Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 10

[ Chapter 10: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (8) ]

Since Bai Weiwei was starving to death until she became dizzy, only then did she finally noticed that she was injured.

Han Zhengyu looked at her pitiful appearance, although his hatred for her is very deep, he still can’t look at her bleed to death like this.

He took the medicine chest and silently treated her wound.

Because Bai Weiwei’s leg injury wasn’t properly taken care of, it slowly became worse. When Han Zhengyu was in the middle of bandaging her, he looked at the cut on her skinny hand and couldn’t help but frown.

It seems that all the servants maltreated her during the time he was gone.

After all, since he hated her very much, the servants would, of course, turn a blind eye on her too.

【 Male god’s favorable impression: negative 15. Asking Host to continue with great effort.】

Bai Weiwei didn’t think Han Zhengyu would actually feel pity for her like she thought. Now that she thinks about it, although this guy always had a cold face, he can still feel sympathetic like a normal person.

If she didn’t stick to him, Han Zhengyu might then hate her all the way to the end.

Furthermore, since she was dying from hunger, he personally took care of the cut on her hand.

Even if it’s merely a dog, Han Zhengyu will also have a thread of sympathy.

That’s why compassion can also be regarded as a favorable impression.

Even though Han Zhengyu’s mind was in a mess, but there was no change in his face.

After treating the cut properly, Bai Weiwei began to eat. She wolfed down her food anxiously. As if afraid someone will snatch it away once she missed eating even just a little bit

Han Zhengyu felt that she resembled a refugee.

System:【Take note of your image ah. It can’t be that Host has already forgotten that you’re still a young miss?】

Bai Weiwei sneered: “The one who’s starving to death is this young lady and not you. Who will care if you’re a young miss when you’ve been starved to death? Besides, if you die from hunger, you would just become a skeleton with a lump of rotten flesh crawling with maggots.”

System:【 Meanie. . . 】

Han Zhengyu watched her eat with trembling fingers as her eyes dart around the room. Resembling a tiny beast with its guard up, worried that the congee in her hands will be taken away by someone.

He wondered why his heart unknowingly felt sad.

Since when did Bai Weiwei become like this?

She obviously has been throwing one’s weight1 from the start, being so hateful to everyone and yet, makes one feel conscious about her presence

At first, he thought that he’d feel happy seeing Bai Weiwei fall to this degree. Yet, he can only feel pity for her at this moment.

“Why haven’t you eaten yet?” Han Zhengyu asked with a rare soft voice.

Bai Weiwei kept eating the congee as she answered: “I was waiting for gege to come back and eat together. But, I waited and waited, gege didn’t return at all so Weiwei was starved.”

Han Zhengyu’s face slightly changed, “I’m asking whether or not someone convinced you to eat something.”

Bai Weiwei tilted her head with a piece of rice stuck at the corner of her mouth. She then answered with a puzzled face, “Nope, everyone here ignores me. So even if my leg hurts, no one would come to take care of me.”

Han Zhengyu lowered his eyes. As expected, all the servants here turned a blind eye to her situation.

If it was the previous Bai Weiwei, which servant would dare to bully her?

It would’ve been better if she didn’t bully anyone.

Now that she’s reduced to an idiot that’s unlike her previous self, the servants she found displeasing in the eye has now taken the opportunity to starve her.

Han Zhengyu clenched his fist as his eyes flashed with a hint of ruthlessness.

Even if Bai Weiwei was hateful, not just anyone can bully and step on her.

Just a bunch of servants.

【 Male god’s favorable impression: negative five. Asking Host to continue persisting, the favorable value you need is still so far away. Just there waiting for you.~~ 】

When will this system ever stop being so hateful?

That thing known as favorable impression being so far away, just speaking about her brushing a good favorable impression with Han Zhengyu is as difficult as ascending the heaven.2

Regardless of what it says, Bai Weiwei finally released a sigh of relief. She really doesn’t have the strength continue her strategy on this Male god.


1. Throwing one’s weight > Being bossy and using one’s authority anywhere ↩

2. Means that its close to impossible. ↩

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