Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 646 - Return To Earths Human Realm

Chapter 646 - Return To Earths Human Realm

"Hawk One, Eagle Two, find the dimensional gate at the foot of the mountain and bring it here." Adam gave his orders using his walkie talkie.

"Hey, I'm still traumatized by what happened yesterday. It's still all your squads' fault, nonetheless. For the better, each of us will send a squad." Marco immediately objected. The others expressed their agreement instantly.

Because of that, five special squads were dispatched using multiple stealth helicopters. And, of course, they were equipped with Elysia's blessing in the form of protective talismans.

The five squads managed to transport that ancient stone gate in less than an hour. The experts and elites carried out their operations with extra care to avoid any accident like what happened to the three American squads yesterday.

The ancient gate was somewhat similar to the one at the bottom of the pacific ocean. And it was now in front of the admirals and everyone else.

They had spent the whole night searching the realm non-stop in search of this dimensional gate, yet it only took Elysia five minutes to find it?

Either their abilities were too lousy, or this girl was just so lucky.

"Well, a saint definitely has a lot of luck, right?" Adam muttered under his breath and stared at the ancient gate. "So, what are we going to do with this? Everything my elite squads did at that time was just touching the dimensional gate and trying to bring it to the mothership."

"Hm, looks like it's just a matter of how your elite squad handles things. Your squads accidentally broke that big ancient gate, right?"

"How does this dimensional gate work, to begin with? Where will we be thrown if it triggers the dimensional hole again?"

"Well, it's fatal if we are thrown in a densely populated city and this mothership hits the settlement. What kind of explanation do we need to give to the public at that time?"

The admirals deliberated for a moment, but they reflexively glanced at Elysia.

"Why are you looking this way? You are your country force's leader, and yet, you rely so much on Elysia in making decisions? Have you no shame?" Victor sneered by moving her head back and forth.

"The crux of the matter, Elysia is a saint with great luck. She can even come up with impressive conclusions and theories to reach. It's fine to hear people's opinions." Tang Zhou spread his arms.

"Wow, I'm surprised it came from the top brass of a communist country. But, I agree with that." Victor replied with an approving nod.

"Dimensional gate like this will lead to the linked dimensional gate on Earth. However, we don't know where this will lead us after passing through the dimensional hole. It doesn't matter where we are going to do the realm transfer, but we should find somewhere safe enough. Something like vacant land?" Elysia made a suggestion.

"That makes sense." Kenji nodded in understanding. He then had a brief discussion with the other leaders until a decision could be made.

They ended up agreeing to return east to look for an empty area. One that is free from underworld creatures because the dimensional hole can suck those creatures into Earth.

"If we're worried about the risk of underworld demons coming with us to Earth, why don't we open that dimensional hole high up in the sky? Not many demons can fly high all the time, right?" Erina muttered to convey her thoughts to Elysia. However, it was loud enough for higher-ups to hear.

"Yes, that's it! We just need to open the dimensional hole in the sky above the clouds. Now it's about how we make this ancient stone gate float in the air and who will open the dimensional hole?" Marco snapped his fingers and tapped his chin as he searched for a solution.

We can use a remote control helicopter for that without any problems. However, do we just need to break this gate to open the dimensional hole? The risk of failure is there, and we need to find another entrance if this attempt fails. Who knows if we will. lucky just now to find one in an unexpected place." Solovyov folded his arms as he wondered.

"We won't know without trying it. The risk of this gate not being connected anywhere is there. We will raise our altitude above the clouds and try to open the dimensional hole. Please remember what the holy night spirit bird said. The underworld is not a place for humans to stay too long, or we'll mutate into demons sooner or later. We have to get out of here as soon as possible." Mitsuzuka then voiced his command using the walkie talkie.

The mothership slowly rose to the heights until they broke through the clouds. Only the red sky was visible above them at this time.

"Sylvi, will the dimensional hole open if the gate is broken? What if it doesn't work?" Elysia asked when she saw the dimensional gate being lifted by a remote control helicopter.

