Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 21

[Not until I’ve lost you did I know how much you meant to me. I only pray that there is still time for me to accompany you a lifetime. -XunMi]


For eight complete hours, XunMi stood wordlessly by Tan ZiXi’s side, her eyes only containing him. As soon as she exited the operation room, her vision darkened and XunMi lost consciousness.

“Investigate who is behind this. Investigate so I can make him suffer a fate worse than death.”

As XunMi slowly gained consciousness, an aged but deep and furious voice sounded in the room. A bit familiar, but she couldn’t place it. With great difficulty, XunMi opened her eyes but quickly closed them again under the irritation of sharp lights.

“Xiao Xun, you’re awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere, tell me.” The old man noticed XunMi’s reaction and lowered his voice with concern. {T/N: Xiao is added to a name to create a term of endearment, in this case used by elders to refer to XunMi}

XunMi slowly cleared her head, allowing the man in front of her to come into view.

“Grandpa?” Qin XunMi’s maternal grandfather hadn’t even made it into the original storyline, only existing in her memory. She looked around at her surroundings. A sea of white, suggesting that she was still in the hospital. But why was she at the hospital?

Blood, blood. The scene of ZiXi ge, having not enough time to push her out of the way and only able to run in front to block her from the impact, flashed before her eyes. Forcibly, he had been hit by the car.

“ZiXi ge, where’s ZiXi ge. Where is he?” Frantically, she teared off her blanket. She wanted to go see ZiXi ge.

Liu Bo worriedly stepped forward to support his granddaughter off her bed.

“He’s right next door. For the time being, he’s passed the critical stage. As long as he’s able to wake up within 24 hours, then he’ll be fine.” If not for such a big accident happening, he still wouldn’t have known that his granddaughter had been harmed so bleakly.

XunMi still couldn’t let go of her worry, her complexion deathly pale. Her pair of bright, spirited peach blossom eyes was a plain of stillness. It’s all because of me, causing ZiXi ge such harm that he’s still in an unconscious state.

Liu Bo lightly patted his granddaughter’s shoulder, sighing. Life is cruel. His only daughter died because of Qin Sheng. Now, his granddaughter is suffering too.

“Elder Liu, you’re here. And this must be Xiao Xun, come in.” A gentle and elegant middle aged woman smiled to greet them. She held XunMi’s hand, satisfied. That no-good son wouldn’t even bring her home to let their family meet her. Fortunately, she still was able to see XunMi.

“Xiao Xun, this is Jiang Ru, Tan ZiXi’s mother.” Liu Bo explained to XunMi.

XunMi a bit nervously replied: “Auntie, hello. I am Qin XunMi…ZiXi’s girlfriend.”

Jiang Ru nodded her head, pleased. The more she sees of her, the more satisfied she was. No wonder that no good son was moved. “Good, good. Just call me mom, like that no good son of mine does.” She led XunMi to the hospital bed, while introducing the other people in the room to her along the way.

XunMi was confused, Why don’t they seem concerned about ZiXi ge?

It wasn’t that they weren’t worried, but rather they believed in him. Even though he currently laid motionless on a bed, they still believed that he will waken.

XunMi sat by the bed in a daze, using her fingers to trace his face. In just one night, that strong overbearing man turned powerless, only able to silently lay in bed. She squeezed her eyes shut. Her heart was already numb from pain, unable to cry anymore, leaving only the ability to hate.

She hated the person that had caused all of this. She hated herself for going into a daze at that moment, leading to this. But she wasn’t someone that would avoid blame, nor was she someone that incapable of confronting situations.

XunMi opened the system that she had forcibly shut down earlier. Immediately, numerous red alarms flashed in her head. Silently noting the displayed time on the alerts, XunMi’s eyes became foggier.

[Madam Host, don’t blame yourself. This isn’t your fault. It was the female lead that did this. But, Madam Host, Baobao lost 10% of my fate’s energy woowoo~] He had already eaten the energy, but it had unfathomably disappeared.

XunMi knitted her eyebrows together, fate’s energy can decrease? ‘Could it be that the storyline I had wrecked fixed itself?’

Baobao was rolling back and forth on his fluffy back. His ears picked up, unhappy at the notion. [In normal situations, this problem shouldn’t occur. So Baobao is also not sure. But it is most likely as you guessed.]

“Qin HuaiSe.” Those three characters slipped out from the tip of her lips, carrying raw killing intent.

When Liu Bo and the others came in, they were greeted with the sight of a pretty woman in red. Her eyes were filled with warmth directed at the man lying on the bed, yet her face emitted an unlimited sense of danger. Contradictory emotions were expressed vividly across her face.

“Grandpa, auntie, uncle.” XunMi sensed their arrival, turning to greet them.

“Xiao Xun, you go rest for awhile. That no good son will be alright.” Jiang Ru worriedly patted XunMi on the shoulder. This girl has been here from morning until now. During that time, she hadn’t even moved from where she was seated. Ah, thought Jiang Ru, her son’s sacrifice was worth it then. He was willing to block danger for the one that he loved. In return, his lover guarded him with her heart and soul when his life was on the line.

Even though Jiang Ru appeared to be a gentle woman, but she was the strong, successful career woman type to her bones. Moreover, she was the director of the military base’s hospital. Her husband was in the armed forces, her father-in-law was a national figure. The whole family held connections with the military, making life or death situations normalized. It’s not that they don’t worry, it’s just that they don’t wish to torture those that they leave.

“Auntie, I’m fine.” XunMi shook her head slightly. Taking a towel, she gently wiped the sweat on Tan ZiXi’s face.

“This incident was because of me. I know who did this, but auntie and uncle, please don’t get involved. I want to personally finish them, for ZiXi ge…and also for myself.” She wanted Qin HuaiSe to live a fate worse than death.

Jiang Ru subtly sighed. Their subordinates had also done their research. After their report, she was ready to directly order for her death, but was stopped by Elder Liu. He said that Xiao Xun most certainly wanted to uncover the person that had hurt ZiXi herself, or else her anger wouldn’t be able to be suppressed.

XunMi had Baobao track down Qin HuaiSe’s recent movements. When it traced back to a certain phone conversation, XunMi coldly laughed.

Qin HuaiSe, since you are constantly performing a white lotus flower, then I’ll see how deep you can really go.

And Ling Yan? A second in command in the crime world? Very good.

The rumors regarding Qin family were still unceasingly making headlines. Before, XunMi didn’t want to make a public appearance. Not because she was afraid but rather because she felt that it was entirely unnecessary.

But now, Qin HuaiSe, I will peel your skin off beyond recognition.

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