Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 647: Country Visit

Chapter 647: Country Visit

'Hehe, this is actually better than expected. I'm not very good at teleportation, and you can use it easily, Master Elysia. But, how does a dimensional portal technique turn into teleportation? I can't understand it...' Rhea chuckled and muttered in confusion.

'Our magic is special, Rhea.' Elena knew what happened to Elysia's magic and why it happened. Elysia was clearly imagining the energy marker at Erina with absolute focus, and the teleportation just happened.

"We're back on Earth! We're back! We've got a signal from the satellites!" One of the experts shouted happily. He immediately prostrated with joy.

"Report the situation. WWhere are we now?" Mitsuzuka also felt happy with everyone.

"We're in the North Atlantic Ocean, sir!" One of them reported while looking at the screen in front of him.

"Good, proceed to sea level." Mitsuzuka nodded slightly and held her hands behind her back. He turned around to face the force leaders. "For from here onwards, I return command to you, the force leaders. You still need to provide reports and explanations to your country's headquartes, and the Esper Association as well, hoho-ho."

"Ah, someone has to do such a troublesome thing." Kenji sighed, but there was a sense of relief there. He was here with his core family, and it was a blessing that they all survived.

"Hm, what kind of excuses do we need to make for the outsiders, huh... The disappearance of the mothership and the entire fleet from the Pacific Ocean definitely creates quite a bit of controversy and big questions." Adam muttered as he gazed into the deep ocean.

"Well, it's impossible for us to tell them that we were sucked into the underworld. Not to mention the cassualities and the rigidity of matter..." Marco shook his head and spread his arms.

"Regardless, we need to contact the Esper Association's headquarters first. Those old seniors will help us take care of the rest." Solovyov suggested.

"..." Elysia looked at Sylvia with a bit of confusion. This devil girl looked at her with a silly smile.

"Hehe, Ely. Was it teleportation, not dimension transfer via a portal? This is my first time experiencing such a ride." Sylvia put her hand on her upper chest.

For some reason, her heart was palpitated. Her adrenaline rush kicked in from that brief teleportation. It was a similar experience to when she was on Adrenaline Test's extreme rides. However, the current one was more unique and challenging to explain.

"It was a technical glitch. I was actually trying to create a dimensional portal to take us to my marker that I put on Erina-san, but I triggered teleportation instead. I'm still dumbfounded by that, but it was a welcome surprise anyway." Elysia smiled faintly and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Elysia-san, what are your plans after this? We are planning to return to Japan after this, will you come with us?" Erina asked, but there was an expectation behind it.

"Back to Japan from the North Atlantic Ocean? That's a very long distance to cover in one trip..." Elysia imagined an air trip for a whole day, which was really bad. Not to mention, she has plans to return to the underworld soon. So, she had to disengage and stay away from everyone's scrutiny.

"Since we're here, let's go to the Great Britain! Oh, that's England or Unitod Kingdom now? Whatever, it's the best destination and pretty close from here. Maybe only three thousand kilometers." Victor became the most excited one. She had a lot of expectations for her homeland's development after more than two centuries.

"It would be a journey of about six hours even in the fastest helicopter." Elysia muttered softly. However, it sounded more plausible than the previous option.

"Ahem, I heard you have a plan to visit our United Kingdom, ladies. In that case, allow me to be the host. I, err, we will host you very well." Tyler came closer as a gentleman with an unexpected surge of joy. He had to make sure these exceptional ladies visited England so he could build a good relationship.

"That's a good thing. Tyler, you will guide our honored guest on a visit to our country. Assemble a special team as you please, and make sure nothing goes wrong." Marco immediately gave approval.

"Affirmative." Tyler responded with a salute.

"Oh, did you invite Miss Elysia's group with a certain intention? It's not a good thing to take the situation to your personal advantage, Marco." Adam shook his head and moved his index finger right and left. He then gave his orders to the leader of the young elite squad. "Lukas, you are also going to England with your team. We need to make sure England doesn't provoke anything that could harm Miss Elysia and her group."

"Yes, sir!" Luke saluted and smirked at Tyler.

The two prince charming warriors from two countries exchanged 'not-so-peaceful' gazes. It was as if there was a spark clashing between them.

"..." Elysia didn't understand why these two blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and noble-blooded youths had such a lack of harmony despite their similarities.

Since America and Japan planned to visit Britain, China and Russia also decided. They sent a team of the young elite group to go with Elysia and the others.

"Very well, we won't refuse your offer then. Hokusai, you will come with us. Form your team as soon as possible for this country visit assignment." Mitsuzuka took a deep breath and gave orders to his country's young elite squad leader.