"Hm, that should work since the gate is just a container. If it is destroyed, then a large dimensional hole will be created. We're talking about how we can send this mothership back to Earth. It wouldn't fit if I opened a dimensional portal as small as that gate, right? This mothership won't be able to get past it." Sylvia put her hand to her cheek and tried to find another solution. However, there just wasn't any.

"I see..." Elysia nodded slightly.

"Everyone, go inside and prepare for the shock. It would be very dangerous if you were to bounce inside the dimensional pit." Kenji voiced his orders.

Simultaneously, everyone entered into the mothership. The combat equipment such as fighter planes, helicopters, submarines, and warships in the mothership was locked to deal with shock.


Elysia tapped Erina's shoulder to put up a marker that Rhea taught her. She decided to put her transparent marker on this kind girl.

"Hm? What's wrong, Elysia-san?" Erina looked to the side with a curious look.

"Hehe, it's nothing. We're now in the central command room, and you need to prepare for another invitation. Are you scared?" Elysia waved her hand in front of her face with a smile.

"Hehe, sure, no. You and everyone else are here." Erina returned the smile.


The helicopter was suddenly detonated, and an energy fluctuation instantly expanded like a vortex. A gigantic bluish-black hole appeared in the red sky and sucked in everything around it.

"Dimensional hole has opened. Activate Force Field and Gravity Shield! Prepare for a shock!" Mitsuzuka exclaimed and tightly gripped the hand rest of his command seat.

Everyone held their seats tightly as the mothership was sucked into the dimensional pit. An energy shield protected the mothership from harmful external forces, but the shock was inevitable. No one didn't even notice that Elysia and Sylvia had disappeared from the room.

*Swoosh* *Zap*

The mothership disappeared from the red sky of the underworld, and the dimensional hole only lasted for five minutes. The dimensional hole shrunk rapidly and disappeared completely.

"Sylvi, I will put the marker here first before returning to Earth." Elysia breathed a sigh of relief after the dimension hole disappeared.

"Yep, let's do it quickly. They'll panic when they can't find us in the central command room. We can explore the underworld once we separate ourselves from them." Sylvia completely agreed.

The two of them then flew down. Elysia put her hand on a stone wall of a cave and put her marker there.

A transparent Elysia's signature stuck to the stone wall. It was the same marker that she put on Erina's shoulder.

'Fufu, your marker symbol is your signature, Ely. It's actually cooler than complicated runes.' Elena couldn't help but chuckle.

'Mm, your marker has been successfully installed, Master Elysia. Now, let's tear the dimension in invisibility and return to Erina's side.' Rhea checked the energy marker and was satisfied. She was still in the Nature Realm, but she was allowed to use Elysia's shared vision to see what was happening outside.

'Okay, just do it like a simulation.' Elysia took a deep breath and prepared her magic.

This was probably her first time opening a dimensional portal by herself.

Elysia stretched her hand forward with her eyes closed and held Sylvia's hand with her other hand. Vanessa was in Sylvia's arms.

'Okay, where is Erina-san right now, hmm... Well, I can feel her there. Let's do this.' Elysia tried to find Erina's whereabouts and immediately activated her magic as Rhea taught her in the hot spring.


They instantly vanished from the underworld just like that.

A few moments later, a red demon lord came over. He looked left and right with complete confusion. "That was the dimensional hole, right? What did that devil do to my dimensional gate?"

The red demon lord tried to search for the dimensional gate, but he could only find debris and remnants of it.

"Female devil, how dare you destroy this!" The red demon lord growled furiously. He hated it about how that devil broke her promise when she told him just to borrow his dimensional gate.

Unfortunately, the female devil in question couldn't hear that or she might make the red demon lord even angrier with other satire. After all, she never said she would return it in one piece.

"Phew, we were lucky to get out in the sea. The shaking wasn't as bad as before." Erina heaved a sigh of relief and looked to the side. However, she felt a little confused by Elysia's expression. "Elysia-san?"

"Ah, um, that's a good thing. Have we returned to Earth's human realm now?" Elysia let go of Sylvia's hand and smiled faintly.. She felt slightly shaken because she accidentally used teleportation instead of opening the portal to Erina's side.

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