Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

Chapter 5

[To meet amidst a sea of hundreds of millions of people, it’s as if our hearts are in sync. –XunMi and Tan Zixi]

Meanwhile, Qin XunMi was more arrogant. She wouldn’t lower herself to the level of using such disdainful tactics. Even more so due to the fact that as the Eldest Miss Qin, her pride wouldn’t allow her to lower her head. With 18 years of conditioning, this confidence was already ingrained into her being. Thus, her unwavering confidence that she would not be abandoned ultimately led to her tragic demise.

Nearby guests subtly moved a few steps away from Qin Sheng and his illegitimate daughter. Their behavior actually was pretty frowned upon in their circle. The reason why they weren’t gossiping was because they knew the unspoken rules. If you didn’t have power, then the crowd would’ve scorned, cursed, and ripped you to pieces on site. But if you had power, then the crowd must step back, at most they would only tsk tsk in private. To be forward, this only shows that power was still power.

But that didn’t stop the crowd from thinking to themselves. XunMi earned the crowd’s acknowledgement and sympathy while all Qin HuaiSe gained was their total disregard.

“ZiXi, thank you.” At least in this moment, I am very thankful for you. Thank you for stepping forward, no matter whether I needed it or not. I’ll remember this favor.

She returned from her thoughts quickly, and began to adjust and refocus her mental state. Perhaps it was time to really let go of her past, and merge with this dimension in order to truly complete the mission.

Tan ZiXi was suffering through his mixed emotions. He didn’t want her to be thanking him. That makes the two of them sound like unfamiliar strangers. Yet, he didn’t understand what he wanted them to be instead. So he reached out his hand and pat her head again. Noticing that she didn’t seem to reject his action, a gentle expression overtook his face as satisfaction flashed in his peach blossom eyes.

“No need to thank me. Be happy. I like your smile.” He wasn’t used to being talkative but he wanted to protect her and make sure she was free from worries, just to preserve her bright, carefree smile. He didn’t know why, even though this was obviously their first meeting, he was already making such a oath inside his heart. This was just what he instinctively wanted to do.

XunMi’s eyes flashed with surprise before relaxing into a smile. The feeling of having someone caring for you isn’t bad at all. In that moment, there was no biased slag father, no white lotus flower little sister.

“En, I will be happy and make sure to smile everyday. Maybe next time we see each other, you’ll see a even brighter smile on me.” A half joking half serious tone, coupled with her shining eyes, tugged deep at Tan Zixi’s heart, making him aware of the quickening of his heartbeats.

Background Character Qin HuaiSe immediately stamped her feet. “No! ZiXi ge you cant like her. You obviously said before that you hated those arrogant wealthy heiress types!” Qin HuaiSe was already irritated because se had failed to make the crowd turn a cold-shoulder on Qin XunMi. Then, she saw her male idol show tenderness to that bitch, only adding to bad mood. But now, this was the last straw. Qin XunMi was only a spoiled, haughty heiress. How could she gain her male idol’s interest? Then, all these years, what was the point of her acting fragile, docile for so many years? Her eyes bulged, showing her disbelief as well as her jealousy.

Tan ZiXi already didn’t have a good first impression of her, only made worsen by her sudden show of disrespect. Especially because she dared use such a disgusting gaze to look at him.

XunMi was able to pick up some clues from her words. It seems like Qin HuaiSe already knew Tan ZiXi. So, in the original book, she must have done some orchestrating to make her male idol fall for her. Likely, as unapproachable as Tan ZiXi is, you would need some special planning to just get into his line of vision.

“Since you’re so sure ZiXi ge won’t like an arrogant heiress like me, then please explain. How exactly am I arrogant? Also, what kind of person exactly does ZiXi ge like? Ha, he obviously only said that he liked my smile. How did it become liking my person in Qin Huaise’s mouth?

Either being in the presence of her male idol caused her IQ to go offline or XunMi’s attack was so effective that Qin Huaise’s IQ had completely vanished. “ZiXi ge likes gentle, cute, good girls. Meanwhile, the fame of your Big Heiress attitude needs no explaining. The news is already out there. Everyone knows. Even if you’re my big sister, I won’t let Zixi ge be deceived by you,” Qin HuaiSe replied firmly, before turning towards Tan ZiXi with a look attempting to convey ‘Everything I do is for your own good’.

XunMi was speechless, only letting out a sigh silently in her heart. She seems to have overestimated the female lead’s IQ. Even like this, she was still manipulate the heirs to two powerful families? She was even able to marry Tan ZiXi in the end! That’s got to have something to do with the influence of the Female Lead’s Halo! After scoffing, XunMi very unwillingly opened her mouth.

“I’m personally very interested in my reputedly famous Big Heiress attitude. Honored guests here tonight, is there anyone that could inform me a little? Even though the only places I frequented in the past few years was home and school, I was able to develop a famed reputation along the way?” The only evidence towards Qin XunMi having a Big Heiress attitude would have to be at age 8, when she ordered a boy to be punished for tripping but then accusing her of pushing him. In the moment, watching him crying to gain pity, she could only remember the anti-feigned pity trauma with her mother. Thus, she punished him to the point of needing to go to the hospital, instigating the spread of news that Eldest Miss Qin most detested people feigning pity in front of her. With that spread more dramatic rumors about her temper. Coupled with her cold personality, it made it plausible to believe her to be arrogant and dislikable. With the rumors extending to present day, gossip about her attitude became even more out of control and difficult to disprove. The guests lowered the heads and looked left and right while keeping their lips tight. Don’t you see President Tan viewing them under terrifying hooded eyes? That’s obviously meant to be a warning to them. If they dare open their mouths, tomorrow, no, by the end of today they’ll be met with a furious storm.

Actually, they had misunderstood Tan Zixi’s expression. He just wanted to hear what the ‘Qin XunMi’ that had reached others’ ears was like.

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