Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 30

[From here on out, the system will include different leveled worlds. The previous one had been classified as a one star world. Because Host had succeeded your mission wonderfully, BaoBao has asked the superiors to allow you to skip directly to three star worlds.] BaoBao’s cutesy voice made XunMi even more agitated. She really wanted to curse at someone.

“Alright, tell me the use of this nutrient water.” Looking at the compensation from the system, her lips twitched. XunMi didn’t care if the difficulty increased, as long as she wasn’t thrusted into the body of a child or someone in a coma. She was more interested in BaoBao’s previous words. ZiXi ge, wait for me.

BaoBao excitedly brought a shimmering gold book to XunMi. [Host, nutrient water can be used to restore the body. It can be used in all worlds below five stars. And this is Host’s upcoming world. It’s in ancient times, isn’t that amazing?]

XunMi hesitantly rececived the book: “This is a normal world, right?”

[Host, BaoBao didn’t choose the world, only the level of difficulty.

So this wasn’t something he could decide. Everything happened according to luck.

XunMi rolled her eyes and opened the book in her arms, taking in the title The Rise of the Concubine’s Daughter: The Extreme Empress.

Feeling a sense of evil intent from the world, XunMi could guess exactly what this story was about. She simultaneously tsk-tsked and read. At least this was slightly better than the previous world.

This was a court drama book. The female lead was the prime minister’s Eldest Miss. Unfortunately, she was also an idiot concubine’s daughter that didn’t receive favor. At age 16, she was pushed into a pond by the Third Miss. By the time she woke up, her soul had already been replaced by a transmigrating girl. After understanding her new role, she immediately began writing poems and books, quickly making her reputation par to none. Soon, she earned the prime minister’s favor, along with the good impression of other talented youths. This included the crown prince, who also happened to be the fiance of the Prime Minister’s legitimate, second daughter.

But in order to stabilize his own status, the crown prince didn’t give up the Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter from his legal wife. After the two married, the crown prince and female lead Wenren YunFei schemed for the crown prince’s wife to be caught committing adultery, leading to revoking her title and annulling their marriage as punishment. In addition, the Prime Minister house also renounced her. Feeling as if she had become a dirty burden for the Prime Minister, Wenren XunMi hung herself on a tree outside of city gates. Only her little brother Wenren Lu cared enough to have her taken down for burial.

Soon after, the crown prince married Wenren Yunfei and usurped his father’s throne. Wenren YunFei convinced the prime minister to ally with a general and an assassion that adored her in order to plot to kill the XiaoYi Wang. {T/N: XiaoYi Wang is usually a title given to a son of the Emperor that seems more interested in life and art than in politics, military, and the throne}

In the end, Wenren YunFei became the empress and ultimately lived a happy ever after with her group of men.

Xun Mi almost spit blood. So is the book NP, or is it NP, or is NP?

Without even guessing, she knew she was going to be the Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter. Afterall, they shared the same name. This poor girl had almost died without a proper burial. As expected, family meant nothing in the face of politics.

XunMi was interested in this XiaoYi Wang. In the original book, this was the only person that hadn’t fallen for the female lead. More importantly, he was the country of An’s powerful prince, holding the entire imperial court in the palm of his hands.

So it wasn’t strange that the female lead wanted to kill this living time bomb in the end. But XunMi wandered where the plot would have progressed to by the time she enters the world.

“BaoBao, let’s go.” With that, she slowly disappeared from the Sea of Stars space.

XunMi opened her eyes, facing a patch of blood red, causing her to jump in fright. She blinked her eyes, discovering that vision was being obstructed by something. As she reached out to pull it off, she was immediately stopped by the person sitting next to her.

“Aiya, Second Miss. You can’t impatiently take the veil off now! The crown prince will here to pick you up soon. After going through the ceremony, you’ll be able to see the outstanding crown prince. ” Her words made XunMi’s hair stand at end. A thousand WTFs ran through her mind. She had transmigrated to when Wenren XunMi married that scum of a man?

As expected, the further into the timeline she goes, the higher the difficulty will be. If she remembers correctly, this was the time that the female lead attracted a lot of male admirers. Her reputation as the Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter had also began to take a hit due to the female lead’s rumors.

Before the age of 16, XunMi, who was only a year younger than the female lead, was both An’s number one talented miss and number one most beautiful miss. But when the female lead transmigrated, she used poems and songs of the future to knock down XunMi’s ranking. Now, when people mention the Prime Minister’s Second Miss, they would say that the praise of her talents are exaggerated. When they speak of the Eldest Miss, they would say she was brimming with talent, a true angel of the highest heavens descending to Earth.

XunMi wanted to curse. If not for the fact that this body’s mother was still alive, today’s bride might have been directly exchanged for Wenren YunFei. After all, the female lead’s mother was still a governmental official’s daughter.

But in a month, her mother would be killed by Wenren YunFei and her concubine mother. This was also why only her little brother came to see her off when the original had died.

XunMi’s task this time included a main mission and two side missions. The first was to protect her mother and her little brother, making sure they live peacefully. Her mother had been critically ill when the original Wenren XunMi was caught committing adultery, causing the two to miss a chance to see each other one last time.

The second side mission was for XunMi to be happy. Before, she was miserable. So this time, she wanted a life of warmth.

After going through the plot one more time in her head, XunMi thought of a way to deal with the situation. “BaoBao, where is that scum crown prince right now?”

No matter whether her husband had transmigrated into that scum of a male lead or into some other person, XunMi had to run away from this wedding. She definitely couldn’t marry.

[Host, that scumscum is already here. He’s been at the female lead’s place this whole time. Additionally, Host, I’ve already made an appraisal. His soul doesn’t have the same frequency as your man’s.]

XunMi raised her eyebrows, her eyes showing her mischievous intentions. Since you aren’t my dear husband, then I won’t be merciful.

Why did XunMi have her memories intact in this dimension? Well, that’s because she had achingly spent 40000 points to buy a protection screen for her consciousness.

Opening up the Shopping Center, XunMi flipped to the section for medicine and spent 999 points to buy a bottle of unlimited “knockout drops”. To XunMi, this thing was an irreplaceable necessity in all plans to break laws and commit crimes.

She pulled her hand into her sleeves, slyly opening the bottle’s lid and allowing the scent to spread into the air. One, two, three.

Bang. Bangbang. Bang. After making sure all the people had fallen down unconscious, XunMi replaced the lid and placed the bottle back into her inventory. She tore off her red veil, and rushed to hide behind the folding screen. As she changed her clothing, she shouted orders towards the door.

“Xiao Xiang, go invite Eldest Miss over for a moment. Say that I want to gift the phoenix pearl to her.”

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