Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 29

XunMi had just returned into her space when a furry white ball threw itself onto her.

[Madam Host, welcome back. You are so great! Our grade evaluation this time is S level! Praise!] Baobao happily shook his body, almost jumping up and down in excitement.

XunMi weakly curled her lips up, smiling yet not saying anything, and opened her personal numbers.

Host: XunMi

Level: 1 (100)

Age: 20

Character: ?

Charm: 90 (100)

Physical Strength: 40 (100)

Points: 10000

Inventory: XiSui pill x1, DaHuan pill x1

Evaluation: S

Baobao sensed his host’s mood and was a bit hesitant. [Madam Host, don’t be sad. Your level right now is still low, that world was just to help you adapt so there was only a main mission. Thus, the amount of points available was low. When we get to the next world, the difficulty level will begin to increase and we will get more side missions and gain more points. That’ll help us level up faster. When our level is high enough, our clearance level will change, opening up the shopping market. Inside there’ll be many useful things.]

XunMi replayed images from the last world, realizing ZiXi ge’s Good Feelings measure had been fulfilled early on. Thinking of that person, her heart began to squeeze in pain again. ZiXi ge. She silently whispered the name that had imprinted itself onto her soul. “BaoBao, I understand. Let’s enter the next world now.” She wanted to quickly level up, earn enough points, and see what kind of goods were in the shopping market.

BaoBao worriedly watched his host and sighed: [Opening the new world for Host.] He really wanted to tell Madam Host that a miracle might occur, but he had limitations and was unable to open his mouth on the topic.

crycrycry~~~~It’s all that man’s fault. How could he fuse with Dragon’s Breath?

XunMi didn’t notice anything suspicious about BaoBao. She closed her eyes and immersed her consciousness. She felt a quick jostle before everything returned to stillness.

XunMi opened her eyes, and sensed the softness below her. Looking around, she found that she had woken up on a bed yet again. An obviously European styled home, a large wardrobe lined the wall with all kinds of modern trendy formal attire.

XunMi lifted herself up, moving her stiff body and walking into the bathroom. Based on the mirror reflection, she still had her own face but the aura was different than the last world’s. It was actually similar to her own, with both holding the elegance of a white lotus. But she had personally carried around an air of lonesome coldness that made her seem unapproachable. Yet, currently she possessed an aura of sorrow, making people want to wrap her into their arms to give her strength. XunMi patted her heart, her eyes filled with blankness and bewilderness. She seems to have forgotten something. She couldn’t think of what it could be, only sensing that her heart felt empty, as if it was missing something. Who is the figure that flashes in her mind, why is it so familiar, why does it make her want to break into tears?

Staring back at the girl in the mirror who’s eyes were red to the brim and cheeks flowing with fresh tears, XunMi felt blank. “BaoBao, is that person someone important to me?” She knew that she had already experienced one dimension, and she possessed all of its related memories. Yet she could never see that person’s face clearly.

BaoBao drifted in the air with a bitter face: [Madam Host, this is the rules of the dimensions. BaoBao can’t do anything. But when you have wrecked the plotline to a specific degree, you’ll remember.]

BaoBao really hadn’t thought of this part because his previous hosts were all too fake. Even if the world’s consciousness had wiped out some of their memories, they wouldn’t think there was that big of a problem. Thus, he too had forgotten about this exception.

XunMi splashed water on her face to make herself calm down. She knows that BaoBao wouldn’t lie to her. There was a voice in her heart telling her that she absolutely couldn’t forget that person. Her lips curved up in a cold smile. Since this was the condition, then let’s go wreck the plot. “BaoBao, send this world’s story to me. Additionally, transmit over the original soul’s memories.” BaoBao obediently did as ordered.

XunMi leaned on the bathroom vanity and flipped through the book that BaoBao had made appear out of thin air. The original soul’s name was Ni XunMi, the current top star actress. She was the first domestic superstar to make it abroad. With high popularity and a famously good personality, Ni XunMi was really an all around good person. She was Ni family’s smallest daughter. From childhood, she had been protected well by her parents and two older brothers, never coming into contact with human nature’s dark side. Her story demonstrated how a substitute could destroy the first love.

Bai QianWei was this world’s female lead. She was a beautiful, scandalous, third tier actress that was dragged to entertain at a business gathering by her manager, where she was promptly drugged. Urgently, she ran into male lead and Ou financial group’s chairman Ou JinYan’s room. Because her face looked similar to Ou JinYan’s sweetheart, he decided to help her.

