Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 881 First Mission Shortly After Returning

Chapter 881 First Mission Shortly After Returning

Even though the wait was less than two weeks, Ella felt it took forever for everyone to return. She really misses everyone, especially her Goddess. Yet, Elysia can’t communicate with her very often, maybe because of the distance that separates them.

However, everyone was back now. Ella felt her wait was finally over. She took a few steps closer as the magic circle, and barrier faded. “I miss you.”

“Hmm?” Elysia tilted her head slightly. She thought Ella said that to Rhea, but she just noticed it was aimed at Nell on Rhea’s shoulder.

“Mm, good job, Ella.” Nell nodded, then looked around. The Holy Cathedral still looked as she remembered. So, all is well here.

At that moment, Elena exited the Elysian Realm and materialized her form behind Fortuna. She pinched the Fate Goddess’ cheeks as she felt slightly annoyed. “You planned this, right? You can see the future and destiny, so I must be right. Aren’t you supposed to take care of Erina and take care of the affairs of the world’s destiny?”

“O-owwie… Ely has asked Earth Mother for help. She is far more than enough to protect Erina from the background. I’ve also assigned Victorious to a blatant business.” Fortuna held her slightly reddened cheeks.

“That still doesn’t change anything. You didn’t follow the outcome of our discussion.” Elena pursed her lips.

“Teehee~” Fortuna pretended to be innocent.

“Well, we’re here. I need to go take care of things. Farewell.” Xero immediately flew away after being freed from Earth’s magic seal.

Ah, he’s gone. Hmm-mm, we also need to update some information. The Sea God has worked really hard to balance the battle here. Also, the Beast God… He better not be lazing around in his lair, or we need to beat him.” Nell clenched her fists.

“How about going in first? Allow me to give you the latest information on recent events in Vrelenia.” Ella invites everyone in, but she needs to give her orders first. “Ariel, please bring me the recent reports.”

“Y-yes. I’ll be right back!” Ariel was pleased and relieved. The Holy Princess finally looked and cheered up, not looking empty anymore.

“Good.” Nell just agreed.

“…” Elysia raised two fingers and put them to her forehead. She revoked her shared processing to everyone.

“Woah, so this is another world… The magic energy here feels so rich. However, what did that priest say?” Fortuna looked at her surrounding, but she was feeling a bit troubled. She couldn’t understand another world’s language yet.

“Let’s go, Ely, everyone. Let the unruly girl feel confused.” Elena invited everyone into the Holy Cathedral to follow Nell and Ella.

“Hey, wait, why are you speaking in another world’s language now?” Fortuna was shocked when everyone went inside. She immediately caught up with them and expressed some complaints.

After listening to Ella’s report, Lifa nodded in understanding and concluded. “I see, the situation is quite urgent but still manageable. Everyone is fighting hard to defend our beloved world.”

She then faced everyone. “I need you to do something, and we need to divide the work so that this is done as soon as possible.”

Lifa then distributed some tasks for everyone to complete. It was not a complicated matter, nor was it strictly an order to jump into battle. It was the logistics related to the supply of anti-curse items.

“We also need to send a communication system to the dwarves. We will divide the work between them and the devils.” Lifa glanced at Sylvia.

“I will make sure my father agrees. I can contact him now if necessary.” Sylvia took out her Swype. It was a communication system tool similar to the one to be built, though only in a limited range.

“What about the progress of the spaceships we asked the dwarves to make? That would add a lot to their work, right? You gave them tasks behind us.” Elena remembered Lifa’s request to the dwarves last month. Hardly anyone in their group knew about it other than her and Elysia.

“Fufu, everyone will work and fight hard. We are the ones who have to deal with the remaining Ruvoid Gods on the moon. The mortals won’t be able to help in the space battle, after all. I hope they can finish it on time. We don’t have much time left. I’ve even given them the samples and blueprints of my design.” Lifa put her hand to her cheek.

“Hmm, is it like that?” Elena folded her arms and left matters aside.

“Uuu…” Fortuna looked glum in the corner. She couldn’t understand anything that everyone was talking about right now. She tried talking to the girls, but they no longer spoke a language she could understand.

‘I will help you if you become a good Goddess. Everyone understands the Earth language because of a trick, but it’s been revoked. Your speech is a foreign language now.’ Elysia felt a little sorry for Fortuna.

‘It was you who did it, right, Elysia? Please help me to understand the language of this world! I can’t even read the writings in this thick encyclopedia, so how can I learn the language of this world?’ Fortuna pointed to the thick book beside her.

