Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 882 Technology Collaboration

Chapter 882 Technology Collaboration

“Hoho, as you can see, our current progress has reached the construction stage. We divide the tasks very well between the battle squad and the construction squad.” Nuraddir, the Dwarven Emperor of the Katburg Central Region, guided the Goddesses around the special hangar.

A spaceship framework three times the size of the training field was being made by hundreds of the best blacksmiths and technicians on the Dwarven Continent.

“I’ve given you eight tons of special materials. Is that enough for one spaceship according to my blueprint?” Lifa wanted to know the material situation at the scene.

“Haha, we haven’t used all of them to create this super strong aircraft frame. However, it would be easier for us if there were more special materials. And for two hundred tons of other materials…” Nuraddir felt a little awkward asking for it.

He had no idea where this Goddess got that unique metal material, but he knew it was an unknown resource.

“I will add another two tons later. For two hundred tons of miscellaneous materials, you can get them from your quarries easily. Just follow all the instructions according to my blueprint, and all will be well.” Lifa replied with a subtle nod.

“Hehe, alright. We dwarves are about to make a great new history in the world of technology. Our race is the one that has contributed the most in helping the divine beings to save the world.” Nuraddir rubbed his hands together.

He could imagine his future descendants living in glory because the Dwarves would be engraved gloriously in the history of the new world.

“What about the situation of the battle against the sealed areas that collapsed? Is everything still under control?” Elysia raised her hand to ask. She had not seen any battles against the accursed on the Dwarven Continent, only remnants on the former battlefield.

“Thank you for asking, the Goddess of Light’s disciple. Thanks to the anti-curse mechanism, we can easily anticipate a fight against the accursed creatures. We dwarves excel and take pride in our physical strength. In the anti-curse field, we are the superior ones.” Nuraddir puffed out his chest with pride.

He then cleared his throat and continued. “But, well… Those were only three sealed areas that had collapsed since the last two weeks on this continent. We mostly sent reinforcements to the Fairy Continent as requested by the Glorious, Goddess of Light. My son is now there, leading the war against the accursed to help the fairies.”

“Good to know. Fairies are very good at their magic, but there is a limit against the accursed because of their high magic resistance. Some of them are even immune to high-end magic.” Elena felt quite relieved to hear that. She knew fairies were the least advantaged in the battle against the accursed creatures.

“Mm, it would be sad if there were more casualties.” Elysia looked down a bit. She still remembered the story of Lifa and Rhea. The previous decisive battle a hundred thousand years ago had already wiped out several races, and she didn’t want that to happen again.

“The dwarves are born heroes. We will help you save the world and everyone from the invasion of the accursed creatures with our best capability and technology.” Nuraddir thumped his chest.

“You are trying your best to curry the divine’s favor, Nuraddir Waraxe. I don’t care if you want to be a hero race or whatever, but I’m afraid I have to disagree that dwarves have the best technology.” A cold yet masculine voice suddenly sounded from behind.

The Devil Emperor Dylan and his precious daughter emerged from a golden magic circle with a poof.

“I’ve finished my task and came back soon. I’m the fastest, right? Hehe, Sylvi is very reliable.” Sylvia came close to Elysia. She expected lots of compliments.

“Hmm-mm, Sylvi is the best. You’re the one who can finish your mission the fastest. However, you’re left with forty anti-curse mechanisms. How do you distribute all of them in just a few minutes to the Devil Continent?” Elysia gave Sylvia a head pat.

“Ehehe… My father is the sole ruler of the Devil Continent. Apart from the Evil- I mean the Heretic God, all the devils obey his command. The good devils are the ones who help me complete the task quickly.” Sylvia was related. She understood why Vanessa, Yuuki, Lynn, and the other girls were so addicted to Elysia’s gentle compliments and head pats.

“Oh, I guess who came uninvited. That is you the Devil Emperor, the leader of copycat technology of the glorious dwarven finest tech.” Nuraddir folded his arms and snorted disdainfully.

“You utter fool. Don’t think you are the best just because you started first. Devil’s science is the world’s finest.” Dylan folded his arms with an evil smirk. He then looked to the side. “Hm, you’re building a rather strange plane over there.”

“It is a spaceship of my design. It will be our means of transportation to our final battle of the month against the remaining two Ruvoid Gods.” The corners of Lifa’s lips twitched, and she immediately explained a little.

