Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 11

[ Chapter 11: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (9) ]

After eating her fill, Bai Weiwei directly laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

Han Zhengyu stood by her side and glanced at her exhausted face. He discovered that her face was still pale while her beautiful brows were tightly wrinkled.

Her beautiful pink lips were chapped, while her sweet face still has some baby fat. As she slept, she wore a childish expression without the slightest sight of her previous self.

Han Zhengyu was unaware that Bai Weiwei could be this delicate and childish. It wouldn’t even be a lie to say that this is his first time seriously looking at Bai Weiwei properly.

Due to Bai Weiwei’s personality, his impression on her drastically dropped. He thought that all she knows was to use her identity as a young miss and look down on others.

Later on, he was forced to marry. Her arrogant attitude along with her threats enraged him so much that he didn’t even properly look at her. Yet, he didn’t expect that she would actually have such a sweet and innocent side like right now.

He recalled the moment he met Li Qingqing. To be honest, he and Li Qingqing had nothing at all.

That’s why the rumor of him liking Li Qingqing was a complete nonsense. The reason why his attitude towards her was a bit good, is due to her being gentle and understanding. Nothing more.

Yet it ended up with Bai Weiwei unexpectedly driving Li Qingqing away from the company.

When Han Zhengyu recalled this past, his eyes turned very gloomy.

【Ding! The favorable impression has dropped to negative 15. 】

The system announced that the favorable impression had dropped. However, its Host was sleeping like a pig, basically unaware of what just happened.

The system watched Han Zhengyu’s face turning dark as he slowly placed his hand on Bai Weiwei’s neck.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, Bai Weiwei muttered something.

Han Zhengyu lowered his head to listen only to end up hearing her softly say, “Gege, gege…”

The hand on her neck cannot help but loosen a bit after hearing it. He then looked at the bruise on her neck.

Two days have passed, yet the bruise that he caused at that time was still there. Although the bruise was already fading, it indicated that she didn’t make any attempt in treating it.1When he finally released her neck, his eyes still had that gloomy look.

【Ding! The favorable impression has returned back to negative five.】

【‘What’s with this favorable impression going up and down?’】

The system totally couldn’t understand this Male god.

* * * *

When Bai Weiwei finally woke up, Han Zhengyu was already gone.

System: 【 The Male god went to work.】

Bai Weiwei: “I didn’t give you any permission to talk.”

The system immediately shut its mouth, not daring to tell the matter of Han Zhengyu sitting beside her all night as the favorable impression kept changing.

After Han Zhengyu finished gathering his thoughts, the favorable impression unexpectedly stayed at zero.

Its as if all the hatred he had for her seemed to have vanished from his mind.

The system felt itself wanting to kneel in front of Bai Weiwei .

Of course, there’s absolutely no way it would reveal to its Host that its an M. 2A servant came in to change the dressing in Bai Weiwei’s cut. What’s more, when breakfast came, each one of their faces looked very polite with their heads lowered. Looking very respectful.

Bai Weiwei knew that this was Han Zhengyu’s work. Although he hated Bai Weiwei very much, they are still a husband and wife. Therefore, if the servants came to bully her, it’s the same as not giving him any face.

Besides, Han Zhengyu’s pride as a male will most likely not be able to accept it.

That’s right, his pride.

Bai Weiwei looked at the information containing Han Zhengyu’s childhood and concluded that it’s his stubborn pride as a male.

That’s why when the original Bai Weiwei used her beauty and status to chase Han Zhengyu, everything went downhill.

Bai Weiwei’s intense pursue for him threatened his pride that eventually made him feel resentful.

To handle a guy like Han Zhengyu, one must not let his pride suffer but instead admire and depend on him wholeheartedly.

That’s why even if Bai Weiwei considers herself an idiot, she will certainly have more opportunity than the original Bai Weiwei.


1. Just to clarify this part, the bruise that HZY was talking about was when he choked BWW at the hospital. It left a bruise on her neck that day and BWW didn’t even take care of it. (Well how can she? She was starved *rolls eyes*) ↩2. For those of you who don’t know, M means masochist.↩

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