Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 24

[Even if I were to start over again, even if I knew you would be harmed, I would still choose to meet you. My love is selfish. -XunMi]


Her finger tapped on his sturdy chest, lingering longingly.

“ZiXi ge, do you know? The first time I saw you, I almost thought you were a pervert.” Recalling their meeting, the corners of her mouth curved up in a soft smile.

“After that, I thought, love at first sight was such a rare occurrence in this world, and it would be even less likely for me to encounter it in person. But I still believed in it. Because it was you, so I wanted to take a gamble. And I made the right gamble. You were my light, yet so quickly dimmed.

ZiXi ge, please don’t be so cruel. Don’t leave me alone just as I’ve realized I am in love with you. I won’t be able to bear it, I’ll lose my mind.”

She had thought she had no more tears to cry, yet silent tears still slid down her cheeks onto Tan ZiXi’s chest, burning his chest and causing his heart to fiercely throb.

“ZiXi ge, I know you are tired. Sleep, I won’t bother you, I’ll just be here by your side.” She kicked off her low heeled shoes. She hadn’t worn high heels since that day ZiXi ge had said they weren’t safe.

Curling up her entire body into Tan ZiXi’s arms, XunMi hugged her arms around his waist and closed her eyes.

No one noticed that the unconscious man had slightly moved his finger.


In front of the courthouse, two enemies came face to face.

“Get out of my way.” XunMi coldly glared at the person that had blocked her path. XunMi didn’t bother hiding the obvious loathing and hatred, along with killing intent in her eyes.

Five days had passed since Tan ZiXi’s 24 hour deadline. Today was court day.

Even though XunMi didn’t want to leave Tan ZiXi’s side, she had to personally deal with today’s case. She needed to see the person that had harmed ZiXi ge get the punishment they deserved.

“Qin XunMi, don’t bully people beyond their limits,” Qin HuaiSe has been having a bad couple of days. Even her usually doting father wasn’t concerned with her. Yan gege was the same.

From that day onwards, it was like Yan gege had disappeared and was unable to be reached. She was realizing things were taking a turn for the worse. A worse was telling her that this wasn’t how things were supposed to be, that this wasn’t how things were originally supposed to turn out.

The one that everyone cursed and hated should be Qin XunMi, whereas she should be the one that everyone admired and envied. But reality was a slap in her face. She blamed all of this on Qin XunMi’s manipulations. As soon as she exposed XunMi, everyone will know how pitiful she was and will stand on her side. So she told herself that she must resist, at least until the entire truth is revealed. But as soon as she saw Qin XunMi, she couldn’t resist anymore.

XunMi didn’t care about those around them watching, directly sending a slap to Qin HuaiSe.

Slap! “Ah ah ah! Qin XunMi, you dare hit me? How dare you?” Qin HuaiSe’s already unsteady mood was catalyzed by the pain on her face, making her lose sight of rationality.

“You bitch! All you had was a mother with a high status. If your mother didn’t have the last name Liu, do you think you could even compare with me? Qin company should have been mine anyways.

From childhood, all I heard was how happy, how lucky Young Miss Qin was. And me? I was a Young Miss Qin too, so why shouldn’t I have all of this?! You’re inferior to me in every aspect, and yet with a wave of your hand you can get anything you want! Meanwhile, I need to continuously work to even gain the possibility of getting what I want. I put in my efforts, I improved myself. So how is this my fault? You always call me an illegitimate daughter but was that my choice? Qin XunMi, stop thinking you are better than me!”

XunMi enjoyed taking in Qin HuaiSe’s hysteria. In response to her question she laughed. Only when she was done laughing did XunMi smile mockingly: “Qin HuaiSe, who are you performing for? What, your IQ is finally online? You want to create the image of an unlucky yet determined girl? Evilhearted, you’re like a prostitute sprouting about their virginity. You really are shameless.”

XunMi honestly hadn’t thought that anyone’s brain would try to think like this. “Just because you’re jealous, you want to destroy me? Just because you feel life’s been unfair to you, you will scheme against me? Just because your ugly thoughts, you think that everyone should feel sympathy for you? Ha…” XunMi laughed until tears reddened her eyes, her expression dark and filled with sorrow.

“I would rather never have met you, so that ZiXi ge would never have…wouldn’t have…” I know it’s because of my arrival that caused ZiXi ge to encounter such tragedy. But if I had another chance, I would still choose to come here because I want to hold onto this unconditional affection. I am also a woman, I also want to have someone dote on me with love. I also want someone to cherish me, to lean into someone’s strong arms.

XunMi lowered her eyes to hide her pain. She didn’t give another notice to Qin HuaiSe or the whispering crowd around them. What an easily persuaded crowd. When Qin HuaiSe was taking on the character of someone that had been hurt and forced onto this route, many of them had felt sympathy and pity for her. Some even criticized XunMi in their heads.

How ridiculous. XunMi, when did you become so weak. Now you can’t even bear others slandering you. What are you so afraid of? Yes, she was afraid that ZiXi ge would misunderstand, worried that it would hurt ZiXi ge in the process.

She suddenly thought of how, in a few hundred years, ZiXi ge would be long gone yet she would still be continuously transmigrating. Questions that she had tossed to the back of her mind once again appeared in the depths of her heart.

“Baobao, tell me. Once you put someone into your heart, do you become consumed with worries?” XunMi couldn’t help asking, her voice sounding weak.

Baobao floated onto XunMi’s shoulder, rubbed her cheeks with his head: [Host, Baobao will be there for you always.] His worried tone was obvious.

XunMi raised the corners of her mouth, laughed but didn’t respond. She felt as if she had fallen under a spell of black magic. This weak attitude won’t do. ZiXi ge is still waiting for me.

Sorting her thoughts into order, she walked into the courtroom, but immediately faced a person she didn’t want to see. XunMi kept her gaze forward, deciding to directly pass by him. Unfortunately, the other party did not seem to be in a merciful mood.

“XunMi.” Qin Sheng looked at the daughter heading his way. She had clearly lost weight in her face, her complexion even paler than before.

A bit of guilt and regret emerged in his heart. Her clear eyes used to be filled with admiration and respect for him not so long ago. But now, they were a deep, emotionless abyss.

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