Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 645 - The Gate Is Found

Chapter 645 - The Gate Is Found

"Uhm..." Elysia and Erina stared at each other in silence. The former was confused, but the latter looked excited.

Unfortunately, it was only temporary as Erina realized what she had just said. She blushed and immediately put together a sentence to defend herself. "Eh-ah, I didn't mean that. I, I just wanted to say would you like to work for me? Not necessarily all the time, but occasionally. Will you be my chef? I'll support your needs, Elysia-san."

"Hm, that's an impossible thing to do. I don't work under other people." Elysia shook her head.

"Ah, yes..." Erina loosened her shoulders. She had expected it.

"But, if you really like my dish, it's no trouble to add you to the group. I sometimes make something for Sylvi and Vann." Elysia replied with a gentle smile. There was already a group of her cooking lovers, so Erina would be one of them.

"Well, that's it!" Erina put her hands together with a bright expression.

"Uhm, what's wrong with you? It's so noisy when the great me is resting." Victor woke up and grumbled.

Mio had been awake ever since Erina said that shocking thing earlier. She ended up sighing because her young lady was just using the wrong words.

"Mio, would you like to have breakfast first. Elysia-san made breakfast for us, and it's really great! You might not be able to come back after trying it. I mean, standard of taste." Erina placed the bowl of hot breakfast in front of Mio.

"Oh, um, thanks for the breakfast." Mio accepted that, but she checked the breakfast first before tasting it.

She thought it might contain addictive substances or poison, but she was so wrong. That bowl of breakfast was surprisingly delicious not only on the tongue but seemed to seep into her soul as well.

It was like a pang and a thump-thump. Mio savored every mouthful of her breakfast until she realized her bowl was empty.

"It's an interesting ride. Thanks for the food." Mio put her hands together.

*Bzzt* *Bzzt*

Erina was just about to say something, but her walkie-talkie on the table vibrated, and her grandfather's voice was heard. "Erina, are you and Elysia awake? Go to the central command room now."

"Erina here. We'll be there soon, grandfather." Erina answered the call quickly. After that, she looked at everyone in the room. "Looks like your presence is urgently needed in the central command room, Elysia-san. We need to get there as soon as possible."

"Okay, we will leave when Sylvi comes out of the bathroom. It's only for a moment because she only took a shower." Elysia nodded and stroked the irritated bird with her finger.

At that moment, Victor stopped grumbling and closed his eyes again to enjoy the caress. She knew Elysia's touch was dangerous, but she voluntarily fell into the abyss.

A few moments later, Sylvia came out of the bathroom. She was looking fresh and fit in her black 'devil' dress. "Thanks for waiting. Are we doing as planned?"

"Mm, let's go." Elysia nodded and got up from her seat.

Erina and Mio also stood up before they all left the room. Victor looked left and right then immediately flew after Elysia.

As they arrived at the central command room, any critical situation did not occur. Neither alarm nor sound. The leaders were just sitting there drinking a cup of coffee. They looked like they hadn't slept all night, and the eye bags were proving obvious.

"Oh, you've come. Come here." Mitsuzuka beckoned to the girls to come closer.

"Didn't you all sleep all night?" Elysia shook her head with a sigh.

"Well, what do you expect, Elysia? We're in a dangerous zone, and the soldiers share the duty of keeping watch while scanning for what might be hidden down there with their eye abilities in turn. The mothership's advanced sonar, sensors, and radar also play a part. in the quest for dimensional gates." Mitsuzuka sighed and looked up at the red sky ahead.

"Still, we haven't found anything yet. The only good thing is that there were no night raids."

"We've covered nearly a thousand kilometers in these nearly five hours, but we can't even find any supernatural kingdoms. Does it really exist, to begin with?"

"Well, if there's an overlord, there's bound to be minions and maybe civilization. We've only covered about a thousand kilometers from the starting point."

The leaders begin with a brief discussion. They knew it would get them nowhere, but they wanted Elysia to know about it. After all, Elysia seemed more knowledgeable about the underworld than they were, though that was just her in theory.

"Hm, we might have missed something? There should have been a civilization in the forest and mountain over there. But, we've crossed that quite a distance." Elysia tapped her chin with her finger.

