Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 880 Welcome Back to Vrelenia

Chapter 880 Welcome Back to Vrelenia

Elysia sometimes wished she could read the other’s mind, but it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Not to mention, the other party was a Fate Goddess who wasn’t easy to guess.

It was as if Fortuna liked to change decisions all sudden, but she knew this Fate Goddess had everything planned from the start.

Although feeling a bit suspicious, Elysia decided to deal with the issue related to her hand first. She turned around to face Erina and spoke softly. “Is there something you want to say, Erina?”

“…” Erina stared deeply into Elysia’s purplish blue eyes. She didn’t answer the question with words because it wasn’t enough to describe her complicated expression at that moment.

Erina took a step forward and wrapped her arms around Elysia’s waist. She rubbed her cheeks into Elysia’s before giving her a warm hug.

She was reluctant to let her dear friend go, but she knew she couldn’t stay selfish. Especially because Elysia still has a noble mission to do.

“I will become stronger. That way, I can help you save the world. Maybe, I won’t be that great by the time you return. However, that day will come. Please wait for me. I will reach out to you.” Erina whispered close to Elysia’s ear.

“Mm, I’ll be waiting for you. I know you know very well what you need to do, Erina. You are amazing. Don’t be too hasty in trying and training. Also don’t deviating from your belief. That way, you will find your path.” Elysia nodded slightly in her reply.

After a few seconds, Erina let go of Elysia and took a few steps back. She would send her dear friend away with a smile.

Elysia waved her hand and then went to gather around her group. Before opening a cross-dimensional path, she tried to sense Ella’s presence via their temporary spirit connection. The virtual magic circle below turned golden, ready to send everyone away.

Yet, a Goddess suddenly disrupted her concentration.

“I’ll come with you.” Fortuna suddenly entered the magic circle and hugged Elysia from behind.

“What? You’ve decided not to come along, why did you suddenly change your mind?” Lifa was surprised and immediately sent telepathy to Elysia to delay the activation of their interworld teleportation.

“…” Elysia took a deep breath, then sighed. She almost activated long-distance teleportation with her concentration dispersed. They could have strayed into an alien cosmos somewhere unknown.

“No, I’ve decided to talk to Elysia at the end. I already have Darkness and Victorious. Not to mention, I’m sure Elysia has already asked someone to help her as well.

I’m the representative, so I’m definitely going. You can’t possibly kick me away, right?” Fortuna told Elysia her reason.

“What? You want to delegate your task to me? I’d better run away…” Darkness gasped in disbelief.

“Our job is not as much as the previous day. You only need to look after the Minamoto Clan when needed with Victorious. For the rest, you are quite relaxed and free.” Fortuna waved her hand at Darkness.

“For real? I hate working because of you now. Go and never come back, Fortuna. However, Ely and everyone, please be careful and take care of yourselves all.” Darkness waved her hand.

“What’s with that difference in treatment?” Fortuna then glanced at Victorious. She already had a deal with that raven, and the latter just nodded in response.

‘What’s with this woman? So, she had planned this moment beforehand?’ Elena felt like kicking Fortuna out of the magic circle.

‘Let’s find out her real motivation, first.’ Elysia remembered that Lifa had warned Fortuna, but this situation obviously came for a reason.

‘Why do you insist on coming along? You can die easily because of the incursion of the cursed creatures. Even though we warned you… You also don’t have a string associated with our world.’ Elysia sent telepathy to Fortuna’s mind.

‘My heavenly task is to keep an eye on your group, and of course I need to come with you. Actually, I’ve been waiting for this moment to talk to you directly. Would you please let me come along?’ Fortuna asked politely, but his intonation was soft.

‘We are not responsible for you.’ Elysia scratched her head.

‘It’s okay, I’m a Goddess too~ I know you’ll need me there.’ Fortuna spoke in a playful tone. She knew Elysia wouldn’t let her get hurt.

Elysia’s approval meant a solid decision. Lady Tifa wouldn’t be able to give a refusal.

Fortuna then persuaded Elysia several times via telepathy and finally managed to get Elysia to agree, even though there were terms and conditions.

Elysia said farewell once again to Erina and Gaia via telepathy, then immediately activated her teleportation to Ella’s whereabouts.

