Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 297 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.29)

Chapter 297: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.29)

Ziju BaiLin repeatedly nodded very obediently.

XunMi lightly brushed her chin with one hand, thinking carefully, then her eyes lit up and she spoke, “I believe you. You are injured now. In order for you to get better soon, you are not to enter my room for a month.”

En, with this cheerful decision, XunMi raised her eyebrows. “I’m doing this for your own good. I don’t believe BaiLin will have any objections to this, ah.” She added this sentence with all smiles. It was necessary to prod her husband in order to not let him forget for a long time.

If he dared deceive her like this again in the future, it would not end this simply.

Ziju BaiLin was completely done. His imagination was beautiful, but the reality was cruel. He wanted to protest.

He had gotten no material benefits and his heart ached. He needed his dear wife’s skills to get better.

XunMi felt carefree, Ziju BaiLin was depressed, Luo Ran was pleased, and Mu Cheng was stunned.

He had to say, he didn’t completely understand this scene. Who could explain it to him?

“Wife, can we discuss it? I really didn’t do it on purpose. It was all Mu Cheng’s fault, really.” If it weren’t for this guy having nothing to do but talk nonsense, how would have fought to wake up at all costs? Then this guy also instigated him to come catch his wife’s adultery, so this was all Mu Cheng’s fault.

Mu Cheng: …Hehe, what did the Marshal say just now? His ears were a little hard of hearing. He didn’t hear clearly.

XunMi looked towards Mu Cheng. If he hadn’t said anything, she really would’ve forgotten.

“Mu Cheng, please explain to me why the marshal disregarded his own health and started running around all over the place as soon as he woke up.”

Mu Cheng was also stuck. He knew that he was the one who was out of luck.

“Madam, listen to my explanation ah, in this way and so, like this and this way~~”

After he finished speaking, he obediently stood still to the side. He swore that he would definitely never shoot his mouth off again, wuwu wuwu….

XunMi’s mood was complicated. The rims of her eyes became a little red, and her distinct black and white eyes became misty.

Ziju BaiLin felt distressed. He got up and pulled her into his arms.

“Wife, is everything all right with us? I promise, I will never be so willful again. Don’t be sad, ok?”

He knew he had done something wrong this time, but he couldn’t help it.

At that time, he had been sleeping well and having a beautiful dream, but then he was frightened by Mu Cheng’s words. He then woke up in desperation because of his wife.

He knew his wife would never betray him, but who could withstand his wife’s charm?

Those flies were always staring at his wife. How could he give them a chance? All the more reason not to give them even a small opening.

His wife was his, and no one else was allowed to snatch her or think about her.

Afterwards… there was no afterwards.

“Fool.” XunMi couldn’t help but scold him. Tears gathered in her eyes but did not fall. She raised her head, restrained her tears, breathed in through her slightly reddened nose, and smiled. Like a rainbow after the rain, it was beautiful, but not too dazzling, and very comfortable.

Seeing her smile, Ziju BaiLin also smiled, sweetness filling his heart.

This was his wife forgiving him. Very good.

Mu Cheng and Luo Ran had already quietly left. It was not appropriate for them to remain in such a situation.

When one day they met someone, they must bring her in front of these two people and blind their eyes.

XunMi buried her head in Ziju BaiLin’s arms, and his body temperature made her feel warmer than the hottest stove.

“Come on, let’s go home.” She spoke in a low voice as she led her husband by the hand.

“Okay, let’s go home.” Ziju BaiLin laughed foolishly all the way back over his wife’s words.

Home was such a warm word. What an attractive place. It was a haven, a bright place. For XunMi, wherever her husband was, was home. For Ziju BaiLin, he could settle down anywhere, as long as the person by his side was her.

Old Jiang, who had been invited by the soldiers, met them on the street as they were returning, and he now turned on his elder mode and preached at them.

“You young people, always causing people to worry. Your body is your own. It is your life’s asset. If something happens to you, the people who care about you will be sad. You should not be reckless. Treat yourself well.” The thing doctors were most unwilling to see was a patient who didn’t take care of himself.

Ziju BaiLin silently listened to Old Jiang’s continuous chatter along the way as he quietly pulled his wife’s sleeve.

Seeing her tilting her head to look at him, he immediately showed an aggrieved expression, begging for a touch, begging for a hug, begging for a kiss.

XunMi looked at him with her peach blossom eyes and hinted at him to be good, they were still on a public street.

Ziju BaiLin pursed his lips and reluctantly followed behind XunMi.

Feeling helpless, XunMi reached out to hold his arm, and sure enough the wronged look on his face disappeared.

Mu Cheng already no longer had any hope for his marshal. Really, he never had any face in front of the Madam.

Old Jiang was still nagging, but stopped when they reached the marshal’s home. He examined Ziju BaiLin, then cried out that it was a miracle. Ziju BaiLin’s body had already almost completely recovered, just that his back was still in some pain.

The next two days passed uneventfully. When it no longer hurt, that meant he was almost better.

It was amazing to recover to this level in just two days.

XunMi was now relieved. Her husband was all right. That was really good.

Oh that’s right, the Female Lead should have been prepared over the past two days. She should go take a look later to celebrate.

“Wife, where is that woman? I have something to ask her.” There was something Ziju BaiLin still hadn’t figured out. How did that woman know of his teacher’s previous words?

“After taking your medicine, I’ll bring you over.” She took the medicine from Mu Cheng and fed him one spoonful at a time. Obviously, it was an extremely bitter thing, but to Ziju BaiLin, it felt like a sweet toothache.

His wife was truly a gift from heaven. No matter what, the taste was fragrant and sweet.

When XunMi saw the Female Lead again, she was startled.

Who was this malnourished and sickly looking person?

She didn’t remember telling them to mistreat the Female Lead, so what was with this disheveled hair and rancid smell coming from this ghost of a Female Lead?

Because Mu Cheng received a letter from Jun YuQing,[1] he was slower than them by a step.

When he came over, he saw that both the marshal and the Madam were surprised and disgusted, so he was immediately pleased.

But after he walked over, his face could not help but become dark.

“What’s going on? How did she become like this?”

He could hardly recognize who it was, the contrast was so damn big.

The soldier who opened the door hesitated, then finally opened his mouth under the cold eyes of his marshal and the deputy general.

“It wasn’t what we did. She wouldn’t eat anything, and she wouldn’t let the doctor treat her. Before we forced her to eat, but she threw it all up. And then she took advantage of when we weren’t paying attention to just everywhere… not at all… we asked a few cleaning ladies to help clean her up, but she did it again and again too quickly.”

The soldiers couldn’t really recount everything. The Madam was so noble; how could she listen to such filthy language?

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