"Understood." Hokusai saluted.

"Umm..." Erina didn't know what to say. Everyone decided to change her initial proposal without hearing Elysia's response.

"It's okay, we're going to England then. We'll be counting on you and your team, Mr. Tyler." Elysia smiled kindly at Erina, then at Tyler.

"Ooh, leave it to me." Tyler felt a boost to his spirits just because of Elysia's smile. He didn't understand why that was.

Moments later, the mothership rose to sea level, and several helicopters and aircraft took off for England.

Elysia and Sylvia were in the Japanese Force's helicopter as they departed for the mothership.

"What's wrong?" Elysia asked Erina in surprise.

"Ah, it's nothing. I just need to change my gloves. It's already a bit golden because my golden touch took effect during the shock earlier without me noticing." Erina waved her hand in front of her face with a reassuring smile on her face. She simply took off her gloves and replaced them with a new pair.

"Hmm..." Elysia remembered the favor she had planned for Erina. She intended to help this pitiful girl get that golden touch under control.

'Master Elysia, do you still want to help this girl overcome her golden touch innate ability?' Rhea suddenly raised the topic that Elysia had talked about a few days ago.

'Mm, do you have any suggestions, Rhea? I can only think of weakening Erina-san's innate ability so that golden touch can be put under control.' Elysia asked for a suggestion.

'I've thought about it, and there is the best solution to the problem. A purifying pill can help Erina's body improve its adaptability performance. You only need to help her by spreading that golden touch ability throughout the body, not focusing on the hands alone.

Suppose her golden touch is evenly matched with balance. In that case, it will be easy for her to control her innate ability perfectly. The only thing she needs to avoid is excessive fear or anxiety.' Rhea explained her suggestion.

'All over the body? If so, wouldn't that be a bigger problem for Erina-san?' Elysia felt that it was not a solution she could do.

'Well, she just needs to avoid extreme fear and excessive anxiety, Ely. The rest, she might find it easier to control her golden touch because that innate ability has been evenly balanced. Her body can't control that golden touch if it gathers tightly in her hands alone. You couldn't possibly cut off both her hands and grow a new pair, could you?' Elena voiced her positive opinion.

"Mm, let's give it a try? Failure won't lead to anything bad since purifying pills are a lot like supplements." Elysia was convinced and agreed to do that.

'Let's do it.' Elena just agreed.

That said, Elysia took out a pure white pill from her Space Bag. She got everyone's attention at that moment.

"Uhm, Erina-san, this is for you." Elysia gave the purifying pill to Erina.

"Uhm, what is this, Elysia-san?" Erina blinked her eyes with a curious glance at the pill in her hand.

"I happen to have that purifying pill. I saw that you were struggling with your golden touch innate ability, and I was thinking about how to help you. The pill will take effect as soon as you swallow it, and-" Elysia had just raised her finger. The explanation wasn't even finished. However, Erina had already swallowed the pill with an innocent expression.

"Err, why did you swallow that right away, Erina-san?" Elysia immediately put her hand on Erina's back to give emergency assistance to Erina's body. She never thought that Erina would swallow that pill right here and now.

"That's because I trust you, Elysia-san. You've thought of helping me with good intentions. Mm, ahn~" Erina couldn't help but moan. She immediately covered her mouth with a fierce blush on her face.

The young elite and her grandfather were there to watch her. She felt even more embarrassed at that moment. Even so, she felt a flow of good energy from Elysia's hands on her back. It was warm and pleasant, but she needed to keep her moans from escaping her mouth.

"Mhn, mm, hng~" Erina muffled her moans and twitched as she looked at Elysia with her teary eyes.

"Well, I'm done helping you. I appreciate your trust in me, but please listen to my instructions and explanations to the end. Regardless, your golden touch ability shouldn't be too much trouble for you right now. It should be within your control. You just need to avoid excessive fear or anxiety, Erina-san." Elysia heaved a sigh of relief and shook her head with a helpless expression.

"What did you do to my granddaughter, Elysia? What pill did you give her?" Mitsuzuka asked with a solemn expression.

"I call it a purifying pill. It will help Erina-san to control her golden touch ability as I explained earlier." Elysia explained a bit. She didn't need to elaborate on that anymore since she had already talked enough to Erina just now.

"Eh?" Erina wanted to say something, but she realized something odd had happened to her skin.

A blackish cloudy liquid oozed out from her skin. It was like sticky ink but had a far unpleasant odor. It was not so obvious, but it was definitely a sign of an emergency.

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