Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 298 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.30)

Chapter 298: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.30)

Though he didn’t finish his words, the people present could figure it out according to the situation.

XunMi had a complex expression. Had the Female Lead abandoned herself to despair? But, she didn’t believe that.

She took a deep breath. “Mu Cheng, go find someone to wash her up.”

Damn, her obsession with cleanliness was affected, and now seeing the Female Lead courting death like this again, she was really unable to endure it.

Mu Cheng moved quickly, bringing over a few older female servants who looked extremely fierce at first sight.

Then, even if the Female Lead wanted to resist, she could only be dragged out to be washed, and someone also cleaned up the cell.

In fact, this could only be blamed on the Female Lead herself. She had chosen to go on a hunger strike. After three days, she was already starved and weak.

Coupled with the previous torture and the untreated wounds on her body, she was suffering from a high fever.

When the old servant came to start her task, she could only be dragged away.

While several people had waited a long time in the drawing room, the Female Lead was cleaned and brought over.

Because they forced her to take medicine, she was now a little more awake, but her mind was still a little muddled.

Ziju BaiLin had no expectations. In this condition, it would be difficult to ask for useful things.

XunMi thought differently from her husband. Right now, the Female Lead had weak willpower. You only had to provoke her a little to get her to speak.

“Nian Xue’er, do you think that by using this method, you can avoid your inevitable ending? No matter if it’s in the past or the future, you can only live in those filthy shadows.” She got up and walked over to where Nian Xue’er had been thrown onto the ground, her voice soft but bewitching.

She was hypnotized to be constantly reminded of those unbearable scenes, those unendurable times.

“Ahhhh… Go away, go away, you beasts!” Her faint voice was full of fear and panic, and tears slipped out of her eyes.

XunMi didn’t speak again, quietly waiting for the Female Lead to come to by herself.

She did not make XunMi wait very long. The Female Lead opened her eyes resentfully, the bright blaze inside was startling.

But when her gaze reached XunMi, the fire inside burned more and more.

“Nian! Xun! Mi!” She shouted word by word, with a tone and expression like she wanted to drink her blood and scoop out her flesh.

“Very good, you are awake. Since this is the case, let us now calculate things properly.”

XunMi stood up and sat down on the small bench that had just been brought over by Ziju BaiLin.

She crossed one leg over the other and leaned her back up against the marshal. She didn’t know where that second generation white silk pants had come from.[1]

With one look at Nian XunMi, Nian Xue’er knew that her scheme had failed. She ground her teeth, but it was not enough to vent the anger in her heart.

When she saw Ziju BaiLin, her eyes brightened.

That’s right, Ziju BaiLin had promised his teacher that he would look after the children of the Nian family. That would be her. How would he dare not look after her?

“Hey, if you look at my husband again with that kind of expression, I can’t guarantee that I won’t dig your eyes out.”

XunMi was very unhappy, her toes were just touching the ground, and the smile on her face was gone.

Nian Xue’er didn’t even glance at XunMi, still staring at Ziju BaiLin with a scorching gaze, and she spoke with great effort, “Marshal Ziju, you promised to take care of me. Now that XunMi has injured me so much, how can you go back on your promise?”

These words nearly exhausted her strength, and when she finished speaking she lay on the ground, panting.

She was tired and hungry now, and her mind was a bit confused. The clear-headedness she was working hard to maintain was almost unsustainable.

Ziju BaiLin raised his eyebrows and lowered his head. Towering above her, he suddenly unfurled a smile.

Nian Xue’er’s original look of expectation became even more excited as she fixed her gaze on Ziju BaiLin.

Holding her breath waiting for Ziju BaiLin’s next words, she felt certain that victory would be hers.

“How do you know that old man’s words, huh? Tell me.”

Ziju BaiLin answered with a question of his own. This had been just a casual joke between him and the old man. Aside from the two of them, no one else knew of this matter. Where had this woman heard it from?

Or perhaps she was not an ordinary person at all, and from the beginning she had appeared with a purpose!

Come to think of it now, it seemed that all of her actions were suspicious.

Naturally, XunMi did not know what her husband was thinking. Even if she did know, she would only smile silently.

Nian Xue’er was stunned for a moment. How should she answer? Both parties fell into silence for a time.

“Is it that you don’t know, or is it that you are thinking of a reason, hm?”

Ziju BaiLin pushed up the glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, the lenses hiding the murderous spirit in his eyes.

Nian Xue’er didn’t notice because right now her mind was like paste. Even if she tried to think of a reason, it was somewhat difficult.

XunMi felt she was very patient, but the Female Lead seemed to be incapable.

She patted her husband’s hand, “It’s a waste of time talking to her. First she should be well taken care of, then sent out. At that time we’ll see if she’s still this stubborn.”

“No, you dare!” The sharp voice rang out suddenly, making XunMi’s ears tingle.

Fuck me,[2] this Female Lead’s explosion really scares people, o!

Nian Xue’er was probably angered a lot by XunMi, and once again jabbed at her bottom line. Her eyes reddened and the veins on her face bulged.

XunMi buried her head next to Ziju BaiLin’s waist, quietly peering out at the Female Lead.

Mamma mia,[3] her poor little heart. Sooner or later she would be terrified by the Female Lead. Who knows if she would have nightmares tonight. ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭

She couldn’t help but wonder whether she had overdone it on the provocation.

She also knew why her husband had asked that question, but in the end it was hard for her to say, ah.

Since her husband wanted to know, as his dearest one, how could she not want to help him clear up his doubts?

It’s just that the effect seemed a bit… oh well. ┑ ( ̄Д ̄) ┍ She chose to shut up.

Ziju BaiLin was not disappointed. Since this woman didn’t say anything, then forget it.

In any case, he was simply curious. He didn’t have to know.

If he hadn’t meet his wife, perhaps he would have been intrigued by this woman’s tricks.

But after meeting on the street that time, this woman was already permanently on his death list.

“Nian XunMi, you can’t do this. I’m the biological daughter of your adoptive parents. They have raised you for more than ten years. If not for them, how would you be where you are today? Do you want to repay them by killing their actual daughter? Your conscience has been eaten by dogs! You will be condemned!”

Unexpectedly, Nian Xue’er’s head was cleared up even more by the stimulation. Perhaps this was a case of people reaching their greatest potential in the midst of crisis.

She was no exception. As soon as she was clear-headed, she decided she must first break free of her predicament.

She absolutely could not let XunMi throw her into the military barracks as an army prostitute, even if she died.

However, she was afraid of death. Otherwise she would not have fought with just hunger strikes and self-abasement.

XunMi’s fingers that were holding Ziju BaiLin’s clothes tightened, and her eyes flashed fiercely.

She had to say, there were some causes and effects that had to be dealt with.

Translator’s Notes

[1] White silk pants = a rich child of nobility or an official, probably useless for anything except for dressing up and spending money. I’m not sure what she’s talking about in this context though. I guess her husband, lol.

[2] I thought this was fun. The phrase used here is 我屮艸芔茻. 卧草 (wo cao – lay/lie grass) is a homonym and oft used euphemism for 我肏 (wo cao – fuck me). When netizens use pinyin to type quickly (for those unfamiliar, you start typing the pinyin, and Chinese character suggestions pop up as you go) and start typing “wo ca,” the four somewhat odd characters 屮艸芔茻 pop up, all of which happen to be adding more of the grass/sprout radical. To sum up, 我屮艸芔茻 is now also used on the internet in a joking way the same as 卧草. I went ahead and just dropped the f-bomb though, cause no one is censoring my little website.

[3] I shit you not, that’s what it said.

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