairs, yet came up to view a scene that made her go crazy with jealousy. Holding back her jealousy, she only wanted to take another look at her idol, but… she doesn’t understand! Why does ZiXi ge treat Qin XunMi so special. Qin XunMi couldn’t even compare to her! So why, why? Her lips had already been bitten, leaving deep and shallow marks. Even though some skin on her lips was split, it was like she she couldn’t feel.

Meanwhile, XunMi laughed out loud without mercy. She really didn’t think that Mr. Male Lead’s poisonous tongue’s sparring abilities were even stronger than a woman’s. Really admirable.

Qin HuaiSe’s finger trembled as it pointed to XunMi and she angrily said: “You, you. What are you laughing about! Qin XunMi don’t get too proud this early. Father would never give Qin company to you. You don’t even have the abilities to manage Qin company. Also, how could you bite the hand that feeds you. If not for Father, there would be no you!” Maybe she was affected by these few days, but Qin HuaiSe had lost her cautiousness. As soon as she sees Qin XunMi, she just wanted to spit blood, especially seeing her with the man she had loved for this many years. How could she be expected to remain calm when this person, who was able to step on her in all aspects of her life, was able to get everything that she had ever wanted?

XunMi looked at HuaiSe with despise: “ZiXi ge just asked, do you know what you are? Since you don’t even know, what right do you have to speak to me. You’re just lowly evil creature, making a vain attempt to climb up. Qin HuaiSe, do you think that just because your last name is Qin that you really are the Second Miss of the Qin family? Ridiculous. Take a guess: the month before meeting father again, was your mother already pregnant with you?” A wicked smile spread across her face, her voice brimming with malicious intentions: ” En~~~~You can guess the rest. As for whether you are father’s child and whether you have Qin blood running in your veins, we’ll have to seek further confirmation.”

She sneered with a sidelong glance at the middle aged man standing at the door, pleased to see the shock on his face and his frenzied steps backwards. Honestly, XunMi didn’t think that there would actually be such a hidden secret. If not for the fact that she had hired someone to stop Fei ZhenZhi’s situation last night, and remembered to ask them to investigate Qin HuaiSe’s mother in the process, then she wouldn’t have discovered such interesting news. The original book didn’t mention this, but XunMi had thought it was too much of a coincidence.

That year, after Qin HuaiSe’s mother and Qin Sheng split up, she had immediately gotten together with a rich merchant. But her luck wasn’t good: that man died quickly after, so she was once again homeless. When the two had met again, Qin Sheng never investigated, and in less than a year, there was news of a pregnancy.

In a lucky coincidence, in the month before getting back together with Qin Sheng, she had stayed at a cave of ecstasy to earn money.

Cave of ecstasy, cave of ecstasy, just the description tells you exactly what kind of place it was. As for what the truth was, they’ll know by tonight.

The loathing in Tan ZiXi’s eyes increased, not even willing to put his gaze on Qin HuaiSe, as if she was some polluted virus.

Qin HuaiSe was frozen on the spot, This wasn’t real, wasn’t real, it can’t be real. Yes, it was Qin XunMi that was purposely saying this to attack her, because she wanted revenge.

“Qin XunMi I didn’t think you could be this despicable and shameless. I was so naive to believe you to be a kindhearted older sister. It turns out…” Before she could finish speaking, she was cut off by XunMi.

“Stop. I don’t need your insincere act. Go away, before I tear up your mouth. As expected, no ivory can come from the mouth of a dog {T/N: 狗嘴里吐不出象牙, means you can’t expect good things out of the mouth of a lowly person}. No, more like no human words can come out of an animal’s mouth.”

“You…you…” The white lotus flower floated in the wind, seemingly about to fall at any moment. But no one had spare thoughts to give to pitying her, neither did anyone want to.

XunMi pulled Tan ZiXi, went around Qin HuaiSe, and walked into the conference room. Inside, those that should be there were already there.

Qin Sheng’s scheme, thinking that exploiting public opinion could force me to compromise? Keep dreaming!

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