“Spaceship? I see, so that’s it. My apologies for failing to notice.” Dylan apologized politely. He didn’t want to offend the Goddess, after all.

“Heh.” Nurradir smirked.

“However, why did you give this project to the dwarves, o the Goddess of Life? They may be quite good at their Floating Fortress construction, but their technology, especially the advanced weaponry is utter junk.” Dylan once again asked politely, but his remarks were offensive to dwarves’ ears.

“What did you just say? Your counterfeit products are nothing more than trash, and you dare say that to the original creator?” Nurradir was feeling angry.

“That’s the truth. You used defensive battle tactics due to your inadequate capabilities, but we devils are full assault. Not a single accursed creature survived our attacks. We even destroyed the sealed areas near our crucial places without waiting for them to collapse.” Dylan looked down at the dwarf in front of him. He felt victorious and superior in this kind of field, and that was the absolute truth.

“Devil’s weaponry is amazing, but the dwarves are also not to be underestimated. This spaceship wasn’t built for big battles, after all. We are the real battle power. However, having some extra advanced weapons there isn’t bad.” Lifa put her hand to her chin while considering several things.

“Why not just combine your weapons technology to make a universal spaceship that can fight too? A technology collaboration. It’s not a matter of who is the best, but we are going to make the greatest technological breakthrough of all time. We will use this for the final battle outside the atmosphere. It’s no longer a competition, but a determinant of the future outcome.” Elysia proposed an idea so that neither side would disagree or quarrel.

“That’s a good idea. Nurradir, Dylan, please come with me for an interesting conversation.” Lifa dropped her fist onto her open palm. She then took the two Emperors away, and they couldn’t refuse.

However, Lifa suddenly remembered something and turned around. “Please check the situation on Fairy Continent first. My bussiness will take a little while, but I’ll catch up soon. It will probably involve about a battle or two, but we can use that as a benchmark for Xentia and Fortuna’s capabilities against accursed creatures.”

“E-eh? I need to jump straight into the battlefield on the first visit? I thought this was just a diplomatic visit.” Fortune was a bit surprised.

“That doesn’t matter, right? Let’s see how a Fate Goddess from Earth will survive in Vrelenia.” Elena put her hands together with a gentle smile.

“Somehow I feel you want me hurt. They’re just creatures with dangerous curses and troublesome anti-magic, right? If you already have an anti-curse field, Xentia and I will be fine.” Fortune scratched his head.

“Xentia will fight!” Xentia raised her hand high.

“Then we shall take our leave.” Rhea waved her hand to her mother.

“Mm, see you later~ I’ll catch up soon.” Lifa waved her hand as well.

“Father, I’m coming to Fairy Continent with Ely and everyone.” Sylvia asked her father first for permission, but that sounded more like just telling him.

“Go.” Dylan immediately gave his approval without the slightest hesitation. He had put enough trust in the safety of his daughter to Elysia, and that unusual human girl did not disappoint him.

“Thank you. I’ll go first!” Sylvia waved her hand and joined Elysia’s group. They then disappeared in teleportation magic.

“Huff…” Dylan exhaled softly. He saw his precious daughter become much happier and more cheerful after meeting Elysia.

Sometimes, he wanted to follow his daughter and see what she was doing with her friends. However, he now still had a business in hand.

“Wow, this teleportation is really handy. We can change places in an instant with minimal magic. You are brilliant, Ely.” Fortune is feeling amazed. She didn’t understand how Elysia, still in the mortal realm, could achieve a Goddess class achievement.

“That’s because she is my Ely. I can see a battle going on around two hundred kilometers to the south. Let’s go there.” Elena grabbed Elysia’s hand and carried everyone flying towards the south.

“Xentia, the hero of light, arrive! Xentia will save the day.” Xentia activated her divine angel battlesuit. Her angelic mecha wings appeared on her back, and her dress instantly turned into a tight mecha suit.

Several devices were attached to her body, and some were floating around. She was ready to jump into battle.

“…” Fortuna felt a little nervous even though it wasn’t her first battle. She just had never faced the real accursed creatures, a race that threatened this great world was definitely no joke.

However, she could use this opportunity to impress everyone with her elegance in battle.

However, upon arriving at the battlefield in question, Fortuna was dumbfounded, and her mouth was wide open.

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