Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 10

Zhou Yunsheng was stepping out of the bath when suddenly a strong body held him from behind. A slightly rough big palm was wandering around his waist, slowly traveling down towards……

He moaned, and asked erratically, “You…sold the…shares….to him?”

“Yup.” Hearing the panting man, he couldn’t wait attack to his lips. He sucked on his lover’s slender white neck, unable to stop.

“Ah … …” Zhou Yunsheng moaned while he ridiculed, “Selling a pile of waste paper to your nephew, you’re a really upright uncle.”

“It’s good for him. He’s been in the business so long, he needs to learn to face setbacks, or else he won’t be able to stand up when he faces a real attack.”

Zhou Yun Sheng concentrated on enjoying the caresses, too busy to answer. As the protagonist of this world, Zhou Wenjing naturally experienced ups and downs, but in all them Du Xu Lang and his harem were there to help. Du Xu Lang could be said to have no principles, knowing that the front was a trap he happily watched him jump in, even pushing him from behind. He wasn’t so cold hearted in his past life.

When the people around Zhou Wenjing change, it will also indirectly change the world. Zhou Yunsheng squinted at his AI, satisfied. The progress bar in the upper left corner of the AI had risen to 75%, not far from the scheduled target.


While the two Zhou brothers were fighting to the death, Zhou Jia’s eldest son was quiet. Outsiders, with the rise of Zhou Wenjing, mourned the eldest son’s misfortune. If the eldest son wasn’t so mediocre, the Zhou Group would not fall into the hands of two illegitimate children.

Yes, although Zhou Wenjing became the new president, Zhou Wenang still had 30% stake in Zhou and was a major shareholder. Even if there was no decision-making, the annual dividends could make him live a comfortable and free life.

Today, Zhou Wenjing was ready to hold the first shareholders meeting since he took office, all were present. A tall and beautiful secretary handed him his speech, her painted bright red fingertips slightly touched his hand with suggestive strokes.

Zhou Wenjing’s body slightly tightened, but his face was not obvious. He glanced at the speech, ready to speak, when the door of the conference room opened and a uniformed policeman came in. He took out some documents and seriously said, “Cough, I am the Chief of the Commercial Crime Investigation Division, Mr Chow Kwok-keung, Mr. Zhou Wenang, Mr. Lin Deyi, Mr. Zhou Shicong, Mr. Zhu Gang, Mr. Yang Ruxuan and Mr. He Hongbo … please come with me to the police station for investigation.”

He read off the names of eleven people in one breath, every major shareholder of Zhou Group. The financial staff and the company books were all taken away, and Zhou Wenjing was asked to the police to help investigate. Such a big move attracted an uproar inside and outside the industry, the stocks prices that rose due to the successful reorganization began to fall again.

Twenty-four hours later, Zhou Wenjing was released. In the computer files Zhou Wenang and Zhou Hao’s bribes, tax evasion, money laundering, illegal financing and other criminal evidence was found. The file were sent as an anonymous mail to the police. Due to the huge amount of people involved in the case, the police station quickly set up an ad hoc group to investigate Zhou Group.

If these charges were established, Zhou would face a series of problems such as asset freezing, delisting, huge fines, and even more serious cases. In order to win Zhou, Zhou Wenjing had invested more than 10 million, if Zhou collapsed, he’s own group would be implicated. Once the stock fell, billions of assets would evaporate into thin air, competitors would attack and carve up the groups.

Zhou was not a treasure, but a mass of mud, once one foot was in it, it would be difficult to get out. This was Zhou Wenjing’s biggest crisis since starting his own business, he felt very confused, and even some fear. He unconsciously drove his car toward Du Xu Lang’s company.

“Uncle, you must help me. The–” His voice stopped abruptly, staring at the scene in front of him.

They were on the leather sofa, one hand was holding a glass, a tall man on top and a slim young man on the bottom. Red wine was poured on his white shirt, resulting in the fabric clinging close to his skin. The outlines of his strong chest were visible. His meticulously combed hair was now messy, lining his handsome face, making him sexier.

The taller man’s hands were around the young man, feeling up his flexible waist. One hand reached out to stabilize the glass, his usually dangerous eyes were now filled with strong love and obsession.

The young man took a sip and sealed their lips, the bright red wine spilled from the corner of their lips, the scene was charming and beautiful.

Zhou Wenjing’s mind was impacted, he stared for several minutes before opening difficultly, “What is your relationship?”

“What do you say is our relationship?” Zhou Yunsheng felt some disappointment from the interruption, after biting the lips of his lover he sat upright. He drained the rest of the wine, because of lust, his erotic peach blossom eyes were extraordinarily gorgeous.