“Bye-bye~ See you on your next visit!” The nature spirits sent Elysia’s group away while waving their tiny hands.


The golden magic circle took Elysia’s group away with a poof.

A cool breeze suddenly blew, but the presence of Elysia’s group was no longer there. Erina and everyone waited there in silence for a few minutes.

“We have to go back.”

“Yup, let’s take our treasure first.”

The nature spirits went inside to take their precious treasure, then went straight from there to their respective places of origin. Elysia’s group had left, and their task there was declared complete.

“Well, I guess I need to go now too. Victorious, please be a good bird and do your job~” Darkness waved her hand and jumped off the top of the building. She then disappeared, returning to her realm.

“O-oh…” Victorious just nodded, then looked left and right. It was crowded before, but now it felt a bit lonely.

She then flapped her wings and flew near Erina.

“What!? What happened to you? I just noticed, but your dress is made of gold fiber? Wait, why did my feathers turn gold too?” Victorious was shocked and immediately moved away from Erina.

She then checked her tail. It was just a light touch, but her tail’s feather had turned gold now!

“That is my innate ability. Please don’t get too close to me for a while, or you could turn into a golden statue. It doesn’t matter if you are a Demi-God spirit bird or not. I still can’t control it now, but I will.” Erina clenched her fists before turning around. She needs to go back to her room.

“Erina, do you know that golden-haired graceful lady in a white dress with gold ornaments? Did she have a relationship with the six-winged angel last month?” Kenji suddenly asked.

“That angel is not her. Lady Fortuna has absolutely nothing to do with that six-winged angel, father.” Erina paused in her steps for a moment.

“You’ve known them quite a bit recently. Is it true that they’re not human?” Kenji looked up at the clear sky.

“I don’t know, but I can confirm that Ellie and Evelyn are humans. The Minamoto Clan must keep any information about Ellie and her friends confidential.” Erin glanced back.

“Yeah, I feel like some of them aren’t mortal. Only doom awaits humans who try to invite the wrath of God.” Mitsuzuka was wise enough to estimate the strength of a few of the Guardians of Dream’s members, even if it was only a guess without certainty.

“En. Then, I excuse myself.” Erina went inside and went straight back to her room to meditate.

“Well, she’s getting a bit cold now. I thought she was a warm and bright girl. Elysia’s arrival in her life changed her a lot, huh. Will she be able to reach greater heights like she wanted to? I’m starting to wonder.” Victorious muttered under his breath.

She then wrapped everything together and returned to her own problem here. “Anyway, Minamoto Mitsuzuka and Minamoto Kenji… I will be under your care for some time. I hope you can treat me well. Your clan will be under my protection in return.”

“We’re honored. We heard you like spirit stones. We have some good ones for you.” A glint flashed across Mitsuzuka’s eyes. They received the protection of a Demi-God spirit bird, which was indeed an extra value.

“Make it into spirit seeds and it will be good.” Victorious flew inside with Mitsuzuka.

“…” Kenji and Mio looked at the spot where Elysia’s group was once more before going inside.

Waiting for ten days really made Ella feel so lonely. She also wanted to come to Elysia’s original world, but she had to stay for everyone.

However, the wait was now coming to an end, and she awaited everyone’s arrival with great enthusiasm.

The holy knights glanced at Ariel. They gave a signal for her to ask their Holy Princess.

They had been in the courtyard of the Holy Cathedral for a few minutes, but their Holy Princess just stood there as if waiting for someone or something. The Holy Princess looked a little restless but also excited and enthusiastic.

Ariel only responded by shaking her head. She asked everyone to keep waiting because they needed to wait for their Holy Princess to speak first.

Since ten days ago, the Holy Princess rarely spoke and spent most of her time praying.

Several chosen holy knights were assigned directly by the Pope to guard and serve her without disturbing her daily life.

Yet, Ella didn’t even speak to her guardian holy knights as if she didn’t notice their presence.

At that moment, a large golden magic circle suddenly appeared out of thin air. A dimensional portal opened from the bottom up, presenting the existence of a group of people wrapped in a thick divine aura.

“Welcome back to Vrelenia.” Ella greeted everyone with a bright smile.

“Mm, we’re back.” Elysia responded with a tender expression. She knew that Ella missed everyone, especially the Goddess of Blessings.

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