‘Not now. The unruly girl must be punished, and this is only the beginning of your punishment. Your sudden change of plans almost messed up our long distance teleportation. We could be lost somewhere unknown in the endless dimensional gap. You should discuss something with us first before changing the agreed plan.’ Elysia refused to do that now.

‘Nununu… Okay, I’ll discuss it next time. I just saw that no one would let me go to another world until I asked you at the moment of departure.’ Fortuna rested her head on the table.

‘You can’t even see my fate. How do you know that?’ Elysia rolled her eyes.

‘Hehe, let’s call it a sacred woman’s intuition.’ Fortuna replied with a wink.

“Then let’s carry out all those tasks now. Everyone, please hurry to finish your respective tasks. However, your safety comes first. You all still carry the teleportation talisman, right?” Elena put her hands together for a final decision.

“Mm, we still have it.” Sylvia became the first to show it. The girls then showed their talisman.

“Good, please use it to return to our location if your task is complete. Also, please return right away if you encounter any danger beyond your capabilities. Don’t even enter a battle that you can’t win. Safety comes first.” Elena relayed her orders to everyone.

“Uhm… Xentia doesn’t understand anything. Everyone is suddenly speaking a language that Xentia can’t understand.” Xentia suddenly raised her hand awkwardly.

“It’s okay. Ely will help you to understand the language of this world later. You will go with us to the Dwarven Continent.” Elena raised her palm and reassured Xentia.

After the anti-curse items were divided, everyone immediately went to carry out their tasks to their respective destinations. Their duties were still in the Human, Beast, and Devil Continents, which were quite close together.

Ella, Evelyn, and Sylvia immediately contacted their respective powerhouse to help them complete their task as quickly as possible.

Ella with the holy knights, and Evelyn with her family’s Mage Association.

Sylvia just called her father, and everything would be done once she returned home.

Vanessa, Yuuki, Gio, and Lynn went to Beast Continent to complete their tasks. They also had an assignment to the Beastkin Continent. However, they went to pick up Vanessa’s uncle and aunt first.

Nell went off on her own as she needed to find out about Oceanid’s situation in the Aquatic Ocean, then check on Regulus.

Elysia, Elena, Lifa, Rhea, and Xentia remained in the room with Fortuna. They would take care of the affairs in the Dwarven, Elven, and Fairy Continents.

As for Ai and Cherub… They were still in Elysia’s shadow. For some reason, they didn’t want to go out at the moment.

“We’d better go to the Dwarven Continent right now. The business there is the most crucial.” Lifa stood up and invited everyone to leave.

“Let’s go. Our power is no longer limited by the laws of the Earth world, so we’ll get there in no time.” Elena felt somewhat proud.

“No, please don’t use your godly speed to travel. Ely, you left a marker at the Katburg Main Palace, right? We’ll just instantly teleport there.” Lifa immediately refused in a bit of a panic. She knew Elena and Elysia could fly at insane speeds, but she would feel nauseous afterward.

“Yes, I’ve left markers for all the important places. Wait, I’m reminded of my markers that I put in Heavenly Palace and Underworld.” Elysia put her hand to her chin but couldn’t feel all the markers she had left on Earth. The only one available was Erina.

“Markers you leave on inanimate objects won’t help when you’re outside the world’s boundaries.” Rhea told Elysia something that had already been proven true.

“Mm, you’re right. We’re leaving now. Xentia, come here.” Elysia stood up and drew closer to Xentia. She put aside Xentia’s bangs with her fingers and put her forehead to Xentia’s forehead.

“!!!” Xentia was a bit taken aback, but she was resigned to whatever Elysia wanted to do. She could sense something was put on her mind, and it was over before she knew what was happening.

“I’ve installed a shared processing between you and me. You won’t be dealing with language barriers anymore.” Elysia put her hand on Xentia’s cheeks.

“Whoa, Xentia can understand otherworldly languages without having to study! Thank you, Goddess Ely!” Xentia was jubilant, but Elysia suddenly pressed a finger to her lips.

“Sshh, I didn’t come with a title, remember?” Elysia reminded with a whisper.

“Mm…” Xentia meekly nodded. She forgot that Elysia didn’t like being called Goddess even though she knew Elysia was one of the divine beings in the top ranking with Goddess Aria.

“What? Xentia can immediately use another world’s language that way? Ely, I want you to do me too. That way, I can read this encyclopedia.” Fortuna asked in a pleading tone.

“…” Elysia felt a bit awkward. The request sounded a bit wrong as it was requested in English.

Fortunately, Elysia immediately interpreted that Fortuna only wanted language comprehension, not that obscene misunderstanding.

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