Zhou Wenjing stared at Du Xu Lang, seeing that he not only did he not deny anything, he even hugged Sheng, eyes full of desire. Jing finally understood. To collapse Zhou Group, there must be a greater force behind it. Who hated them to the degree of wanting to destroy them? Who could mobilize such a huge force?

Before he had been thinking about these two issues, but when he arrived at the office and saw that scene the answer finally came to him.

“In order to retaliate you would even sell your body, how cheap. I don’t know what Yang Xi would think if she knew”, he ridiculed.

Du Xu Lang heard him use his dead mother’s name to stimulate his love, his face instantly froze. But Zhou Yunsheng was not angry, he held his palms together and laughed, as if he heard a very interesting joke.

Zhou Wenjing was angry with his reaction and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing because you don’t know when to give up. Put out the cigarette.”

The last sentence was for Du Xu Lang, who was preparing a cigar. Du Xu Lang froze with his the hand on the lighter, then he naturally put the cigar into the trash and raised his hands into an “I surrender” gesture. This attitude was more burning to Zhou Wenjing, he sat opposite the two, took out a check and sneered, “Tell me how much money you want. Don’t play with my uncle.”

Zhou Yun Sheng raised his lips, his laugh was gentle but Du Xu Lang was furious, he snapped and shouted, “Inoue, kick him out!”

Xiushan, hiding in the door to see the play, had to come forward. Two bodyguards were called to escort the cheap nephew out. The two had no blood relationship, Zhou Wenjing’s mother was just a beloved childhood friend. Yet he went all the way to C country to take care of him and gave him money to start his own business- the boss had paid enough.

Did Zhou Wenjing have the qualifications to intervene in the boss’s emotional affairs? He was so good to him, so he became more and more conceited ah! Inoue Xiushan looked at the angry Zhou Wenjing, he secretly shook his head.

“Jing-shao, look at this.” Inoue Xiushan sent him to the downstairs hall and opened the hall’s amplifier display.

The internationally renowned host Lydia’s glamorous face appeared, with a slightly French accent she read a long English passage. Zhou Wenjing immediately recognized the channel, it turned out to be A country’s most famous CBS channel with an exclusive interview with Noah’s president. Because he was in C country, and busy buying Zhou, he was not able to see the broadcast.

How did he become the president of Noah Group? He started selling software, small at first, when Noah Group was registered it was only worth 400,000. But in just a year and a half it was creating 400 million in profits, and was successfully listed. Noah Group was very young, this year was just the sixth anniversary, but it squeezed out a lot of old chaebol, ranking first in the world. Noah’s president was extremely low-key and never appeared in the media, but this did not prevent people from worshiping him.

He was the young generation of independent entrepreneurs’ idol, he created a legend that no one could break. Even conceited Zhou Wenjing had to acknowledge the other’s strength.

But what did he see? He actually saw Zhou Yunsheng on the screen! How can this be?!

“The illustrious Deicide was also Mr. Zhou,” Lydia was surprised, and immediately asked, “You participated in your own company’s competition, then won with a brilliant record, did you get insider data? That does not seem fair to the other contestants.”

The identity of Deicide added to Zhou Wenjing’s surprise. The war for the acquisition of Clearwater warehouse was too exciting, the video of the game became a business war textbook to business people- every detail was studied and then published. And Deicide became an idol to people with long-term business vision. Everyone was curious about the identity of that extraordinary person.

He was the president of Noah Universal. Yes, he must have gotten internal information in advance. That advanced strategizing for was all false, he was cheating! Zhou Wenjing would never admit defeat.

“I swear to God that I did not get any information, I started like all the other players. I thought that being behind the Noah Group was enough to show my strength,” said Zhou Yunsheng, smiling to the screen.

Lydia was shocked, embarrassed, she smiled. Yes, he was only twenty when he developed the Noah Group into such a monster He led an era, changed people’s lives, that he sat here represented his strength.

As for the rest of the interview, Zhou Wenjing did not want to listen to it. While he was complacent for his first sum of money, while he was proud of his group, Zhou Yunsheng had long left him behind. He was able to be on equal footing with powerful people like Du Xu Lang. He could chuckle at other’s respectful and fearful attitudes. He even thought that the other sold his body to get rid of a small group like Zhou, he even intended to use money to humiliate him.

Noah Group had annual profits of tens of billions, even if checks worth millions fell to the ground, Zhou Yun Sheng would be too lazy to pick them up.

Such a gap, such a gap … … it was simply the difference between heaven and earth……

Zhou Wenjing didn’t know how to describe his own shameful mood, seeing Inoue staring at his face, he flushed and fled away.

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