Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 22

“Has that driver been found?”

“We’ve found the driver, but he’s not cooperating.” LaLa, who XunMi had previously sent to save the story’s second male lead, felt distressed.

She was a spy personally taught by the previous Qin patriarch. How could she feel pressured in this situation? Ah, forget it. It’s her fault for already promising loyalty to Qin XunMi.

“Ha, not cooperating? Does he think that the worse that could happen to him is prison time? So naive. Tell him that if he isn’t willing to speak the truth, I can guarantee that his family will appear in the black market auctions. He can expect them to live their lives lower than dogs. I’m not a patient person, before the press conference this afternoon I want a affirmative answer.” With that, XunMi hung up the phone.

She had already made a copy of the condemning phone conversation. Even without the driver, she can still drive Qin HuaiSe and Ling Yan into a corner.


“Hey, have you heard? That illegitimate daughter hired a hit on Eldest Miss Qin.”

“Wasn’t it Eldest Miss Qin’s lover that took the damage?”

“I heard that her lover is President Tan, my male idol!”

“We don’t even know his situation. Those people there at the time said he lost consciousness on the spot and lost a lot of blood. Eldest Miss Qin almost lost her mind that day.”

“Ah, the lives of the rich and powerful really isn’t all that good…”

Qin HuaiSe ‘s whole body trembled when she overheard the words of the girls walking pass her, a coldness spreading in her heart. How could this happen, that bitch Qin XunMi was fine but Tan ZiXi suffered the crash instead?

Her face was gloomy. Right now, she only wanted to know that this wasn’t real, this couldn’t be real. She didn’t know what happened in Father’s talk with Qin XunMi, just that he had refused to see her afterwards.

Currently, she was on her way to meet with Ling Yan, wanting to know how her things were being carried out. But while walking on a main street, Qin HuaiSe was shocked by the news being broadcasted on the side of a large building. On the screen, was a woman in familiar red. Her suit was a bit creased, her face pale white, without a hint of color. But her pitch black peach blossom eyes was burning, staring into the camera determinedly. Her gaze made a cold sweat run down Qin HuaiSe’s body, as if she was a demon’s new prey.

Through Baobao, XunMi naturally could see Qin HuaiSe’s current state. She had purposely chosen the moment that Qin HuaiSe raised her head to stare directly into the camera. Confronted by the reporters’ questions, XunMi lifted up an item in her hand and pressed down.

Through the sound speaker immediately transmitted a familiar female voice.

“Yan gege, will you really help me get revenge? I’ve never had a mother growing up, and my father only cares about me only because of my mom. With difficulty, I could only rely on my hard work to become more outstanding than Qin XunMi, yet no one understands me. They all think I’m a bad person, that I’ve come back to Qin family to fight over the family inheritance. But it was Father who asked me to come back, I just wanted achieve his wishes! Father said Qin XunMi was a useless Big Miss. If she inherited Qin company than it would be destroyed without a doubt. That’s why he wanted me to help out.”

“HuaiSe, I know. I understand everything. You are so good, they are all just jealous of you. Don’t worry, I will definitely help you teach Qin XunMi a lesson. HuaiSe, don’t be sad. I will be by your side.”

“Yan gege, just find someone to teach Qin XunMi a little lesson, no need to make it result in anyone’s life.”


Afterwards, the two voices considered how to undertake their task, though it was that “Yan gege” speaking most of the time. But Qin HuaiSe was always able to “inadvertently” pipe in with her thoughts at crucial moments.

Finally, the phone call ended. Everyone had already been shocked by the revelation and did not expect there to be another confession afterwards.

“Hahaha, Qin XunMi. So what if you have your hands on Qin company now. As long as you die, everything will be mine. Qin family will be mine, ZiXi ge will also be mine. If I could ruin your reputation when we were young, then I can make you suffer a painful death now. It’s your fault for always being an obstacle in my way. It’s you, it’s all you! If not because of you, how would I have fallen so low. Everything is your fault!” Her voice was consumed with hatred, sending fear down the spines of listeners.

But the show wasn’t over. XunMi once again pressed a button, allowing that man’s order to kill XunMi via car accident.

Everything, including Qin Sheng’s meeting with Qin XunMi, was planned. They wanted the two to fight and lower Qin XunMi’s guard, causing the probability of their plan’s success to expand.

Everyone, whether watching from the press conference, or the TV broadcast, or online, or on the streets, all couldn’t help but sigh. This really was the drama of the year. The name Qin HuaiSe has definitely become famous. A few days ago, news about Qin family affairs flooded the city, making Qin HuaiSe, Qin XunMi, and Qin Sheng household names. But no one had witnessed anything directly then. Now, the evidence was completely presented on the table.

After this new information, some people were shocked. Some couldn’t believe it, and still some were getting popcorn to watch the drama.

“Qin HuaiSe, how do you sleep at night? As an illegitimate daughter, I haven’t even schemed against you. Yet you hate me. What right do you have to treat me this way?” XunMi suppressed her anger, but didn’t try to restrain her hatred.

Qin HuaiSe hated her so why shouldn’t she hate Qin HuaiSe? Just because she’s the female lead she can carelessly toy with others’ lives, yet still maintain her good reputation?

“As the head of Qin family, and as Tan ZiXi’s fiancee, I declare that Qin HuaiSe is on Qin and Tan family’s blacklist. If anyone dares help her, then they are considered an enemy to Qin and Tan families. This includes Mr. Qin Sheng.

I had originally believed that if I continue to concede, then I could at least live a peaceful life. But I finally realize now that you took me as a joke. Since it’s already like this, then there is no need for me to treat myself so cheaply. Since you guys are being so ruthless, then don’t blame me for showing no mercy. Please await your punishment by law.” XunMi said what all that she needed to say and promptly turned to leave. It was already 5. In one hour, it would be the 24 hour deadline.

ZiXi ge, you must wake up, Didn’t you say you would always be by my side? Since you promised, then you can’t renege on your words. I’ve already decided to give you a lifetime. So please accompany me. ZiXi ge, please.

XunMi stood in front of the hospital room, her head resting on the door. Her hand was already on the door handle, yet she didn’t dare walk in.

She was afraid, more so than when she had faced unending darkness after falling down the sewer in her original world.

One step behind her, LaLa and Fei TianZhi watched the woman emitting an aura of sorrow, unable to do anything besides give her their sympathy.

Eldest Miss Qin was just a young girl after all.

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