Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 4

[Uncontrollably want to worry over her, to keep her in my gaze, is this a sickness? –Tan zixi]

“Don’t wear such tall shoes. It’s not safe.”

XunMi opened her eyes wide, slightly dumbfounded. This person is worrying about her?

Tan ZiXi was momentarily annoyed by himself, “I’m sorry for frightening you. I am Tan ZiXi.” XunMi was confused but the guests currently making their way over we’re astonished. Along with his secretary and a group of bodyguards, everyone looked as if they had been struck by lightening. When have they ever seen this tender and apologetic side of their boss? This was more inconceivable than if the sky suddenly started raining in red!

But after taking another look at the woman on the couch, the secretary suddenly felt as if this was the way it should be. This woman with such unrivaled looks could soften any man’s heart. Although Boss wasn’t just any ordinary guy, he was still a man out and out. When the man had first appeared, many have already recognized him. There were still others arriving with seniors that were not quite as familiar with who he was. However, the name Tan Zixi itself everybody knew.

If capital city was symbolized in a fixed triangle of power, this man would be emperor standing at the very top. Tan ZiXi, 26 years old. At age 15, he joined the military. Age 18, he had achieved the ranking of lieutenant colonel. By 22, at the height of his military career, he was made the major general. Then, he unexpectedly retired from active service, entered the business industry, created YuXi Group with a focus on real estate properties and electronics. His grandfather is the military committee president, his father a general. His mother was a major turned military hospital’s director. Three generations of power, Tan ZiXi was capital city’s legend. Those who have experienced blood and battle always carry an aura of courage. Rumor has it that he was indifferent and cold, never paying any attention to anything outside of his vested interests. Despite his personality, he still had a handsome face and name that hundreds would chase after. Half of Capital city’s population of women all want to get into his bed but not one has succeeded. His lifestyle has always been rigorously regulated, severely strict, and absolutely ascetic. But what are they seeing now? For Eldest Miss Qin, this man can actually be so…gentle? If it’s not that they were seeing things, then this must mean that there’s finally a change in the forecast? (T/N 变天了 slang usually used to say there’s going to be a huge shift in something ahead)

XunMi was also frenzied on the inside: there’s no mistake, this world’s male lead is also named Tan ZiXi! But the author didn’t even write that this Big Boss would show up today! Besides, isn’t he supposed to give the female lead special treatment? Why is he emitting positive vibes to her instead? But no matter how chaotic she felt on the inside, XunMi maintained her calm on the outside. Only her slightly stiff face hinted at her inner emotions.

“President Tan, I didn’t think you would be coming. What a great honor!” Qin Sheng was so pleasantly surprised by Tan Zixi’s appearance that his smile seemed imprinted on his face. He had only wanted to make an impression on him when he had sent the invitation. Who would have thought it would actually be successful! “This is my daughter Qin HuaiSe. HuaiSe, come and give your regards to President Tan!” This must be because HuaiSe has brought along good luck. She had just returned home, and was able to bring over such an important person!

Qin huaise, with a reddening face and a bashful manner, was pushed to the center. Moulding into a proper image of a weak woman, even down to a soft careful voice, she said, “ZiXi ge, hello.” No one could tell how she was boiling with excitement on the inside. She had like this man for 10 years! The reason she worked so hard to climb up was to get into the Qin family, so that she would have a status compatible to his, so that she the right to be with him!

XunMi furrowed her brows, coldly watching the father daughter pair begin their act. If you two want to act, then I should of course give the courtesy of being respectful and paying full attention to your performance. She relaxed her body, leaned her back onto the sofa and crossed her legs while emitting an air of elegance.

“Who are you? We are not acquainted.” Trying to sound as if they were close? This woman was no different than those women who wanted to climb into his bed. Tan ZiXi stood up, his previously at ease tone turning cold, his gaze drilled into Qin HuaiSe as if a poisonous python at his prey. As soon as he’s determined his position, he would strike without hesitation. Qin HuaiSe didn’t think Tan ZiXi would speak to her like this, leaving her unable to hide the hurt and disbelief from her eyes as they swelled and uncontrollably teared.

Qin Sheng awkwardly stood in his spot, going to console his daughter when he saw she’d collapsed into tears.XunMi’s mood was pretty good, on the other hand. The heavy despair from earlier seemed to have been dumped out of her. Seeing these two disgusting people failing really did make her happy. She reached her hand out to grab the man in front of her to sincerely voice her gratitude, “President Tan, thank you today for coming.”

Tan ZiXi needed a moment to return from his thoughts. Before, didn’t he used to hate being touched? Not only did he rush to save her without a moments hesitation, but now there’s not even an urge to deflect her touch. Instead, a new feeling was emerging in his heart, too soft for him to understand at the time. “No need to thank me,” he said with a cold tone that nevertheless did not hide the bit of tenderness seeping outwards.

He’d come here only because he had been put under a trance by her smile earlier. So he muddleheadedly agreed to his mother’s request even though he knew her mother’s agenda was for him to quickly get a girlfriend. But he only had disgust for those women who act coquettish in front of him. This woman, on the other hand, seemed different, possessing deep eyes that made it hard to decipher what was going on in her mind.

XunMi gave a light smile while masking her inner doubts. Why does she have a feeling that this situation has gone off script. Especially this guy’s character traits! Wasn’t he meant to be all kinds of cold? Then why is he being so gentle around her?

Qin HuaiSe was about to be beaten crazy by jealousy. It shouldn’t be like this. Why is it so different than what she had planned? XunMi that bitch was nothing more than a spoiled, arrogant brat. Why should she get that kind of treatment from him? That should be the way he treats her, she can’t let anyone else steal him away.

[Ding! Female lead’s heart has darkened, host please be careful.] Bao bao’s voice suddenly appeared in XunMi’s head, catching her by surprise. {T/N: 黑化 translates to darkened, not the best word choice but can’t think of anything else…basically 黑化 here means someone is becoming more and more yandere}

Without even attempting to cover it up, XunMi focused her gaze on Qin HuaiSe. Darkened? Ha, how fucking great! A hundred ‘What the fucks’ trampled through her mind. This darkening business, one look and she could tell this only meant trouble for her.

Tan ZiXi was a bit frustrated. Why is she furrowing her brows one moment, clenching her teeth the next? What an abundant display of emotion. He lifted his hand to pat her head, as if to offer comfort.

And by using Patting the Head tactic, XunMi was utterly defeated. She stood frozen while her heart fell into further chaos. This idiot definitely isn’t the male lead! Which bastard switched out the male lead? Hurry up and switch them back!

Qin HuaiSe, who had finally been sufficiently consoled by Qin Sheng, saw their movements and immediately restarted the waterworks down her small face. She looked pitiful, sniffling like a bullied little animal. QunMi’s lips curved up in a smirk, finally realizing why the original Qin XunMi’s captivating looks couldnt overpower this white lotus flower. This flower was just too good at acting, and too aware of how to use her physical advantages to attract attention.

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