Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 299 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.31)

Chapter 299: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.31)

After XunMi occupied the original owner’s body, she was obliged to return this favor.

Nian Xue’er was right. She could not kill her, not only because of her identity as the Nian family’s daughter, but also because she was the Female Lead.

If XunMi finished her off, then the karma would be transferred directly to herself.

She didn’t know when she began to be imbued by these karma-causing things. It seemed to have started from the stone betting plane.

Forget it, this wasn’t a bad thing.

You couldn’t just take other people’s things without giving back in equal amount.

“Nian Xue’er, don’t worry, I won’t take your life. Your life is worthless to me. But don’t think I am sparing you due to external factors. There is always a price to pay for everything you do.”

XunMi concealed the emotions in her eyes. If she wanted to be absolved here, it would depend on whether or not she had the qualifications.

Ziju BaiLin was very distressed for XunMi. He knew how kindhearted she was and how much she wished the Nian family well.[1] And now some person had popped out to destroy her relationship with the Nian family, yet she had to be overly-cautious about straightening it out.

When should she have these concerns? It shouldn’t be like this, his subconscious told him.

She should be set up on high, above all, controlling life and death, and living recklessly, just like… just like…

Just like what? He couldn’t remember.

Grasping XunMi’s hand, Ziju BaiLin furrowed his brows, and his head started to hurt again.

“Wife, you can’t touch this thing. Let me.” Whether or not the Nian family liked him had no influence on him.

As long as his wife was happy. If his wife was not happy, could he leave alone the person who had provoked her and make her more unhappy?

XunMi was silent a long time before she finally spoke: “Okay, don’t kill her.”

She turned around and left. The Female Lead’s matters should be brought to an end.

Ziju BaiLin smiled evilly and looked at the woman who was suddenly trembling, and the bloodthirst in his eyes became stronger.

“Someone come, take her back down and take care of her well.” The soldier who had been on the job immediately stepped forward and dragged her away.

Once the annoying presence was gone, he went to look for his wife.

In the study, Mu Cheng was holding a letter reporting news from the Western Region.

The Male Lead deserved to be the Male Lead. With just a few people, he had succeeded in taking down his old man, and in a short period of time, secured for himself the position of Marshal.

Yu Qing said that it was not a traitor, but a spy, who had already been caught by Shi HuaYi.

The spy also confessed and spit out the latest deployments of the invaders.

Shi HuaYi proposed that they send troops directly while the other party was off guard, and drive them out all at once.

Ziju BaiLin sat behind his desk, thinking calmly about the feasibility of the plan. They were not short of weapons now, but their munitions supplies could not withstand long-term warfare.

XunMi boiled hot water for Ziju BaiLin. It wasn’t suitable for injured people to drink tea.

“This is good timing. Although we may not be able to have a quiet year, we will have quieter and better years in the future.”

She held Ziju BaiLin’s hand and felt his temperature.

“Don’t worry about the soldiers’ supplies. Today I discussed with Luo Ran a cooperation for military supplies. You can go to war with confidence. I will solve all your problems at the back so you don’t have to worry about any troubles from the rear.”

She didn’t know what the battlefield was like as she hadn’t seen it, but she knew it was nothing but blood and cruelty. But she could not stop him just because she was worried about him. Men aspired to travel far and make their marks.

What’s more, her husband’s setting in this plane was the kind of character who dared to fight and hated intruders very much. As his lover, how could she hold him back?

Ziju BaiLin met XunMi’s determined gaze. His heart softened and he nodded.

He would soon end this war, and then accompany his wife, whether living a city life or traveling around, he would always be by her side.

Mu Cheng was very envious for the friendship between these two.

Due to the Western Region’s and Southern Region’s decision, the Northeastern Region also joined in.

At this moment, the four regions formed the strongest alliance and began to strike back against the invaders.

The power of the masses was great, especially when the original incomplete squads were pieced together into a complete team, their strength more than doubled.

With the armored tanks and artillery researched by XunMi, Ziju BaiLin had the advantage from the beginning.

Even though the number of brave and fierce intruders were great, in the end it was not enough to surpass the allied army.

For two full years, the people on the battlefield came and went, some were buried in the soil, and some returned to nothingness.

The smoke had not spread to other countries, and perhaps some countries became restless.

Only after seeing the weapons on Ziju BaiLin’s side did they think about it more carefully, and after confirming their strength, let go of their ambitions to steal a slice of the pie.

They didn’t want to lose the benefits when the time came to profit on the compensation after joining in. The gains were not worth the losses.

In the spring of the third year, the war ended.

Not only did they win in an overwhelming victory and drive out the invaders, but they also occupied the other sides’ borders.

From this moment on, China entered a new era. They freed themselves and became their own masters.

Like a sleeping lion, inevitably there will be a day it wakes up, and this war of resistance thoroughly woke up this big lion.

Once the lion opens its eyes, it will be the king of beasts. Who will contend with him?

Countries with keen eyesight immediately sent ambassadors to offer congratulations.

In fact, they still wanted to give China support at this time, and then reap some rewards in the future.

The coalition army was led by Ziju BaiLin himself. After the war, he was naturally fixed as the number one Marshal.

But what should be made clear still had to be made clear. Nobody had forgotten the agreement they had come to in the beginning.

The Western Region’s Shi HuaYi and the Northeastern Region’s newly appointed Marshal Gao FeiHu, that is, the original commanders.

The former marshal had already sacrificed his life on the battlefield due to his older age.

With the addition of the Southern Region’s Ziju BaiLin, the three were now sitting together, each occupying one region, meaning that the territory was still divided.

“I have no opinion on who will become the leader of this country. I will not participate in this competition. Also, my soldiers have the freedom to stay or go. If you all want to rope them in, you can think of your own methods.”

Ziju BaiLin took the lead in speaking out about his views. He originally had no opinion on this nuisance chairman position.

Rather than working himself to death, he’d be better off spending his time accompanying his wife every day. Those would be the most beautiful days in the world.

The other two people couldn’t follow Ziju BaiLin’s common sense, and were stunned with a look of, ‘Are you joking, or is there a problem with my ears?’

Ziju BaiLin kindly repeated with emphasis: “I have no interest in the position of chairman.”

Translator’s Notes

[1] I’m not sure “kindhearted” is the first word I’d choose to describe XunMi, but ok.

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