Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 18

[My system’s IQ will forever be low. His condition will forever be abnormal. What can I do? -XunMi]


She bluntly walked to the chair at the head of the table and took a seat. Tan ZiXi followed suit and sat down by her side. Those present didn’t say a word, only looking at each other in dismay.

Qin Sheng was perhaps too shocked by the news he heard just heard. Not until the secretary came into his office looking for him did he awaken from his thoughts.

“Everyone is here. Tell me your decision.” XunMi spoke when Qin Sheng entered.

Sorry, she doesn’t know what being tactful means. Politeness? She also didn’t understand.

“I approve of Eldest Miss Qin taking over Qin company.” The general manager took the lead to express, standing up and respectfully bowing towards XunMi’s direction. If there’s a first, there’s bond to be a second, especially since there currently sat a big boss by Eldest Miss Qin’s side. They weren’t blind: they all knew how to choose.

Seeing two-thirds of the people endorse her, XunMi smiled.

“ZiXi ge, what a pity about that property of land. I won’t be of need for it.” Her voice was small, just loud enough for Tan ZiXi could hear.

Tan ZiXi didn’t mind, shaking his head: “Since I said it would be for Mi’er, then it’ll be for Mi’er, no matter whether you have a use for it or not.” It was just a plot of land. Even if it was two plots of land, he would gift it.

As expected, the rich is willful. That plot of land’s market price has risen to be at least 200 million dollars. If it was developed, tsk tsk tsk…

XunMi blinked her eyes, glittering with flirtatious expression, and looked closely into Tan ZiXi’s serious peach blossom eyes. She suddenly felt that, if this was in ancient times, ZiXi would be the king and she would be the beautiful, evil witch that has bewildered the king into a daze. What do they call it, a beauty that causes of calamity? Would she have died quick, since they all say that beautiful women suffer unhappy ends to their lives?

[Madam Host, you’re really thinking too creatively. You’re just a spirit, you technically don’t have a life.] Baobao suddenly sounded in ridicule. Even when his host isn’t in the ancient times, she’s still considered a beauty that causes calamity, okay? But what is all that about a beauty’s lifespan? With him, a smart, handsome, awesome system, by her side, how could his host have a short lifespan? That’s considered calling his abilities into question, not believing in him. He’ll complain, he’ll refute it all!

‘Ha…’ She let out a light laugh. That’s right, she was just a spirit.

Tan ZiXi thought it was a bit strange. What’s wrong with Mi’er? Why did her atmosphere suddenly change like that? He reached his hand over to grab the fair hand draping over the armchair handle, pinching her fingers a little. His eyes squinted as he smiled, placing the hand into his, and became completely absorbed in fiddling with her fingers. While they seemed to be a warm scene outlined in bubbles, those that were forced to watch could only feel a chilly wind in their hearts.

Eldest miss, what are you laughing at? Us ordinary people don’t understand! They just want to peacefully go with the tide, please show mercy.

Qin Sheng was unusually cast to the side, not saying a word since the moment he had entered. But his complex eyes attentively watched his radiant eldest daughter seated at the head position at the table, as if seeing her for the first time. Along with the words he had just heard, Qin Sheng felt that his head was a mess.

“Since this is everyone’s decision, then from today onwards, I will take control of Qin company. As for father, you can retire early, hold on to your shares and reap in the stockholder’s dividends. It’ll be much more relaxing than seeping your mind and body into working all day, right?”

XunMi didn’t plan on to hit Qin Sheng while he was already down, that would only cause produce the opposite of her desired result. Instead, she wanted to uncover the ‘good’ Qin HuaiSe’s true colors one step at a time. The best form of revenge is to destroy one’s previous beliefs, let them see how repulsive the person that they had most loved, most trusted, really was. Then let them know that the person they had abandoned like a used shoe was the true treasure. Only this way, will the Qin XunMi in heaven receive peace.

“Before this afternoon, have each department’s recent projects along with the company’s…” After giving a few orders, XunMi straightened out a few people still attempting to fight back before leaving the Qin building. She prepared to first settle Qin HuaiSe’s situation before fully changing some of Qin company’s higher members. She was worried that the female lead’s halo would cause trouble, which would make her very annoyed.

But before everything, she needed to chat with a certain little kid. Her forehead wrinkled, her eyes containing a dangerous feeling: ‘Baobao, I remember before that we said to block your ability to read my thoughts. So please tell me, what happened back there?’

Baobao, who was silently rolling around in his room, suddenly went stiff, shivering from her intimidation.

‘Tell me honestly. Don’t try to deceive me. And those things I don’t know about, you best give me about those too while I’m still feeling forgiving.’

XunMi knew that Baobao hadn’t told her the complete truth, that there definitely was something she still didn’t know about. But now, they were on the same boat. If she hadn’t felt that Baobao had no malicious intent towards her, then she wouldn’t have kept quiet after coming to this world.

Baobao was still using his IQ of 20 to try to find a way to ignore her questions. A weeping furry ball, slowly slowly slowly floated towards XunMi. He rubbed himself onto her cheeks, carefully observing his host’s facial expressions. Seeing that he didn’t have a chance to beat around the bush, Baobao wanted to break into pieces. [Madam Host, boohoohoo~~~ you’re bullying Baobao again. Baobao doesn’t like you anymore.]

XunMi didn’t care about Baobao’s shameless attempt, maintaining her lowered eyes that menacingly stared at the white furry lump on her shoulder.

Host’s expression is so frightening…no, I want to surrender/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

[Host, It has nothing to do with me. It just that some things I can’t say, there are limits.] Really want to cry #HostIsTooSmartWhatDoIDo?#


‘Then tell me everything you can say.’ She won’t make it too difficult for him.

Baobao sucked in a breath, his voice weak: [Baobao is a advanced system, you know that. But Baobao is from the future. You can think of it as Baobao is from a more advanced dimension. Baobao’s current mission is to help those pitiful second female leads counterattack, wreck the original storyline, and thus gain that world’s fate’s energy. Amongst the 249 hosts before you, only 10 successfully completely their mission and returned to their own world. One of them, host 186 stayed in book’s world for love, dying of natural causes. Others had too much ambition. Besides stealing fate’s energy, they also wanted to take over the world, so they were destroyed.

Baobao has told you everything Baobao can tell you. The rest can only be heard after Host becomes a higher level host.]

XunMi sat on the window ledge, her hand supporting her chin as she quietly pondered over Baobao’s words. ‘You mean that when a book appears, it will slowly transform into its own little world. And the ones holding fate’s energy are the main characters of the books. And when us hosts help the second female lead counterattack, that equates to wrecking the original storyline.’

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