"Keep looking, keep looking. You all suck." Victor chirped in disdain.

"Well, that's what our troops are doing." Marco took a sip of his coffee.

"Hm, then, we'll join in trying to find it with my eye ability. With that being said, see you later." Elysia waved her hand and turned around. She walked towards the exit.

After Elysia and the girls left the central command room, the higher-ups looked at each other. They wanted to know what Elysia might do. Because of that, it was as if they had the same idea. Thus, they displayed surveillance of Elysia on one of the screens.

"Nee, Erina-san, do you know the fate of the American teams that triggered the dimensional gate? What happened to them? Apart from the loss of life in the first raid, what was the total loss of life? How many were missing in action?" Elysia suddenly asked, but she kept walking and didn't look back.

"Mio." Erina called out.

"Affirmative. Of the twelve elite American soldiers, three died in action, and nine others received military sanctions. The total death toll was eleven people. There were three other soldiers who were declared missing in action. As of now, the three soldiers' state is still unknown." Mio gave her report.

"I see..." Elysia mumbled softly. She could only conclude that the three missing soldiers might fall into the hands of the demons and that they might only have one fate. She just didn't want to imagine the rest.

They continued on their way until they arrived near the mothership's deck. Elysia gave Sylvia a signal.

"Erina-san, Mio-san, please wait here for a moment. Victor, you too. I want to go to the toilet for a moment." Elysia smiled awkwardly.

"Mm, sure. We'll be waiting here. The emergency toilet just happens to be around here." Erina pointed to a place in the corner of the corridor.

Elysia just nodded and went there. Sylvia followed shortly after.

"Humans and their needs." Victor shook her head in the air.

"Okay, I'm going for a moment to put this dimensional gate somewhere this mothership will pass, Ely. I'm leaving." Sylvia saluted.

"Please come back here as soon as possible, Sylvi." Elysia gave an approving nod.

Sylvia just smiled and used the invisibility talisman. She emerged as an invisible black mist and immediately shot a few kilometers to the west.

She took less than five minutes and returned to the toilet. "Phew, I've finished my task really quick, hehe. I put it at the foot of the mountain four kilometers west of here."

Elysia had just finished washing her face and was drying it with a tissue. She needed to do a little bit of proof that she did have a tiny toilet business with Erina and the others.

"Mm, welcome back. Then, let's continue with the plan to return to Earth." Elysia greeted with a smile.

"En." Sylvia nodded, and they exited the toilet.

"Thanks for waiting." Elysia greeted, and Victor suddenly perched on her shoulder.

"Come on, let's try to find that dimensional gate. This underworld makes me uncomfortable." Victor pointed her wing towards the front.

"Hehe, all right." Elysia felt this black raven was well-behaved since receiving a few head pats.

Elysia's group went to the very front of the mothership and used her sacred vision openly.

Several young elites were curious about Elysia's appearance and decided to come closer to find out more.

"Shh, don't be loud or you'll disturb Elysia's concentration. We're trying to find the dimensional gate. Don't thank the great me. This underworld is not our place to stay too long because the energy here can corrupt your body and heart, o mortals." Victor chirped like a sage bird.

"Hey, doesn't that mountain look a bit odd? I can feel the energy fluctuations similar to that of the dimensional gate we see at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It's probably somewhere over there. Can you feel or see anything from there?" Elysia pointed at a bluish-black mountain that was rising high.

"That terrifying black mountain is bigger than Mount Everest. Where can you feel those fluctuations, Miss Elysia?" Tyler cleared his throat and tried to dig deeper.

"Perhaps, somewhere at the foot of the mountain? Around that purple pine forest. Could you ask some experts to make sure of that?" Elysia stroked her chin and looked at the foot of the mountain.

"Affirmative." Tyler nodded in understanding and reported this matter to the higher-ups.

Moments later, several experts and admirals came over. Meanwhile, the mothership stopped its pace.

After several experts checked it with their superpowers and sophisticated equipment scans, Elysia's conjecture proved correct. They could find energy fluctuations somewhere at the foot of the mountain.. It was very similar to the dimensional gate at the bottom of the pacific ocean.

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