Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 25

[I hate you for making Host worry. So to make Host stop worry, you must quickly wake up. -Baobao]


It was his own fault. He wanted to make up for it, yet he didn’t know what he could do. When he found out the truth, he was angry to the point of almost having a heart attack. The daughter that he had doted on for so many years wasn’t even his, evening dared to scheme against him behind his back!

In a fit of rage, he cut off all his aid to Qin HuaiSe, froze her cards, and refused to respond to any of her calls. If not for the fact that today’s court session involved the two Young Miss Qins, then he wouldn’t even come today.

XunMi’s footsteps paused before proceeding forward. Qin Sheng moved quick to catch up: “XunMi, I know you don’t like me, I know I let down you and your mother. But I really didn’t know about this situation, please believe me.”

He didn’t particularly like this daughter, even regarding her as a pawn rather than treating her like a daughter. But he was a father. When he realized that he had been blind for so many years, he felt remorse. Now, Qin Sheng only wanted his daughter to forgive him.

XunMi emotionlessly stared at the man before him. His hair was white at the temples, his eyes were sunken in. He looked worse off than she did, but she had no sympathy for him.

“Mister Qin, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Bypassing Qin Sheng, XunMi walked straight ahead. She had nothing to say to Qin Sheng. It was no longer important whether or not he had knew ahead of time, it was too late. Qin Sheng stared at the departing figure, his face flashing with pain.

XunMi collapsed onto the plaintiff seat and let go of her thoughts. Baobao silently perched on XunMi’s shoulders, worriedly watching his host. This was the first time feeling such sorrow. He had no way of understanding romantic or familial love.

But he was certain that if that man Tan ZiXi cannot wake up, then Host will become a body without a soul. Even though Host technically didn’t have a soul currently, she was still lively.

[Host, I inspected your man’s body. Everything looks OK so he will definitely awaken.] Baobao didn’t add that it would only happen under the condition that Tan ZiXi’s determination was firm. Even though Baobao was an advanced technology product, with unbelievable abilities, that didn’t mean he could raise people from the dead. But, Baobao’s eyes brightened as he rummaged through his inventory, he did have something that could assist him.

Some light returned into XunMi’s eyes. She straightened out her clothes, her noble air emitting out.

As people began filing in, their attention was immediately drawn to the woman in red. Their loud conversations came to an abrupt halt, their wandering eyes suddenly finding a focal point. The scene sank into a strange calm. Everyone quietly moved to their seats, as if afraid to disrupt the person immersed in her thoughts.

Qin HuaiSe walked with heavy footsteps. Her face had lost its naivety, falling into gloominess.

There was no sense of surprise in the court’s decision. Attempted murder only could have her sentenced for up to 20 years. Additionally, there were charges of defamation of character, intentional damage to other’s profits, and so on. One charge after another were laid out in court.

Qin HuaiSe ultimately was sentenced to life, with a probation of two years. Throughout the entire session, XunMi did not say a word. After hearing the verdict, she stood and left the room decisively, as if she wasn’t here today as a plaintiff but an ordinary spectator.

By the time she got back to the hospital, it was already noon. XunMi didn’t have much appetite so only had a bit of congee before lying by Tan ZiXi’s side to take a nap. During this time, she could only feel at peace when she was by his side.

Baobao waited for his Host’s breathing to steady before jumping onto Tan ZiXi’s face, taking this opportunity while no one was looking to stomp down on his cheeks. He nagged under his breath: [It’s all your fault, causing Host so much pain. If Host isn’t happy, then Baobao isn’t happy either. Baobao will give you some power so you must quickly wake up.]

A golden thread of light quickly seeped into Tan ZiXi’s body before disappearing without a trace.

On yet another sunny day, XunMi leaned onto the French window looking at the handsome, unmoving sleeping beauty on the bed.

“ZiXi ge, it’s been over a month now. Why aren’t you awake yet?” A lot has happened in capital city over the course of this month. First, Ling family, which was just one tier below the Three Powerful Families, had been beaten down to the point of bankruptcy. The biggest organized crime syndicate was uprooted by the police. Qin family was officially and completely in the hands of Eldest Miss Qin. The previous Qin Family Head had traveled abroad. Second Miss Qin had disappeared without a trace. Young Master Fei got engaged with a woman from a common family and announced his alliance with Qin family.

XunMi had used the shortest amount of time and reorganized the entire company, even uniting with Fei ZhenZhi to take down Ling family. Ling Yan’s successful rise to a crime syndicate’s second in command was largely due to Ling family’s help. As the main schemer, XunMi obviously wasn’t going to let Ling Yan off so easily. The one thing that there was never a lack of in this world were perverts with particular fetishes, especially in prison. If a pretty boy with a handsome face went in…

When Ling Yan saw the tide shift against his favor and ran away, XunMi borrowed Tan family’s people to point a gun to his head and personally escort him back. But Qin HuaiSe really did disappear. XunMi was still looking for her. She had reason to believe that this new situation had something to do with that female lead halo.

XunMi rambled on about her day, not caring if the person on the bed was listening.

“ZiXi ge, you are so lazy. You’ve slept for so long. I’ll give you one last chance. If on the 100th day you still haven’t woken up, then I won’t want you anymore.” Resting her head into the borrow of his neck, XunMi’s eyes moistened, yet she stubborned refused to tear up.

She’s already lost count of how many times she’s cried. That deep sense of powerlessness made her mentally strained.

Baobao, who had been floating up in the air, could only let out a tired sigh. Baobao had naively thought: that fellow on the bed had definitely recovered already. Even his consciousness had been restored, so he certainly should be waking up soon.

But in reality, he’s been sleeping! And sleeping! This was just not logical. He had given him pure Dragon’s Breath. As the name implied, it was the energy of a dragon’s breath. This was a valuable thing! Not only would it expedite a body’s restoration rate, it could even toughen the body up to be the strongest in this world.

Baobao had honestly thought that this fellow was pretending. But after a month of no change, he started panicking. He flipped through a lot of material before finding one barely sufficient explanation. When encountering a person that was compatible with Dragon’s Breath, it will automatically fuse into that person. While absorbing Dragon’s Breath was one-sided, but fusion was a bilateral action that could turn an ordinary person’s body into a host for a dragon. In other words, the distinction between absorption and fusion made the difference between a human and a god.

Coincidentally, that Dragon’s Breath Baobao had given was from one of the early ancestor’s of the dragon lineage in ancient times.

Notes: About that dragon thing…. I think it means that the person fusing will be able to take in dragon powers (and not that there will be a literal dragon living inside them).

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