After being acquainted with the industry’s cruelness, Bai QianWei naturally fell for such an excellent man. She felt that, with her skills, she could hook him. Certainly, everything was going as she planned. Ou JinYan began to like her and her own career had risen up one step. But good things don’t last forever. That National Goddess Ni XunMi, Ou JinYan’s first love came back. When Bai QianWei found out she was just a substitute for the more famous Ni XunMi, she became more scheming.

She would run up to Ni XunMi to provoke her, because she knew that Ni XunMi also liked Ou JinYan. She had returned home with the decision to confess her feelings. Because of Bai QianWei, Ni XunMi had stepped back at the last moment. So how could Bai QianWei let go of such a good opportunity?

She schemed against Ni XunMi’s reputation with rumors of drug use, causing Ou JinYan’s good feelings for her to change into spurn. Afterwards, the female lead and the male lead suffered through a trying course of obstacles that strengthened their love, before reaching a happy ending naturally.

As for the unfortunate Ni XunMi, her future was ruined, her lover was gone, and she was made into a cannon fodder. Then why didn’t Ni family help out Ni XunMi? That was obviously a bug, you can’t expect online novels to care about attention to details.

After reading through the story, XunMi twitched her lips while her face demonstrated her dislike. She didn’t even need to guess: she must be the cannon fodder Ni XunMi. But where was the plot currently? “BaoBao.”

[Madam Host, right now is the stage where the male lead has already begun to provide for the female lead. The female lead has also become coined as one of the industry’s young newcomers. Because the worlds will become harder and harder from here on out, the plot won’t always start at the beginning for you. I believe that Madam Host will beautifully succeed the mission. n(*≧▽≦*)n。] Baobao turned in circles around XunMi, ecstatic that his host was someone that got graded S on their very first mission.

“That means that this is also the time where I’m preparing to return home and confess to the male lead, right?” XunMi closed the book, her bare feet stepping on white carpet as she walked out to the closet. A vicious smile formed on her lips as she softly stroked the formal gowns in the wardrobe.

“I believe that you will be very happy to dedicate everything for me, right?” Selecting a cream colored dress to change into, she carelessly pulled back her waist length long black hair.

[Madam Host, please act accordingly to the original body’s personality. Ni XunMi was innocent and pure. We have to be graceful and gentle. We have to smile sweetly. ] BaoBao cried out to remind his host. His host’s original personality was gentle too, how did she suddenly become so cruel and unfeeling? It must be a misconception on his part.

XunMi lifted her head laughing, her eyes curving into half moons. Her innocent face held blind trust for the world yet her wandering peach blossom eyes carried naive charm. With her cream-colored dress and her elegant aura, she looked as pure as a lotus flower in the Jade lake of Mount Kunlun.

[WooOoo~~~ Madam Host is so beautiful so beautiful, BaoBao is almost drooling!] BaoBao laid with his stomach on the ground, shrieking with starry-eyed admiration.

XunMi mischievously winked: “Let’s go. We’re going back to China.” Filled with great aspirations, the two had barely stepped into the airport lounge before hearing their system blast an alert:

[Current world’s status has undergone changes. Current world’s status has undergone changes. Commencing emergency exit, commencing emergency exit.]

Everything around XunMi disappeared to black before she found herself reappearing in her Sea of Stars space. “BaoBao, what happened?” XunMi grabbed the furry ball and asked with confusion.

BaoBao scrunched his face: [Madam Host, the invasion of a high leveled intelligence made the world’s conscious awoken, forcing the change in the world’s rank. It was originally a one star dimension but now it became a five star dimension. ] BaoBao also felt powerless, their luck really was miserable.

XunMi raised her eyebrows. “A high leveled intelligence?” She strangely felt like this had something to do with her.

BaoBao remained quiet. He didn’t even need to guess to know that it was definitely that fellow that followed them.

“BaoBao, I want to know the truth.” XunMi’s tone was uncompromising.


At least in this case, the chances of him leveling up, getting a promotion, and becoming a high leveled senior were high. But still, Host was always so sharp-eyed. How was he supposed to hold her back?

[Madam Host, all I can tell you is that this is all your man’s doing! I can’t say anything else. Your clearance level isn’t high enough, so please don’t blame me!] Seeing Host’s expression become more and more dangerous, BaoBao very cowardly shivered.

XunMi’s mind was in turmoil. “That’s to say that he’ll be following me, right?” Seeing BaoBao keep his mouth shut, she had her answer. She wasn’t in a hurry, she had time. “Enter the next world.” She couldn’t wait to verify her suspicions.

Because it was an external factor that caused Host to be ejected from the previous dimension, the system will compensate you: [Enabling the Shopping Market, accumulated points of 60000. Two bottles of low leveled nutrient water have been added into your inventory. ] Seeing the crisis was over, BaoBao returned back to his happy jumping state.

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